This here is as far and as fast as you can take it. The i4 m50 with high performance package, the key ingredient of which are these newly developed 20 inch pirelli p0 summer use tires wider in the rear, though the base i4e drive 40 on 18 inch wheels delivers 301 miles of driving range. This dual motor m50 rolling on up size 20s, sees a precipitous drop to 227 miles below my personal threshold of acceptability, the worthiness of which only you can assess paying an additional 2 500 for the top shelf. Rubber enhanced brakes and rear spoiler is undoubtedly an enticing proposition to the right shopper, but just know that choice alone, saps 43 miles of driving range before ever starting. The motors bmw presents the i4 as just another one of their sports models: blue accents and the blocked off grille being the most conspicuous electric giveaways, but with one horsepower motor on the rear axle and another 255 horsepower motor at the front, this isnt a garden variety 4 series grand coupe – this is much faster and heavier than a 440i due to its performance setup. The i4m50 is very niche. The driving range of this particular model has been reduced. The grand coupes rear seats are tight and at 84 000 as tested, it is crazy, expensive. So the attraction to this car is going to be limited to a very specific person with eccentric tastes. Now, that being said, its progressiveness is highly charismatic.

Its a sports car, unlike any bmw, has made before and its electric propulsion is, of course, the central figure. The iforce combination of warp, speed, acceleration, an interstellar soundtrack, is more akin to commanding the uss enterprise than a traditional 4 series, its really otherworldly. But if you continue to drive in that sport boost mode, the miles will rapidly tick off that ev odometer, so ive been spending a lot of time at fast chargers this week. Now, if you have a 240 volt home charger, you can replenish the i 4 to 100 in about 10 hours and at a true fast charger, thats one thats pumping at a rate of at least 200 kilowatts. It would take only about 30 minutes. Electrify. America is bmws chosen, public charging partner and owners receive two years of free juice. Ups at their stations find my nearest charging station. Okay, i will have the results for you soon. They can be located and navigated to through the idrive screen and even filtered by type. At least for driver and front passenger, the trip is a comfortable journey with the ease of luxury sedan, ingress sport, appropriate side bolstering to the softly cushioned seats, a commanding view of the road and the quietness afforded by engineless cars, and the drive is exciting. Beyond its blistering acceleration, the adaptive suspension with air springs in the rear fosters a curated bmw ride, quality of being one with the road, yet free of harshness, its driver selectable.

So the shock settings can be personalized or kept to the configured drive modes, supported by a lower center of gravity than a 3 series. Electric all wheel drive with a wheel slip actuator at the rear and variable sport, steering that automatically adjusts the ratio depending on vehicle speed. The i4 m50 is a confident handling machine with neutral traits. Its excessive weight is initially felt on corner turn in, but the upgraded brakes are super strong, while electric x drive, gracefully pulls the car through without any white knuckle moments, its a very easy car to drive expertly. The biggest disappointment lies in its regenerative braking, which makes the i 4 a somewhat experience in commuter traffic. Like all evs. There are adjustable levels to its aggressiveness, but bmw doesnt use paddle shifters for quick setting changes. Instead, energy recovery choices are on the center screen, regardless in around the town. Driving decelerating is anything but smooth. As for one pedal drive where braking is accomplished exclusively by lifting off the accelerator, its triggered by shifting into b on the console, considering the i 4 weighs over 5 000 pounds, its rapidity is extraordinary. 586 pound feet of torque available from jump street. Has that effect? Do you hear that, thanks to the iconic sound setting, those futuristic tones are aligned with the drive mode and the movement of your right foot dont care for it just toggle it off, but then theres just eerie silence as the m50 rockets down the strip launching from 0 to 60, in only 3.

7 seconds and in the next level sport boost setting. The i4 is completely unbridled, maximizing the output of both motors for about 10 seconds for neck snapping takeoffs. In order to achieve those 227 miles, though, eco pro and comfort modes are required, usage from outside theres, nothing but wind and tire noise for a very stealthy appearance. The cognac colored interior uses faux leather recycled materials and on my tester, carbon fiber trim creating a cabin that is instantly recognizable as bmws dissimilar to the new ix electric suv, which takes cabin design in a completely futuristic direction other than the select blue accents. The i4 could be any 4 series just know that the grand coupe has snug rear seats and, unlike cars, that are born electric. The i 4 remains saddled with a transmission tunnel restricting semi comfortable seating to two. But the true benefit of the grand coupe is its hatch friendly cargo capacity expandable by split folding, the rear seats completely flat, also theres, no frunk, just a big plastic faux engine cover under the hood. On the tech front, this new eighth generation of idrive is laid out on a large curved display that connects the driver information center and the touch screen can also be controlled via the familiar rotary dial on the center console and improved voice commands now perhaps ill grow Accustomed to it, but my first impression is that its busy and the pages of small icons, similar to those on a tablet are difficult to sort through wireless phone.

Integration is more robust now by including your apps, with bmws without having to specifically select carplay or android. Auto theyre all on the same page mapping. Software is also neatly integrated. So if apple maps is the preferred navigation, software driving directions are shown in the head up display tire pressure. Monitoring is also advanced by providing deeper intel, such as tire manufacture, build date, temperature and vehicle specific rotation schedule. A plethora of camera views also includes a car wash setting to help line up the front wheels with the track system, but whats not found in idrive 8 is an am radio frequency, keeping with bmws tradition of excluding it from their electric cars purportedly because of an Issue with electronic interference, though other companies evs offer it this fully loaded. I4 m50 in mesmerizing frozen portemount blue matte appearance paint stickers for 83 970, a price that ensures this cars exclusivity, the kind that is destined for unicorn car spotting posts for topspeed.