Now this is a company that specializes in everything to do with aviation equipment, but weve traveled down today to see one thing in particular: this is the no smoke its a fully electric beach buggy inspired by the automotive design of the 1960s. So, of course, were going to tell you everything you need to know about it, including range charging price and everything like that, as well as getting behind the wheel to tell you exactly what we think Music. Now we have had record temperatures in the uk over the past week and, despite it being a bit windy and a bit chilly today, we thought what better time to come and see a fully electric beach buggy. Now, like i said at the very beginning of this video, this was inspired by the automotive design of the 1960s and just looking at it, you do get a real, strong, beach boys vibe. Now this four seater was originally designed and manufactured in france, and its initial inspiration was in fact the mini moke. Now, just like the mini mode, this thing offers you really easy access, because its got no doors and your passengers can get in and out really easily with this bench at the back and theres plenty of room for all their surfboards body boards and their bucket. And spade as well now, according to jlc, the philosophy behind this car was to turn heads, and i think theyre going to do that. But especially here in the uk, because its quite a unique looking car, and especially considering you, can fully customize it with different colors and different features.

So this car can look exactly how you want it to look in terms of specific design. Features well start off at the front and youve got this grille and headlight combination, which does have a bit of a whiff of the classic jeep design about it and as well. If you work your way around here, youve got this very, very discreet. Charging port and as well youve also got this roof up here which can be taken down in the summer or on better days than this now in terms of the interior. It might be a bit plain and basic on the inside of this car, but there are a few modern touches to talk about so well just go over them quickly. To start with, of course, this is an electric car, so youve got all your modern gauges like your range down here and your speedo over here as well, but as well as that, youve got a full audio system. Here with your speaker and your radio, you have got this really nice rustic steering wheel, which i do like, and youve got a manual handbrake as well, but theres not a great deal else to talk about like i said it is pretty basic, but one good thing Is but you do have on a day like this natural air conditioning? I am quite surprised because i do have a fair bit of leg room here, but that will be compromised in the back, because you are quite squished but sat in this seat up front.

It is really nice and comfortable, and you should be pretty relaxed in a car like this lets, go over some of the important bits like range charging and cost, for example, and thankfully, on this test model, ive got handy little cues here. So, as you can see, prices start from just under twenty thousand pounds, plus v80 a charging time between four to seven hours, obviously, depending on the rate of charging and its only going to cost you about three pounds to charge, but other than that. There are also two different battery options to choose from either lithium ion or lead acid, both of which are going to produce 96 volts and thats going to produce a top speed of 44 miles per hour and range is also roughly about 74 miles. So not the best, but still its only a little electric beach buggy. What more do you want? So the first thing you are going to notice when youre behind the wheel of this is that you are getting quite a few looks, so you are going to turn heads, and rightly so. I mean theres, nothing quite like this on the roads at the moment and uh yeah good. It makes you feel special. It makes you feel, like youre driving something uh, really unique, and probably the second thing youre gon na notice is that it is obviously quite loud because youve got no doors, so the windows are permanently open and on a day like this, where it has just been Raining in the middle of july, it is pretty cold, but its not really designed for days like this.

I imagine youll be keeping this pretty much tucked away in your garage or on your drive in uh on days like this, but when the suns shining, you can get the roof down, get your surfboards in the back and hop down to the beach so thats. When youre gon na really really get a full experience of this car, now, even for a little diddy car like this, which only has a top speed of 44 miles an hour, it does pack a punch, its pretty sharp off the line you know and it it Ive just been driving ive not been racing, anyone not not at all, but i have left a couple of people for dead off the lights. Obviously, youre not going to be racing. Anyone in this thing, but it still is an electric car, so you do want it to be a little bit fast and a little bit fun, and you still want that. True, electric car driving experience – and you do still have that. Obviously, one of the benefits of having no doors is that youve got pretty good visibility as well. I mean checking your blind spot has never been easier. I mean theres no power steering, so you do have to fight with the steering wheel a little bit and it is very rustic and it is a bit basic, but you almost enjoy that you want the full driving experience. You want it to be fully authentic and reminiscent of the area that this car comes from, and it does make you feel, like you are properly in control of this thing.

You do really enjoy being behind the wheel of it im, not sure how much of this you can hear, because it is really loud and really windy. So if you want that true silent electric vehicle im, not sure this is the car for you still, it might not be a brand spanking new electric car and might not be a volkswagen id3 or something new off the line. But you are smiling, you do have a smile on your face when youre driving this thing and thats – probably the biggest compliment you can pay it. I mean sure its a bit rustic its a bit basic, its a bit plain, but its so much fun to drive hello, yep, yep, electric beach, buggy yep. I have only been allowed to take this out for a little five minute flick, but to be honest, thats enough ive really enjoyed my time in this car, and i know i was a bit skeptical because obviously it is a fully electric beach buggy in the uk. Its not the not the most perfect fit, but you cant help, but have a laugh behind this thing. It is hilarious to drive now it might not be as good as some of the electric classic cars weve reviewed or some of the brand new electric cars were featured on this channel, but hey the no smoke is quirky and its different jlc said they wanted to Make something thats going to turn heads and i think mission accomplished thats all for this video.

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