This is a charge Point Flex, home EV charger and with this youre going to be able to add anywhere from 25 to 37 miles per hour of charge, and so I got this on Amazon and theres a couple things that you need to know. First off, I really like this Ive been using this for several months now and have had very few problems with it. It seems to be very reliable and Im charging my vehicle quite inexpensively at home, so first off youre, going to need a 50 amp circuit to hook this up, youre going to need an electrician to come in and install one of these. This is a 1450 Nema wall plug now pretty much every home in the US, and Canada is going to have enough capacity to install a charger like this. So some of the questions I commonly see on Amazon are what vehicles is this going to be able to charge? So this is going to be able to charge pretty much any modern EV such as the Nissan Leaf Ive got a Ford Mustang Mach e. This is going to be able to charge an ionic. This is going to be able to charge a Chevy bolt even a Tesla. You just got to use an adapter with your Tesla, so this has a nice little handy thing where you can store your cable over here and this unhooks, like that. It pops out so kind of a nice easy way to store this charging cable.

This kind of connector is called a j1772 Im going to plug it into my mock e Mustang Machi, and you can see right away. It starts charging and is a really useful app. So this is the chargepoint app and you can see right now, Im actively charging. It says, Ive been on for about five minutes and Ive added 0.58 kilowatt hours. You can see that in the middle of the screen and Ive added two miles and at the charging rate which Im getting right now Im adding about 25 miles per hour, this particular charger maxes out at 9.37. Kilowatts at my house. You can also stop the charge and you can look at your charging logs from the past too. So I can see here I added 25 miles on February 14th. It took me about an hour and it was about a dollar 71, so you can also input on the app what your cost per kilowatt hour is and youre going to be able to control your vehicle and the charging all through this app. This video is on the charge, Point level, 2 charger. You can see that it is green lit, which means it is ready to go. You can see the green light on the side to show it is connected to my Wi Fi. It has other colors white means its disconnected from the Wi Fi red means it is not connecting at the time it does have an app.

You can see that it is telling me I am ready to charge, and then it comes with a 26 23 foot cord and then you just simply plug it in, and it takes me about two hours to go from 50 to 100 percent. And then you can see that the light changes to Blue to tell you that it is connecting and charging and then it will also send you a notification to your phone when it is done charging. This is our charge points charging station at home, um its fantastic uh. We installed it a couple months ago. The wire is pretty long. We got this installed um and we have two EV cars, so its really easy to plug. In again, the cord is really long when you plug it in the light, turns blue and its really easy to use and go back once you get it installed pretty effortless.