I mean this is a BYD mask and you know they make a lot of masks. They actually have the worlds largest mask factory and according to them, they can make up to 5 million masks a day, which is just a crazy number right, but obviously they are more than just mask makers. They are a massive manufacturing company and, among the many things that they do make, they also make cars Cars like this, the brand new BYD ATTO 3. Did you know that you could be losing up to 5000 in value when you trade in your car Quotz uses its network of dealers to get you the best price possible? In fact, they are so confident in getting you the best price that if you sell your car for a higher price, they will give you 100 Dont just take our word for it. Look at the hundreds of raving reviews on their service To find out more visit. Quotz.Com.Sg First lets talk about design. This is what BYD calls its Dragon Face: 3.0 design language. I dont know what that means, because to me it looks nothing like a dragon or a face, but I must say its quite a modern. Looking car, We have the redesigned, BYD logo and you know its all a very sleek clean, look and, interestingly enough, this is actually a light strip combined with the LED headlights at night. It makes for quite a distinctive light signature Here we do have some patterning that I guess looks kind of like dragon scales, but if you continue on to the back again similar to the front, we have your tail lights that are connected via this light strip.

So you get that single, continuous light signature right Again like the front it does make for quite a distinctive light signature, especially at night. As far as boot space is concerned, we have an electric tailgate, and this opens up to a 440 litre boot and for its class. It is actually pretty sizeable. It will easily fit our big luggage. It wont pass the auntie trolley length test, unfortunately, but you could always knock down the rear seats to get more boot space. One thing to note: the boot lip is quite tall, so its one of those things where you kind of have to lift things up before you pull them out, and if you are the kind that wants to hangout and sit on the boot, you will have to Balance quite precariously because it is quite a long drop down Now lets – go check out the inside of the car, so the rear seats. As far as space is concerned, I do have a good amount of legroom and decent amount of headroom as well. I would say for a car in this class. I think it is relatively spacious. One thing I really like about this car are the seats They are super comfortable. The cushioning here is very soft and plush. That makes for a very comfortable riding experience right Now. If we slide on to the middle, because this is an EV, we have a completely flat floor, I can sit very comfortably in the middle seat as well.

This will very easily fit 3 people. As far as amenities are concerned, we have 1 USB A and 1 USB C ports. Then we have rear aircon vents as well, and we have ISOFIX points here as well as here Now lets go jump into the drivers seat Here in the drivers seat. First impressions. It is quite weird There are a lot of things going on right, so there is a whole bunch of concentric shapes here and complex lines and contours going on and according to BYD, there is a whole bunch of design inspirations right. So this is inspired by muscles. In you, this is inspired by dumbbells. This is inspired by other exercising things and if I am being honest, I am not exactly sure why anyone would choose those as design inspirations, especially inside a car right, and there is even more so we have these odd door handles that. You open like that. Instead of like that – and we have these guzheng inspired strings on the doors that actually makes notes. So if you are a musician, you can actually try to play a funny song on this, but yeah. Initially, it is quite overwhelming. There is a lot of design choices here that make you scratch your head a little bit, and to add on to that, we also have this So the screen rotates – and you know its quite cool right and I think initially, the first time you see.

Oh wow, the screen can rotate and I think there is that wow factor when you have passengers in the car – and you do this – Oh my god but Ill be honest. I am struggling to figure out what actual functional purpose that serves, because you still get the same functionality in the screen and to be fair. The functionality in the screen is pretty good right. This is pretty much like any smartphone or tablet, so you have a whole bunch of features. You can open it up such that you can see your different tabs. Then you can close it. You can adjust all of your settings here. You have Bluetooth all kinds of things. We even have this very useful360 view and you can even see underneath the car. So there is like a transparency mode or something like that. So there is a lot of functionality here, but its as per most modern infotainment systems. Right what does this add? Nothing? I guess You can adjust your aircon controls and stuff like that. It works very well. It looks quite nice. My only thing is I wished I had physical aircon controls, but its by far, not the worst all digital interface. I have used One thing that is kind of funny. A little bit comical is how small this dashboard is. The graphics are good. They are very clear, very obvious, very easy to read Its just very small compared to everything else going on in the cabin.

However, once you get over that initial weirdness and almost absurd nature of some of the design choices in this cabin, you come to realise that this is actually a quality space, so its well designed, I think its well built. We have plenty of functionality, so we have a sunroof wireless charging. All your controls are neatly packaged here, and it feels well built feels quite high quality and, more than anything, it feels very comfortable again, just like in the rear seats. I, like these front seats. They are very well cushioned and I must say I do like this oriental pattern on these seats. You kind of need to get over that initial … theres a lot of things happening, and then you realise that you know its just a solid car right. So now lets go drive this on the road and see how it performs. According to BYD, this ATTO 3 uses a single electric motor that produces 201 bhp and 310 Nm of torque Ill be honest. I am not sure where that performance is because I dont feel it under my right foot, Typically with any EV. If you put your foot down you get that instant torque, you can quickly accelerate. So now, if I put my foot flat to the floor Im going …, it takes a while to get up to speed and its quite strange again, typically with an EV. You expect that instant acceleration, but here you almost have a 2 phase acceleration where you get that initial pickup and then it starts to really pull and as a result, this car doesnt feel very quick.

Is that necessarily a bad thing, though? I am not convinced it is because this is, after all, a practical, runabout EV. There is no illusions about being a sporty car and I do like that. Its relaxed easy going and you dont feel obliged to drive this car quickly in any way Its quick enough for day to day use. You can overtake people reasonably easily, but you are not going to impress anyone with your outright speed Where you will impress. People, though, is with how comfortable this car is. This car is really … really comfortable With bumps on the road. This car just absolutely absorbs everything with ease. You dont really feel anything. It almost floats over bumps very nicely. I really like that about this car. Its just super comfortable, even on big humps on the road you can just you – can almost go over the humps without actually even braking Functionally thats. What this car is about, this car is about comfort, Its about that whole feeling of relaxation, and this is an easy drive, and this really accomplishes that. Additionally, you also have a whole bunch of assistance features. So we have Dynamic Cruise Control, so it can adjust the distance for you and we have the Lane Keeping Function as well for full speed range ACC, what they call it or ICC. I dont know. Obviously, the car can steer for you keep you in the middle that kind of thing, and that is useful for when you just dont, feel like doing too much of the driving One other thing as far as range goes for this car, it is actually quite impressive.

I am not down to ‘ of charge left or battery left and according to the car, I have 186km of range. So if you do the math, it comes up to about 470 something km on a full 100 charge. Thats, honestly, pretty good, because BYD claims that this car do 480 km. So if you are doing 470, something km its a very believable number – and this has a 60.5 kWh battery and thats a pretty sizeable battery for a car in this class. My only real complain, sort of gripe with this car is the regenerative braking. So here we have two modes, we have Standard and we have High and even at High. If I come off the throttle, it doesnt actually regenerative brake that much. This is a preference sort of thing. Some people really hate that feeling some people like it. Personally, I am the sort of person that I do like the one pedal drive feel, so I would like a higher level of regenerative braking so thats. The only thing that I would personally change about how this car drives Other than that. I do like how this car drives Its just comfortable, relaxing and gets me from place to place The new BYD ATTO 3. Is it a Will, Buy Wont, Buy or Go Try For me this is a Will Buy and thats, primarily just because of the price. So this car is priced at 178888 and if you look at the EV market right now, EVs like your Leaf, your Kona, your IONIQ.

They are asking for somewhere in the range of 160000 to 170000 and yes, its cheaper, but you do get significantly smaller batteries in those cars and in this car you do get quite a lot more car for your money. And if you talk about the next step up in the price bracket, you have things like your Polestar and your Tesla. You are easily looking at 220000 upwards, so thats, quite a big price jump to that next level. Right so for where its positions for what you are getting, I think you are getting a lot of value for your money. Actually, There is no real getting around the newness of the BYD brand or the strangeness and unfamiliarity of some of the design choices in this car With this interior, its quite eccentric right, but I think its one of those things where the more time you spend with It you kind of just get used to it, Eventually its one of those things where you dont think about it too much. This is a car that, yes, its wrapped in a quite quirky exterior outfit right, but underneath the EV bones of this car, I must say it feels well designed well built and well executed, and it should be right now. Byd is already the largest EV manufacturer in the world, While the brand may be new to people in Singapore. Byd is not new to EVs at all, and I think the ATTO 3 is awell designed well built EV.

That makes a lot of practical sense Priced as it is. I think it has every chance to make inroads to the Singapore market as well. Alright, so thats our review of the new BYD ATTO 3. Let us know what you think about this car in the comments section below Do also Like and Subscribe to this channel. I know 80 of you arent Subscribed, so please subscribe. We are also on TikTok, so follow us.