Well tell you the facts and figures. You need to know about the electromechanical solo watch, the video until the end, to never miss a thing and see the specs and features of this amazing vehicle. We upload latest gadgets inventions, crafts and tech reviews videos on daily basis. So if you want to get these tons of ideas, make sure you are subscribed to our channel and smash the notification bell so that you will be notified every time we upload new videos, Music, electromechanical vehicles corporation – is a canadian designer and manufacturer of environmentally efficient electric Vehicles, the companys flagship vehicle is the innovative purpose built single seat. Electric vehicles called the solo. This three wheeled vehicle is expected to revolutionize the urban driving experience, including commuting delivery and shared mobility engineered for a single occupant. It offers a unique driving experience for the environmentally conscious consumer. The solo has a top speed of 80 miles per hour, making it safe for highways. The solo also features front and rear crumple zones, side impact protection, roll bar torque, limiting control, as well as power steering power brakes. Air conditioning in a bluetooth, entertainment system, Music, the solo blends, a modern look with safety features at an accessible price. The first version for the consumer is priced less than the other model, which is for the delivery. Oriented customers called the solo cargo model, which features an expanded cargo box to accommodate a wide variety of fleet and commercial applications designed for your needs and driven for your passions.

This adorable attention getting vehicle is ideal for city living. Electromechanical has been making its ecologically favorable footprint felt in the world of electric vehicles since 2015, while the name of electromechanical itself may be new. Some of this companys roots have a solid history that runs deep. The solo happens to sit on three wheels. There are two in the front and one located at the back in the middle, because its a three wheel vehicle instead of four the solo, is actually classified as a motorcycle and not as a typical automobile. The solo also features an 8.6 kilowatt hour, electric motor that produced 140 foot pounds of torque from a standstill position. The design of the solo is exactly as it sounds. Music demonstrations show the solo with a 16.1 kilowatt lithium ion battery in september 2016, with a 100 miles or 160 kilometer travel range, an 80 mile or about 130 kilometers per hour maximum speed ability, as well as a three to six hour recharge time. The solo is capable of zero to sixty in eight seconds, is highway safe and qualifies for carpool lanes able to charge on home outlet. The solo is the perfect vehicle for the urban commuter making the daily drive safe, reliable, affordable and enjoyable Music. Well, there you have them the facts and figures about the cool electromechanical solo which feature intrigued. You let us know in the comments section, it takes a lot of time and effort to make these videos your subscriptions like and shares are what inspire us to create more content.

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