We are actually very confident at saying we are. Experts. Were the electric experts we are and thats because we actually buy them, we try them, we own them as well and uh yeah. Well, that means is, we know how much they cost to run because we pay the bills exactly. We take them for their mots. We live with them long enough to know how all the buttons and the switches and the technology work you mean you come to me for all the tech bits all right. I might have tommy on speed dial, but lets just gloss over that bit. Shall we so for the first time we have together in one place the cars we actually own, so we can say what we love and what we hate about them. As you can see, we have quite an eclectic collection of cars. Weve got a old dish, nissan leaf, uh, iot, 5, jaguar eye pace, um peugeot e208 and the tesla model 3., so which one do you think i drive and which one do you think tommy drives? Let us know in the comments below and while youre at it as well make sure you hit that subscribe button and theres also a little bell notification that you need to select as well. So, every time we upload a new video, you get notified right shall we match these cars to the slot. This is the oldest car on our fleet and is owned by tom.

Our editor in chief – and this is the 2015 leaf with a tiny 24 kilowatt hour battery, but tom loves it though ive seen his face every time he drives. This lets hear it from the man himself. This is my six year old nissan leaf. We have done 51 000 miles in it does not have a name. One of the things i like about this car is its so efficient and so cheap to run so were averaging over the course of those 50 000 miles about four miles per kilowatt uh, which is pretty good, so we can fill it up overnight. It does 85 miles on a charge and it costs about one pound 20. So i dont think theres any cheaper way of getting around well actually its a lot bigger than you think inside, so ive got lanky teenagers and they do fit in the back seats still and some of the more modern cars electric cars. The backs of them are quite small, the doors are quite small, and this still has enough space. So if we replaced it wed, find it quite difficult to find a car thats got enough space for them. I think so compared to some modern cars, the charging technology and – and the range on this is obviously a bit limited. So i think nowadays were getting about 85 miles to a charge and you can only charge at 50 kilowatts on a rapid and its one of those old chademo charges, but we use it for school runs.

We use it for the shops, its fine, we plug it in at home. We hardly ever rapid charge. The downsides of this, this old technology is that, of course, some of those menus look a bit old technology from the last century. Its got no dab, radio, which uh means you are limited on what you can listen to and for some reason it rips through tyres. I think the tracking goes out very easily when you go over speed bumps and just because of that that instant torque, it does tend to wear through tires quite easily. The other problem with this car is the app when we first got it. It was brilliant. You could sit in bed turn on the charging change. The charging timer put on the preheating nissan seemed to have forgotten about it. It just disappeared one day and you cant get it back, so we no longer have the app that we had five years ago and thats really frustrating. I think id really recommend these as a solid secondhand bike. If the range suits you, because it is a bit limited, its only a 24 kilowatt car, so youre only going to be getting 80 85 miles out of it. But if that suits you, its really solid and a great second hand buy, because it seems to be a bit over engineered. I think nissan kind of put lots of engineering into it, just to make sure it didnt break, because it was the first electric car that was kind of properly serious and, as a result, weve really had no problems with that at all.

I really worry about whether were going to be able to sell this car because it costs us nothing, so its probably worth what we paid for it five years ago now, but thats still only a deposit on a pcp. So i could use this car as that deposit and then pay 200 pounds a month and then after three years have nothing or we can just keep running this until until it blows up or something, but i dont think we can sell it. Why would we next? We have the newest car on our fleet, and this belongs to mike whos, our head of design at electrifying.com. Now hes gon na bought the wackiest car, which is just as wacky as his shirt no offense. So the ioniq five, which arrived last year, has been shaking up the family, car market and hes even won the world car of the year award 2022.. So maybe the award on mikes manta piece is what swayed him to get this one over to you mike im. Mike this is my month old, hyundai, ioniq, 5 and its definitely not silver, its gravity, gold. It has got a ton of features, but the one thing i found is missing is the rear wiper. I know high and i say that its got a special roof spoiler, which channels air across the rear, screen and keeps it clear at all times, but in reality it just doesnt work. You know it might do if the rain was clean and the roads were clean, but theyre not so you do end up with a really filthy rear screen that you have to get out and clean.

Well, the one thing id change. I know this sounds really fussy. Its lovely in gravity gold, which is what this color is, but im, not really a kind of silver gold car guy. Really i like a bit of color, as you can see from the kind of stuff i wear. I really would like to make this a bit more colorful, so i might consider doing a wrap on it, but i just cant decide what color to go with at the moment. So next up is this one? The jaguar i pace another winner of the world car of the year, in fact, but this time it was back in 2019, not long after it launched. Now, this car was jaguars first attempt at going electric and its good, its really good. You know you can forget the fact that the i pace is electric, because its simply an excellent car that is brilliant to drive just a bit of a shame. There hasnt been another electric car from jaguar since, but we do live in hope now in car terms. The i pace is well into middle age, but i think its holding up brilliantly and still stands out against the competition, not unlike its owner ben. Who is our ceo, which i think stands for chief obedience officer. So i always really try to behave when im around him hi, im ben. This is my first electric car. I chose the i pace because ginny voted for it as world car of the year.

I couldnt work for electrifying.com and not have an electric car, so i thought you know if im going to get an electric car, i need to do it properly, and this to me is a beautiful example of an electric car. Ive had it for about 15 months 17 months. Now, what do i like about it? Uh? There are three things im going to tell you i like about it. I mean i like everything about it. To be honest with you, if i had to pick a few things, firstly, its a styling, its an elegant piece of kit, isnt, it i mean its beautiful, i think its about four years old now, since they launched the i pace. This version is a couple of years old and it still looks as fresh today as it did when it was launched. Um, probably the best thing i like about it, though, is that its not a giant ipad on wheels and a lot of electric cars that we see these days, its all about the tech and the big screen im a traditionalist. I love the feel, particularly inside of being in a car, with lots of buttons and switches. I really like that. Oh the absolute best thing did i say the last thing was the best thing, because its not cooling seats is the best thing about this car. I can sit in here and within two minutes: im cool its just beautiful love that absolutely love that about the car, its better, because you use less of the battery.

You can serve your battery, so in the winter you can sit there freezing cold. All around you get the heated seats on youre, not using too much battery in the summer today, like today, i dont spit the air con on. If ive only got a few miles left, i can just hit the button that says: cooling seats turn on number three that gets it coldest and im happy that im, not using too much of the battery thats really difficult. This the car is totally likable in almost every respect. If i had to pick a couple of things, i live in london, potholes and bumps its pretty firm over those to be honest with you, thats, probably something id say: oh the infotainment system. So when you switch from one radio station to the next very laggy, although this car is now two years old, i believe that jaguar updated the entertainment system to make it better at least thats. What tommy was telling me the climate system as well its not very intuitive? To be honest, with you its difficult to change temperature, the beeps, the beeps bother me so speed, camera warning system, beep beep fantastic, but it is so loud and i cant work out how you turn the volume down. So, actually, if any of our viewers can get into the comments section and tell me how to turn the volume down on the beeps id, be so grateful. Well, i hear its got better, but you know its a minor gripe when youve got a car like this, you know theres a few things that if theyre not 100 to your liking, you can certainly live with.

I mean this is an incredible vehicle and i said i think its really stood the test of time in four years old in terms of an electric car, its almost quite an old vehicle theres. So many new models coming out, but this one still, as i said, is as fresh today as it was when it came out. In my opinion, this is my first experience of electric. Notwithstanding the fact that im working with electrifying.com, i would never go back to petrol. Ive never driven diesel, but this is the future. This is the now i mean this is the only way as far as im concerned and theres lots of choice of models out there, it doesnt have to be the eye place. Obviously, and then there were two but uh, the question is which one is mine which one is mine. Um do get your guesses in in the comments below and no fast forwarding the video to the next bit to find out, because that is cheating right. Shall we recap yeah, because you know what there couldnt be any more different right? They couldnt, i guess theyre, both white yeah, very its got that pearl finish into it, which is the start of their similarities actually and the end of them Laughter. First up the tesla model: 3.. Now this has been the best selling car in the uk for quite a few months in the past year, not just the best selling electric car, but the best selling car overall, and you can see why its got brilliant tech and it also took our award in 2021 for being the most efficient electric car out there, but perhaps the biggest reason for buying a tesla is the charging network.

Those superchargers theyre, fast, easy and reliable, now persias gt badge is something that gets car enthusiasts excited and for the first time, with the e208, its on an electric car, its not without justification either the e208 produces 135 brake horsepower, which is plenty in a car. This size and gives it impressively sporty acceleration, especially in the zero to 30 miles per hour, sprint away from roundabouts or traffic lights in town right. I think its time for us to put you out of your misery, not that youve probably been in that much misery wondering but lets reveal, which is yours, which is mine, drum roll. This is mine. Obviously this is mine. I do not need to ask why you went for tesla. Would it be the technology by any chance? I think you guessed right. I think you give me any piece of tech im. Just a happy boy uh. But yes, i went for the tesla model. 3 long range to be exact because its got all the tech that i need in it, whether its self driving, whether its the charger network as well, i say, thats, a tech, because its just the way that it works is the user. Experience is just great. I cant deny the tech on that car, its absolutely brilliant, but what about the other stuff that you like about it charging network charging network is very important. I think there were two things. Obviously we drive electric cars all the time.

There were two things that was very important for me, that was a range and a charging network. The range in this is very good. Full charge will get me around 340 miles. Thats me, you know driving normally and all that stuff and you got heat pump in there. So i dont have to worry about it in the winter and then the charger network is great because its reliable, if it tells me theres eight available theres eight available when i get there and theyre all working since ive. Had it ive never been to a charge station thats, not working or faulty, so that was the deciding factor its that peace of mind isnt it peace of mind, yeah range, anxiety, yeah and also you live in the center of a city. Youve not got access to charging at home so that really matters to you that that works, yeah living in a block of flats, theres, no garage or anything theres, no garden, theres, no front parking or anything like that. So having that charge network, where i can plan that as part of my journey made my life easier for me – and i know that when i get there, theres actually going to be a charging point ready to go. What about the things you dont like on it? Because, as much as we do love teslas and i love the model 3., it does have a few bits that niggle me. What about you yeah? I think, like everyone else, you ask about this car youll be the build quality.

There are things that happen. For example, i think about two months into having a car. The boot hinge popped open for some reason, so i had to call the tesla people to come in and fix it. Uh customer service is great in that sense because they came out quickly and fixed it, and i didnt have to pay for that, but also i saw the brake pedals at the welding. You can still see its, not a good look so heres. My question for you tommy tesla: is it a car maker or a tech company? I think theyre, a tech company first and then a car manufacturer afterwards. I think theyre manufacturing being able to deliver them on time. Thats. A big worry for them and thats something youd get from a company that isnt necessarily a car manufacturer. I love the whoopee cushion and, and i havent lived with one for as long as you have but ive driven loads of teslas and when i get in them im still not bored of it. Are you bored of it yet not yet i still love it. Every time theres someone new thats getting in the car, its the tradition, so as soon as i get in ill put it on its either the laugh at it or theyre just in shock because whats going on, if they dont know about it well, it may not Have a whoopee cushion, but this of course is my car, the peugeot e 208.

You know what first thing before we get into it: some cars suit people, and when i see you, i see this car. I think this is a match made in heaven actually but im, not surprised that youve gone for a hot hatch, its a good looking car tell me whats your favorite thing about this car im a bit older than you. I remember the the glory days of the old hot hatches, so i love a hot hatch and for me this is the ultimate sort of peugeot, hot hatch. Seeing you know that badge on the back of an electric peugeot. I couldnt resist it. Obviously right, but you know, ive got a bit older since then and im a mum now you know and ive got to do school runs its got to have practicality too, and actually i think this combines both really well. So i do like that too. I like the fact that its got four doors quite a lot of room inside the boots, big enough for all the junk that i carry around with me, which is quite a lot. Its definitely got that balance if its a car that makes me smile when i get in it most of all. What i really love about it is that it does put a smile on my face. When i drive it, the chassis is fantastic, the setup the handling, so i think, with this car ive managed to get that blend of its practical enough.

For me and for doing all the school runs and theyre nipping about that. I need to do but its also a great car to drive, obviously im a tech guy. So talk to him about the tech in this tommy. You would hate the tech in this car. Has he not got enough? Is he old whats the situation? Persia did some really nice stuff with their tech. You know you. I know, weve talked about this and you know those sort of nice, 3d, dials and theyre really thinking hard about it. But what drives me insane is that i cant get a lot of radio stations in this car that i can get in other cars, its just a bit rubbish, thats, interesting because thats, a really old technology that you would have thought at least get that right. Thats fascinating because see this guy here everything just works, it does, but this is a better car to drive and its very, very well made so peugeot our car makers, maybe not a tech company. Yes, okay, i agree. I agree. I think we definitely just got to swap for a week. Yeah ill have a go ill, have a go. Car share, tommy car, so there you have it the cars that some of us actually own and wed love to know. If you own any of them. What you think so, do let us know in the comments below and you can find the full review of all the cars that youve seen in this video today up on our youtube channel and make sure you subscribe and guess what as well.

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