This is my first look at the all new kia, nero ev, which has just launched very very recently, and i have to say on first looks at the car. It is definitely a lot more handsome than the previous model that went before theres on a whole new platform over the previous car. The body shape is very, very similar. The new platform gives a little bit more room inside so its six centimeters longer, but also its set up to give a slightly more causative ride than the previous car. Now the motor has been carried over from the previous car, its still 201 horsepower and the batteries had a slight increase. It was 64 kilowatt hours, its now 64.8 kilowatt hours. That should give a range of 285 miles. With my experience of the previous model of the nero electric on my typical commuting, i could get the car to edge towards that 300 mile mark. So this new car, which is supposed to be a bigger battery, i should quite comfortably get 300 miles on my typical daily commuting over the charge of a battery. I apologize if the sound quality suddenly drops off a little bit im having technical difficulties with my microphone. So now im relying on the microphone built into the camera, but anyway this is the two spec car, the nero ev 2, which in the uk is the entry level point to the car. I have to say you cant, actually notice much difference between this entry level.

Car and the top spec cars, the only thing that really gives it away is that on the 2 grade, this cladding around the wheel, arches and along the side here is more of a matte textured finish on the higher spec cars, its a black high gloss and Also on the very top spec car you get a sunroof and on this one and the three its a solid roof, so theres not actually much to tell the difference between the models. Alloy wheels are the same. The only other difference that you can get on the top spec 4 is that this c pillar here you can get in a contrasting color, but this c pillar actually does an aerodynamic job as well see if we can see through here. You see that gap through there, so, as you drive through the air, the air gets channeled down through here and ejected out of the back of the car, which makes it slightly more efficient. Its slipping through the air a6 drag coefficiency, its slightly less drag than the previous model. So here we have the charge port of the car on the previous nero electric. The charge port was off center around about this location, but here have now moved it dead center. So it might make it a little bit more convenient when pulling up to uh charge posts normal ac port. Here this car will charge at 11 kilowatts and the ccs port as well. Now this car will take a peak charge of 73.

Kilowatts make sure, give a charge time of 43 minutes from 10 to 80 percent, its about 10 minutes quicker than the old model. Its got a slightly better charge curve than the previous car, and here we have the interior. So this is where we can start to tell that this is the two grade car, because on the models above this one, they are electrically adjustable driver seat. This one is manual, and this also has the all cloth interior and the actual design of the seat looks really good. Quite a nice pattern on the seat there and it looks like its got nice deep side bolsters so that should hug you into the seat nicely lets check out how comfortable they are. Shall we yep perfectly comfortable yeah perfectly in keeping with kia lovely comfortable seats yeah. Those side bolsters just just hug you into the seat, its really nice, actually theres the rear. You can see ice effects on the outer seas and in keeping with recent gears like ev6 and new sportage, the black high gloss center panel lets get it powered up. Shall we there we are so weve got the all digital display, which again is in keeping with ev6 and the new sportage youve got your trip. Computers on here as well, lots to go through lots of different menus and everything theyre easy to navigate. Now being the two grades, this has the eight inch display in the center. The rest of the models have the ten and the quarter inch and again.

This is the the only other thing that really tells which grade of car that youre in because on the higher spec cars, the screens seem to blend into each other a little bit more. This one, you can definitely tell it, is two screens joined in this single panel, but functionality again typical gear. This system is very easy to use very intuitive. As you can see, the car is currently on 99 state of charge and its giving an estimated range at the moment 265 miles and considering the total mileage on this car is 12 miles. I dont think its actually gone anywhere. Yet, in fact, when i first got into the car, there was still a few bits of plastic that had to peel off, so it looks like its in the middle of being prepared for the road. What you do get right across the range is this new display here that uh kira started putting in their cars from the ev6 sportage and now the nero. So this display is dual purpose at the moment is showing the climate control, which gives you physical dials for the climate control you always like physical dials makes it really easy when youre driving to change what you want, then, with the touch of the button here now. This panel will operate the screen above, so you just shortcut to pretty much anything that you need to nice and easily. The car does come with apple carplay and android auto as standard this particular one doesnt have the built in keyer maps.

Youd have to go for the three model to get that, but you do get apple, carplay and android auto. So you can use your google maps or waze or whatever you prefer using. And although we refer to this car as the entry point to the range, it will still have things like auto dip, beam headlights. It has adaptive cruise control with lane keep assist or lane follow, assist. All your bluetooth hands free are in there as well with voice activation, but one big improvement is the drive mode. Button is now moved to the steering wheel, so this will cycle the car between eco, normal and sport. Anyone familiar with the previous model of the nero will remember that the drive mode button was down here somewhere, which was a little bit of a pain to operate when you were driving, so you always had to look down to try and find where the drive mode Button was, but now on the steering wheel. We dont even have to take your eyes off the road you can cycle through the modes as you please, and also something that kira become renowned for. Is these regeneration panels behind the steering wheel got several different modes of regeneration? You have true one pedal driving as well called ipedal, so yeah interior, its quite a comfortable place to sit slightly more spacious than the previous car. Okay, one advantage of this car being on a all new platform for the nero is that it actually has front storage which the previous car never did and its on hydraulic struts as well.

So it stays up nice and easy, and under this little cover here, youve got a few liters of storage space to easily ravel your charge, cable and keep it under the front its freeing up space in the boot. So a nice welcome addition of the front storage and finally, the boot of the car. Now this has grown slightly over the previous model as well is now 451 litres. Now this car is still in the process being prepared for the road, so they havent put the luggage cover in yet. But there is a luggage cover with the car, so yeah at 451 litres. Its not far off the size of the kia, sportage boot and under the floor have a large amount of storage space as well, and you can actually lower this floor to those runners that sit on the bottom there. So it gives a nice deep boot if you need to with the boot at this level, theres only a very, very slight load lip, not much at all its still a really practical size. Now this uh boot size on the electric version actually bigger than the hybrid models of the nero. So with the hybrid models, the batteries actually sit underneath the the rear seats, and particularly the plug in hybrid, the battery extends into the lower boot area. But this electric version that huge 64.8 kilowatt hour battery is slung underneath the car, so it doesnt impede on the boot space, see if i can show you the battery under here, probably see it under there so with it underneath the car it doesnt actually impede on The boot space so yeah it is a really decent, practical, fairly sized hatchback.

So there we are my first look at the all new kia. Niro ev, actually really like the design, its a lot more striking than the previous model. Certainly, from the front end, it has a nice bit of presence on the road. I really like those led daytime running lights as well. Its designed to look like a heartbeat on a heartbeat, monitor id love to know what you think of the design of the car. I cant wait to get behind the wheel so as soon as im behind the wheel of the car ill do another video and let you know what its like to drive.