In fact, weve been seeing a lot of grey market tesla model ss and tesla model xs. Lately, but if those cars are a little bit too mainstream for you, theres also another locally available option. This one right here is the 2022 byd hand lux a one of one car here in the philippines. So far, today, im going to show you around this car and im also going to give it a test, drive so stay tuned. You can actually get this car in a couple of trims. The glx gls and also this lux trim. The lux trim is the top of the line trim, and this car right here has dual motors. This can go from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in only 3.9 seconds, while the rest does it in a measly 7.9 and lets talk about the styling first here over at the exterior, its just incredibly sleek. It looks like a spaceship. There is a logo right here in chinese, and this is han the golden age dynasty of china, amazingly sleek, led headlights and then towards the side of the car. It is rather reminiscent of a tesla model s. You even have these door handles, which do come out of the door and is flushed only when the car is locked 19 inch, rims, wrapped in continental, tires brembo brakes for this lux trim, drilled and slotted as well. But when you go towards the back of the car, despite this car being ludicrously fast, you even have this core window right here, which is quite large, and also this aluminum, like trim to balance out the black exterior, giving this car a very regal and elegant.

Look move towards the trunk of the car and you get your rib tail lights, which looks beautiful and also your build your dreams badge which, by the way, is what byd stands for. Usually, you would see the engine displacement, but since this car right here, doesnt have it and you want to let people know that your car is ludicrously fast. It even tells you youre, zero to 100 times its no surprise that a lot of electric cars, since they have their battery under the car under the floors that you will have a front, but for this byd hand lux once you do lift up this hood. There is no front and thats, because this is the lux trim with the dual motor. So your front motor is somewhere over here. Power figure wise though this car right here produces 494 horsepower combined for the front and rear motor and also 680 newton meters of torque, making this probably one of the fastest cars here in the philippines. Now here, inside the byd hand, lux we check the door. Third, first, it doesnt really have that big thud to it, but its just so smooth. In fact, i kind of like it than some other german cars. The materials in this cabin is just exquisite and premium. If youre not touching soft touch leather, you are touching these real wood trims, which is also blacked out, and it looks really nice. The steering wheel is incredibly thick, also two tone black and red, with your adaptive cruise control buttons on it and is also electrically adjustable.

Your seats have amazingly soft leather on it and also electrically adjustable for both the driver and the passenger side, as well as a digital instrument. Cluster, but lets be honest. These things are getting a bit more common with cars nowadays, you know what is in common. This center giant screen – yes, some cars have screens this big and the teslas have had them for a while now, but this car not only can play chinese tick tock, though in, but you can also just press a button right here and itll rotate electrically 90 degrees. That way, you can watch both landscape and also portrait videos. One thing that you should do only when you are stationary another feature of this car would be this panel right here above your glove box. So the color is adjustable, and it has this amazing pattern on it and it adjusts, together with your ambient lighting color, which is just beautiful for your speakers. You have drag speakers surrounding this car, which also sounds excellent for these wood shrimps right here. The only thing im, not a big fan of, would be the placement of these air vents, but it is made up for by these side air vents with a beautiful, beautiful pattern on it. Your shifter is also rather basic, its a typical electronic shifter, but here your stop start button yeah its also dead center, and you cant even tell if this car is running because it is electric weve been running this car for a while now and it feels as If its not even running and now here at the back, we also check the door thud okay, now that gives off a proper thought.

Now the back seats of this car remember how i said that this car is proper, elegant and still rather executive. Feeling the rear seats really do show that so leg room is just abundant. Then, although headroom may seem its like its a little bit, limited theres, actually cutouts for your head, which do give you proper amounts of headroom, even if youre, probably five, ten or five eleven a bit taller than that, and you might struggle just a little bit. But the main party trick here at the back is that this center armrest right here and actually fold down, which reveals a screen whats cool about the screen – is that you can pretty much control anything in this car with this. So you want to adjust the ambient lighting, intensity and color. You can adjust it from here, but not just for the entire car. You can choose only the front, only the back or the entire car. At the same time, it is just that amazing. The only downside is everything is in chinese. You can even control the front seat. You can move it via the controls here, or also these switches on the seat itself, and you can also adjust the seats left and right through here, the recline, but thats. Not the only button you can use to adjust these seats theres a button just behind your window button which you can hit, and it will also recline your seats. That is just something i havent seen in any other car.

The only thing that i would wish for here is rear blinds, but with the tint this start, you dont really need it. You get your own air vents, climate control and also since it is an electric car with no transmission tunnel. You can easily sit here in the middle and its also pretty damn wide, so its eating three people in this car three executives even is very much possible. Oh and of course, one thing we can never forget is that this car also does come with a panoramic sunroof again, it can be controlled through this center screen by the center armrest. So now we drive the byd hand lux and of course, first thing: you do put it into sport mode. You put the larger electricity thing and then you just floor. It and theres instant power from the get go and you get to 100 real quick just like that, but dont worry the brakes are also very powerful. So you wouldnt really struggle to making this car stop. Theres, just instant torque from the get go and thats whats. Amazing about these electric vehicles now, just because this car is so fast doesnt mean you, cant drive it sensibly, because it also doubles as a very relaxing cruiser, and this car is not just relaxing because its quiet, because it doesnt have the engine noise. I mean the noise insulation in this car, its just so damn good, i mean the rubber they put the sound deadening that they put into this one could easily easily match the more traditional premium and luxury cars.

This thing also pretty much just floats and wafts over potholes and speed, bumps its, not really something that you would think of in this segment, but its just is a very smooth car to drive. The steering is also really light. So, even if you drive this inside the city which electric cars really do excel in, it still is a very comfortable and easy car to maneuver. But of course we do have to talk about one of its main advantages. The fact that you dont really need to fill up now you can put this into your regular garage and you can charge it up overnight. One charge is around 12 hours according to byd, but there are also fast chargers using dc power which can charge it according to byd in point eight hours. Another good thing about these electric cars is that since yeah, you do have that battery mounted down low on the floor. The center of gravity is incredibly low, so this car, despite it having a really light, steering it actually handles really really well. You kind of do have this slight uh sensation of the bottom part of the car. Turning before the the top part, the body where youre seated, but once you get a hang of it, its actually a pretty pretty good feel to it. One problem i did find with this car is that, despite it being rather long, but not extremely long, the turning radius isnt exactly the best.

It is rather large. So if you are in really really tight roads – and you want to make a – u turn – you do have to find a little bit of space, and you do have to three four point turn this just to get it to turn. Nonetheless, uh visibility is rather great. Despite the rather fast back design, and although your windows have really thick pillars on it, its actually not that hard to drive and parking, this car is also really easy because you do have a somewhat of a 360 degree view camera and a very, very clear, reverse Camera, the instant torque that it really provides you it does it so seamlessly and you just get propelled into the space of quickness. But one thing you do have to look out for is that when you are driving this car fast because it is so quiet, there may be a little bit of cyclists and pedestrians on the road which might not hear you so yeah. You just do have to look out for that other than that it is just pretty much like driving any other fast car out there. The regenerative braking is something that you really have to get used to, because it just feels rather odd for us coming from ice cars, but for this one i really love how there is a little bit of regenerative braking but its not as apparent. So you really do find yourself still stepping on the brake.

It still feels like a regular car. It still has the sensation of being a rather a normal vehicle. Right now lets talk about pricing. The byd hunt in this luxe trim comes in at around 4 million pesos, significantly cheaper than some of the grey market import electric vehicles, and this car still proves to be one of the most premium, one of the fastest and one of the most elegant cars. In the class available here in the philippines, whats more, you can have this car locally.