But a couple of years ago, gm decided to change all of that and rewrite hummers history into the vehicle that im actually sitting in front of now. This is the 2022 hummer evp and we get to play with it today. We are currently here at florida. Fine cars, you guys have any interest in this specific vehicle itself. We will actually put the link to the website in the description below make sure you ask for john next were going to take a look at the outside of this vehicle. Show you guys the lighting, the cool little easter eggs that come along with this and yes, we will be crowd, walking this so lets get to it. So, starting at the front of the brand new hummer ev, you can actually see the front. End itself is one of the most unique designs i think weve ever come across in any vehicle that weve reviewed so far as far as the design and the lighting up front. These are incredibly cool with the sequentials and also to the daytime running lights and show up pretty bright as well. Now the really cool thing about this vehicle is the sheer fact of the number of what youll see known as the h. The h, obviously, is the first letter of the hummer, but there are easter eggs of this h, reminiscent on this entire vehicle were actually going to show you a couple areas right now front headlights kick plates air vents vertical door, handle rear, ac vents front center vent.

Your tail lights, rear third brake light center caps. The stats on this vehicle are actually extremely impressive, so lets start with the first one. The price tag this one, the msrp. It starts right around 110 000. The range is right around early 300, so about 320 and the power that this vehicle has is absolutely mind blowing. So the base trim with the normal battery pack is actually 800 horsepower. I said that 800 horsepower from a fully electric vehicle the pound feet of torque output, now thats, not the actual amount that hits the ground, but the output from the three combined motors is actually over 11 000 pound feet of torque 11 000 pound feet of torque. From the output on three motors in this vehicle so were actually going to go over some of the quarks that make this vehicle incredibly unique, but one of the quirks that actually shares with its gm bloodline with his other vehicles, his gmcs and its chevy pickups, is Actually, the rear gate this ones a little bit more unique, though um, so you actually have a two stage gate if you will first button unloads this first half of the tailgate itself, if you have uh like extended pieces of wood, you have to put in here Its actually pretty handy to keep the wood up, so you dont have to worry about it. So if you shut this, when you click the next button, the entire gate comes down like a typical truck.

Would the really cool thing on this one now is if we were to press the first button again it drops down when you hit this one. You now have a step, but the really cool option that this vehicle has is integrated rear speakers. Another unique feature about the rear of this vehicle is the fact that this one actually has the added factory spare tire holder and, as you can see, it does take up a fair amount of room for this vehicle. But it looks really cool and i guess the usability at some point is a little bit easier. You need to use it from being into the vehicle itself. Id also like you to notice that this actually has a retractable handle when you actually want to step into the vehicle it gives you something to grab onto its kind of a unique feature on this side of the vehicle. You actually have a 120 outlet, so you have things to run off of that margarita machine, microwave blender. You can go ahead and do it here now a really cool easter egg on this vehicle and again well go over more. But in this one is the fact that it actually says hummer ev on the inside of the rear. Taillight, these tail lights themselves are one of the coolest. Looking tail lights, i think, are actually available in the market themselves. You have the h again, but its actually vertical and then on. The inside of itself is the the brake light and the reverse light.

Another really cool and interesting feature about this vehicle is the fact that the roof actually comes off in the rear. You have two panels that are removable in the front. You have two additional panels that are removable. Unfortunately, in the rear. The center bar is not removable, but fortunately in the front it is so you end up having a vehicle. You can stand up in its a good view from up here now. One thing we always check on any ev is the front, and yes, the brand new hummer ev does have that frunk. You can operate it from the key fob itself or theres. Actually, a button underneath the front bumper, you just tap it and it will automatically open for you now, as you can see in this vehicle, it actually houses the glass panels. We talked about a little while ago for the vehicle itself. Theyre, actually, wrapped up in here were not going to take these out of the bags were going to leave them as is, and you can actually see theres a sizeable and useful amount of trunk space up here. The other thing wed like you to notice is how the load area is actually flat. So when you decide to put stuff in here, youre not leaning over the top, because this truck is actually extremely tall. So its super easy and convenient. When you have a front loading area thats flat now, closing the front is just as easy.

It was before you find the button underneath the front bumper, give it a tap and it closes automatically. Now the inside of this vehicle is on a completely different level and by level i actually mean the moon and youre saying. What do you mean the moon? Well, take a look at this hidden without within the inside of this vehicle itself are little nods to the moon, and that is because gmc decided that this was going to be their moon shot. So theyre celebrating the fact that this vehicle is their moon shot. If you look all over the vehicle, particularly in the side door panels on the speaker, covers that is actually the layout and topography of the moon itself. In addition, that is a footprint of when we landed on the moon. Another really cool feature on the hummer ev is the fact that you have a 360 degree camera system that includes the sides, the front the back and under the vehicle. Now moving on to the technology, thats actually packed into the brain and hummer ev. I think that hummer actually took it a step further to add in some of the coolest technology that is out on the market right now, for example, this entire center stack, you notice. We were talking about the moon landing earlier. In the background, you can actually see what appears to be the topography of the moon itself. The home screen is actually your typical home screen.

If you will aside the cool details that are in here here, you can control your audio. You can use google maps control. Your phone, your energy consumption, google assistant and also android store theres multiple different screens in this and were not going to go into detail every single one, but the one really cool one that we showed it before is the camera side of it, and this one actually Has what is known as a front camera washer? So when you go to the front camera thats underneath the vehicle, these are the two front wheels you tap and hold this. It actually cleans the front camera for you. Now the really cool thing about this entire center screen is specifically when you change the vehicle mode itself. Youll notice that the graphics come up are very unique and very very cool. They actually collaborated with epic games to make these different changes and the graphics that actually go along with it. So were actually going to change a couple of these modes now and you can see how incredibly cool and detailed this actually is. Now, if you notice in the toe haul mode, its actually hauling a rocket inside of the screen itself, you have the option to go to this screen, and this actually gives you a little bit more detail. Um. Yes on your drift angle, it will actually give you your pitch your roll when you are off roading, which is actually a good idea just to be safe, and then it will give you individual wheel, output at each wheel itself.

Now, obviously i cant touch on that. It wont do anything, but it will actually show you the meter of the the full power output of that one, with the focus being so much on off roading for this vehicle, theyve integrated, so many cool different things, for example, you click on this one. Here you can actually air down your tires to a specific psi, and this vehicle will honk its horn. When each wheel has reached that psi thats a really cool feature. You can also integrate any auxiliary functions in this vehicle itself. There are six options you can choose, which one does what in this example, we actually have the added on option of the front fog lights that are on the hood itself, so this one is actually named the front fog lights. The really cool thing is, you can actually go in and change the icon for each auxiliary button and then gm decided to take it one step further and do a little bit of digs towards its competitors. If you notice here that is a t rex or a raptor, that is a t rex or a raptor, i wonder who they were going for on that one one really cool setting this vehicle is you can change it to whats, known as watts to freedom, which Then unleashes all of the power in all four wheels itself. So if we go over to the traction control button and if you notice were back on the moon again, a huge thanks to the team at florida find cars of west palm beach for letting us film.

With this incredibly rare gmc, hummer ev, this one is currently for sale. So if you have any interest in getting into the drivers seat be sure to click the link in the description below. But it is without a doubt that gm completely rewrote hummers future and perhaps has evolved the benchmark of electric trucks as we know it. We are genuinely impressed in the performance, the design, the tech, the attention to detail and the future of gm and hummers electrified capabilities.