So i got out the two inch receiver for the stealth, hitchs trailer hitch, and we will go ahead and install this up underneath the car. So we can accept the bike rack and we are good to go now. These are all the parts for the allen, deluxe hitch, bike, rack and it looks like it should be pretty simple to install it. Had really good reviews on amazon so well go ahead and get everything put together and install on the card and see how it goes. So that installation went very smooth so well go ahead and check the clearances here which look good plenty of space between the bike, rack and the car and well go ahead and rotate up the portion that all the bikes mount to and get everything installed. Now, just a few tips when you are mounting the bikes on the vehicle, you want to make sure that you secure everything very tightly. You want to have the heaviest bikes on the inside um, but you also want to make sure that theres clearance and that it doesnt touch the car. My bike with how big it is. It was actually going to touch the rear of the car, so i had to put my daughters bike on first then my bike and kind of go from there, also with my wifes bike, because of the style of the bike that it is, i kind of did It at an angle which isnt the best way to do it after reading the instructions you actually can turn over the piece that it connects to on the bike, rack and kind of connect it from the the top of the bike instead of the bottom.

So thats just another tip that you can do, but basically you just want to make sure everything is very secure, held down nice and tight and that its not going to hit the vehicle in any way. Overall, though, i think everything looks good. The clearances look good. Its not touching the car everything seems very secure, ive pulled on it and pushed on it and the stealth hitchs trailer, hitch, receiver isnt moving the piece for the allen bike rack. It actually has a specific kind of bolt thats supposed to keep it in place and not have it move around a lot so overall im very pleased with it. I think everything looks good, so well go ahead and drive it and see how it does and kind of check it when we get back Music. One thing i do want to say: if you dont adjust your settings when you put it in reverse youre, going to see and hear this and the car will actually slam on the brakes. If you try to back up because it thinks youre about to hit something. So what youre going to want to do is go into the vehicle settings and go to the parking safety settings and then youre going to want to turn off the rear active assist. This way the vehicle wont hit the brakes automatically, and now you can back up fine, so just want to make you guys aware of that. It is something you have to do every single time you get in the vehicle, it doesnt stay off, but it is pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it, but anyway, im very happy with the way the allen bike, rack and stealth hitchs trailer Hitch work together: everything is nice and tight and secure nothing came loose on the drive theres, no issues with clearances.

I have no reservations about using these to transport, my familys bikes, even on longer trips. So let me know what you guys think in the comments, and let me know if you have any questions and ill be happy to answer them for you, but i can definitely recommend the allen deluxe hitch bike rack to use, along with the stealth hitchs two inch. Receiver, wait before you go. I got one more thing for you, guys, im sure some of you guys are questioning how you open the hatch with the bike. Rack installed the shorter answer. Is you cant? If the bike racks in the upright position, the hatch will hit, but you can tilt the top of the bike rack back. If you take out the top pin, so the bike rack will actually rest on the bicycle itself or itll go down to about a 45 degree angle, if theres no bike there holding it up so just want to make you guys aware that that functionality is there To tilt it back, so you can open the hatch with the bike. Rack installed: hey if you like this video, please hit that like button and subscribe.