But what about this? The citroen e space tourer is well lets, not dress it up its a van turned people carrier complete with a pure electric powertrain, offering an official wltp range of 136 miles and costing from around about 32 000 pounds, but it might be doing the espace tour a Bit of a disservice to just lump it in as a van because it is based on the companys emp2 platform, which is a big scalable modular platform that also underpins the citroen c5 aircross suv. She could even consider a rival to this because thats a seven seat, suv and because it is based on that same platform, it does have kind of some car like driving characteristics. So these days, vans really are getting really good to drive, and i think a lot of people are starting to consider them as really practical family cars, as well as just kind of a commercial a prospect. So i think, in that respect its a really interesting one. Styling wise yeah, okay yeah, it looks like a van doesnt. It lets just face it its a van, but for all that i think youre not going to buy this for its style sort of street cred anyway. Are you its not about kudos its about being? Unbelievably practical, starting with sliding doors on both sides of this thing, which is great – and i mean check out in here – i have got nine seats in here – all of them with inertia, seat belts, its really really good, and i can totally see why you might be Thinking about this as a family car, if you have got quite a big family to carry around there, are two trims in the espace tourer.

The business edition gets three sets of isofix fittings across the middle row and its even wide enough that youll get a chunky. Car seat in the middle and two adults either side, if you need to it, can also optionally, be had with a three person bench up front to take the passenger capacity up to nine in total and theres the longer wheelbase option. If you need that people carrying capacity as well as space for all of their luggage flare trim isnt offered with the nine seat layout, but in its standard eight seat format. You get five isofix fittings three along the back row and two in the middle row, seats which also slide and recline theres, even an executive seating layout with two individual seats in the middle row. Plus there are masses of luxuries and comfort as standard, but at around 48 000 pounds it costs a whopping, 16 000 pounds more than the much more basic business edition. Boot space is as cavernous as youd expect, with 655 liters of luggage space behind that third row. Even in this shorter wheelbase business edition, if even that isnt enough space for you well, you can actually take out the third and second row of seats in the e space tourer, leaving a proper van like carrying capacity. Predictably, it is not very sexy or premium up here um, but it has to be said, business edition for the price of this thing: 32 000 pound there or there abouts um, i dont – think youre gon na quibble are you i certainly wouldnt.

It feels durable. I actually really dont mind it up here: yes, its very gray, bit scratchy. Who really cares at that price? I think thats exactly what youre going to expect um its pretty comfortable too. I think thats far more important. You do get manual lumber adjustment on the drivers seat, which is great because ive got a bit of a creaky back these days, and i find that really important. The seat itself is a bit firm to be honest and a bit flat, but i still think with that lumber adjustment you can spend you know long miles on this and youll be fine, especially because that van driving position, you know elbow on the windowsill. Quite a high set up right, its really comfy isnt it good visibility. Apart from to the back, these big headrests can get in the way you get your touchscreen, the graphics are theyre all right. You can see it fine, its got all the features that you want. Um youve got your nav, your apple carplay android, auto, really good sound systems, a bit tinny again youre going to expect anything else, probably not uh, so it really does do the job. I think thats kind of the strap line for the espace tour. It is so fit for purpose and so kind of ruthlessly practical and unassuming and unashamed about the fact that its just there to do the job and thats. What i think i really like about it, and what a lot of people are going to really like about it um, so i dont really have any problems with it.

Apart from right, here is my completely standard, not too massive travel mug bit of a coffee, fiend um. There are more storage spaces in this vehicle than i think ive ever seen in anything else. Its proper van style youve got a massive bin up here. Youve got your glove box. Youve got your pen holder, youve got cubbies here. My first flat was smaller than the door bin in this van, its ridiculous. So many places to put things, but there are only two tiny cup holders and theyre, not big enough for a standard travel mug. So what is that about citroen? What are you thinking so, apart from that which, i think is completely crackers uh. I really actually quite like this, a bigger gripe than that is that the business edition doesnt come with a reversing camera, which would be a really useful touch in a car thats. This long, the big citroen gets a 50 kilowatt hour battery that can rapid charge at up to 100 kilowatts, meaning an 80 charge in around about 30 minutes plug into a standard. Seven kilowatt home charger and youll have a full battery in under eight hours, and you can also pay 300 pounds to upgrade to 11 kilowatt ac charging, which will deliver a full battery in more like five hours. If you have access to a three phase, 11 kilowatt charging point. So that is what you need to know about all of your charging stuff im going to talk about real world range, because i think thats going to be more of a concern for a lot of people than what the east space tourer is like to drive.

Now, like ive mentioned 136 mile official range in this now, you might actually get that by my experience in the summer, so its really kind of barmy and warm its been about 25 degrees. The last few days and ive seen this do slightly over 136 miles in the real world. It does drop fairly quickly on the motorway, and i have noticed in a lot of the stalantis vehicles, which includes this and peugeots and ds and all of that stuff. The range readouts can be a bit tricky. They tend to be a little bit optimistic when the batterys at sort of you know 100 or in the top quarter, and then they can sort of drop really quickly when they get to 50 or less. So you need to kind of factor that in but anyway in the summer, i think you might actually see that 136 mile range reasonably easily im quite impressed im getting 3.1 to 3.2 miles per kilowatt hour out of the espace tour quite easily. At the moment. In the winter, and especially if youre doing a solid motorway journey, thats going to dive pretty quickly – and i think you might even see a worst case scenario of you know – 70 to 80 miles to a full charge, which is pretty woeful. If youre going to be doing, you know a lot of driving in this thing, so it is what it is, its a big vehicle, its not going to be aerodynamically brilliant in warmer weather, ive, been quite impressed, so maybe im being a bit unkind on it.

But i think, given that it doesnt have a heat pump, um and given what it is its nature. I do think that you need to be conscious that the range might be quite low in the winter, particularly so, if you can live with the range do you know what i actually quite like the way this drives, and i know that sounds a bit funny, but As with the rest of it, its just unashamed isnt it its comfort oriented, this thing is, on little 16 inch steel wheels again. I actually quite like the look of them. I dont mind that at all and its more functional isnt it and it rides quite nicely – it is a little bit choppy at low speeds and also you can hear the suspension in fact, thats. Probably the overwhelming sort of noise that you get in this when youre about town, because the motor itself is quite quiet. Wind noise, even isnt too bad either. But while it is a tiny bit choppy a little bit lumpy over speed bumps and things, especially if you havent got many people in it having weight in this improves the ride, which is pretty standard stuff for sort of van and commercial vehicles, its really nice, and It picks up just fine not to 60 in something like 13 seconds. Who really cares um. It picks up more than quickly enough to feel comfortable on real world roads slot. You know slip roads onto a motorway.

All of that is absolutely fine. Um. The steering is quite slow, its quite a lot of turns lock to lock. So you can feel like theres, quite a bit of arm twirling, going on if youre maneuvering around a car park. But i just like the fact that its big and its comfy and its relaxing – and you have an instant sense of just not really wanting to make fast progress anyway, when you get into it going back to what weve decided is the strap line for the espace Tourer it does the job, and that is exactly what it does when it comes to how it drives as well. It does exactly what you want it to its fast enough: its comfy, the steering, is slow, but you have confidence in it, its fine. It just does the job now regenerative braking in the espace tourer. This is the technology. Every ev has it when you lift off the throttle, it feels like the vehicle is breaking and what its doing is harvesting. That sort of natural forward motion to improve the range in the vehicle, its not something to be worried about it, feels quite natural in the espace tour. To be honest, you probably wont notice it because it feels like normal engine, braking that you get in a petrol or diesel vehicle. Unless you hit the b button down here, and then it gets quite a bit heavier its nowhere near the one pedal driving that you get in the nissan leaf, for instance um, but you do notice it.

This works quite well. I think on you know: descents going down a hill, this kind of thing, its quite nice to just stick it on, and then you gather your energy and improve your range. A little bit. One factor to consider about the e space tourer is that it is quite a high vehicle at 1.9 metres tall and that might make it a bit tricky around some multi story, car parks, but because it is only 1.9 meters tall, it will still have access to Most car parks, even those that have height restrictions, typically starting from around about 2 or 2.1 meters, and up so there you have it. That is the espace tourer. I would add. It has got e dispatch written on the back of this. Apparently, that is a bit of a press office special uh. I think somebodys, either just stuck the wrong badge on the back of it, something along those lines, disregard that it is called the espace tour, and i like it. If you want to see loads of people – and you want a great value card, this is just one of the best out there. We dont have enough seven seat vehicles in the electric classes, as it is um. And yes, this is perhaps not the most desirable, but you know what i dont really care and i think most other people wont either if you want to see loads of people and you dont want it to cost a fortune.

This is a fantastic option. I do think you need to treat the flair version almost as a completely different model, because that really is its so different in the way, its equipped and the way its going to look inside, not to mention the different seating layout, um. And even the fact that you can have that executive seating with the two individual seats, theyre really going for the private sector with that, so i think, if thats, what youre looking for then consider it if youre a retail buyer. This is a no brainer. The business edition its basic, but for the price who cares – and i really like that about it – even the monthly prices, leasing and pcp theyre – really good too. So i think its a lot of vehicle for the money and i dont even think the range is going to dissuade people if they do want that functionality it is so utilitarian its brilliant and uh. For that reason it is well its a small class, but this is definitely one of the best electric mpvs you can buy. Dont forget to head to cargurus.com for a whole host of fantastic used cars.