The new mitsubishi air trek reviving an old name plate used on the first generation outlander. The battery powered suv was developed by gac mitsubishi motors co, the japanese automakers vehicle production and sales joint venture in china. In terms of dimensions, the air trek measures, four thousand six hundred and thirty millimeters long, one thousand nine hundred and millimeters wide 1728 millimeters tall and the wheelbase spans 2830 millimeters. These figures, including those of the electric powertrain, are curiously similar to those of the anv plus, which is another ev from gac that was released in china earlier in september. It was always reported that the air trek is based on the a and model and, while gmc didnt mention anything of the sort in its release, the numbers do suggest this to be the case. Further evidence of this is the airtrex design, which is similar to the v plus save for the specific front and rear ends. The mitsubishi suv sports, the brands signature dynamic shield face, which is joined by a dual tier lighting setup, reminiscent of the mi tech concept. The daytime running lights are placed above the l shaped main headlamps. The largely closed off grille is typical of an ev, while the lower intake has a cut out for the cars sensors along the sides. Flush door handles are similar to those of the v plus, including the trailing tail light trim that ends at the rear door handles, albeit in body color. The tail lights themselves are unique to the air trek with the two piece t shaped clusters extending into the tailgate.

Meanwhile, the rear bumper mimics, what you see at the front, with horizontal slats running across the lower apron, with a break for the number plate recess. The interior of the air trek features a freestanding infotainment display with the available digital instrument, cluster capable of providing augmented reality for the built in navigation system, while the floating center console showcases a rotary gear shifter and a number of large storage compartments. Thanks to its generous two thousand eight hundred and thirty millimeters wheelbase, the air trek places a focus on rear space, with its dedicated electric vehicle platform and completely flat floor. Also helping in this department available equipment for the air trek include lead headlamps 19 or 20 inch. Alloy wheels dual zone climate system with a pm: 2.5 air filter powered front seats with heating ventilation and memory function up to eight speakers, a 360 degree camera adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning lane, keep assist front collision warning with aeb a blind spot monitor cruise and Traffic jam assist as well as a powered lift gate under the hood mitsubishi air trek equipped with a front mounted motor rated at 224 ps and 350 newton meters of torque. The e motor draws power from a 70 kilowatt hours, 350 volt ternary lithium battery. That provides a range of 520 kilometers based on the cltc cycle. Charging details are limited, but according to gmmc, the air trek takes 43 minutes to get from a 30 to 80 state of charge with dc charging.

The product page also lists ac charging of up to 6.