It is definitely got a lot of external design, cues um yeah, absolutely its um. Its great the mazdas got a fully electric car now on the market. Yeah its its what master calls a suv, coupe um and its got hints of the old mazda rx 8. Do you remember the suicide doors yeah? This got the same suicide doors now that youve had a driver over the last couple of days. Give us your impressions. What do you think so? Firstly, yes, all those styling cues externally, you know youve got different color paint different parts of the of the car, so different colored roof to the body so that dual tone really sets it sets it off. It doesnt have all the design cues on the outside of a lot of electric cars that definitely look like an electric car. Youve still got the grill at the front um. You know it looked a bit more like a normal car to me from the outside. All right, yep, yep but um definitely quite classy, definitely mazdas trying to continue to elevate their cars um as a premium product, and it comes through as soon as you see. This car, in my mind, make driving impressions um its a front wheel, drive car like its the the electric motor, is actually positioned over the front axle, so yeah front wheel, drive um, it makes 107 kilowatts and 271 newton meters, but the kerb weights. Actually, i reckon relatively light for an ev, its only 14 42 kilos, its its smooth isnt it the way it drives um.

The power delivery is good. It makes good use of the available torque. Do you agree, absolutely um and so youre right? I think its quite a light car right and even when you open the bonnet theres not much under there, so you can probably actually fit a little kid in there. Yes, you could an extra passenger, it might not be too comfortable, but so i think theyve definitely gone with the philosophy of building a light electric car, yep and um, and it pays off because it is actually quite a nice car to drive steerings, really direct power. Delivery is nothing amazing, its not going to take your breath away, but its very smooth youve got this ability to change the region when youre driving. So you get some of that electric automated braking. You know in the regen, so theres a lot less. You have to use the brake pedal, so you get this quite very smooth ride, particularly in this car yeah. It is running 18 inch wheels. So like theyre, not not outlandish, like you know, big big wheels, yes um. I found it like its its pretty firm but, like you say it is, it is comfortable in the city and but when you hit potholes in that it can be a bit um jarring. But that was the only thing i saw theres a bit of jarring, especially in all of our potholes. We have around at the moment. Yes around town parking.

I i kind of found that um its its a its a relatively small car um. It does sit high like an suv but um the big pillars like when you look over your shoulder, its its pretty um claustrophobic, in the way that you know, if you want to park it or something like that, isnt it its lucky. It actually has lots of cameras in the 360 degree it does so youve got a lot of the safety assistance to help you park the car um, but definitely yes, um vision out the back is, is fairly small. Vision on the side is impaired by the pillars: um vision out. The front, though, is excellent, so um and you do sit up quite high, like an suv. So a lot of people like that and this does it well yeah, now mate its its got. The um mx sort of name about it, this card mx30. So do you think it it sort of? Has that sort of mx sporty trait, like mx5, i think, does it deserve that mx title when i think of the mx name, the icons of the motoring world um, so i think, being an suv. It doesnt quite live up to that. But you know there are a lot of those styling cues, so suicide doors and and that coupe look at the back its definitely different to what else is on the market. Okay in terms of practicality, family friendliness, um, look, i probably have to say its its not designed to be a family car, so well put that out there straight away.

So you know so its not pretending to be a family car thats right um. The battery range in this car is only 200 kilometers um, but i think, conversely, to that one advantage of that is that it is a bit quicker to charge. I think um. You know it takes about three hours to get it from 20 to 80 percent, on a public charger um and about only nine hours when you plug it into your home 240 volt connector um. So this car is probably best as a city, car or a second car. Would you agree correct, i think i mean people have to be aware that thats thats a smaller range than a lot of other competition. But if thats going to satisfy your day to day usage of this car, jumping to work back the shops and back – and you remember, to put it on overnight, its actually quite a sweet spot for a battery in the fact that it sort of does that overnight. Charge just on a 240 volt, so even if youre not at home – and you do have a faster charger at home, but youre away for the night, you can plug it into a normal 240 volt and get it back to 100. But you are going to be limited by that 200 kilometers, okay, um! You touched on this before its a very stylish car isnt it its got its got hints of rx8, with the doors and and um.

You know like its its its a cool looking car. Yes, um the the market that nazdas sort of fitting this car in its its sort of like a premium electric vehicle, a stylish premium. I reckon the the biggest competitor one of these might be a mini electric or something like that yeah, because its also got all those great styling, cues yeah, absolutely classy a bit different, a bit individualistic as well. So if someones looking for something thats going to stand out and be a bit different yeah, i agree, i think, thats the logical competitor, the interior design too mate, like theyve, really gone to town on using interesting materials. I thought i mean look theres cork in the car and quite a lot of it too yeah and all these sort of trays around here um. I actually really like it its easy to put my mobile phone on its certainly um, its different yeah, yeah yeah, and also too, like the the um, the felt on the side theres made out of recycled um fabrics and this leather here uh on the side, the Brown, leather, its its artificial leather, so theyre being environmentally friendly, not killing cows and stuff like that to do it so its got a real premium but unique feel to it yeah its a real differentiator, but i just wanted to throw this one at you like. Do you think is: is it design over practicality in some ways like um, like getting into the back youve, got the suicide doors theyre very stylish yeah? Yes, how did you feel about getting into the back of this thing? I im not a big fan of those suicide doors.

To be honest, i mean they, they do look great um, but i think uh getting in the back was very difficult, so i dont think youd want to put an adult in the back of this car for very long at all and even some sort of significant Size children would really struggle to do many hours in the back, yeah its its probably better off for, like um, really like, i guess, babies, baby seats and things baby seats that would work okay, yep, so you probably got a few years when the kids are really Young that it would work yeah, um but yeah. I think predominantly that theyre short trip use so people that dont have four people in the car that often yeah this car would suit that more yep yeah the rear does feel a little bit claustrophobic due to those large pillars of the sloping back there doesnt it Very little window space to look out yes exactly and the other thing i suppose, is that um getting out on the passenger side, um or or on the drivers side. I suppose you cant get out without the front doors being open. Can you thats right so yeah with those with those um smaller doors at the back? You need to make sure if youre on the drivers side, the driver needs to undo their seat belt because its connected to that door to let them out the back and its quite a small space to get out and then yeah on the passenger side.

Theres. No electric um controls on that seat, so theres a manual operation yeah, and you need to move the seat forward, reach forward, undo the passenger side full door and then do the smaller door after that, so its a lot of stretching to get out um if theres, Not someone in that passenger side seat yeah. It seems a little bit like an oversight not to put that electric operation on on this side. Isnt it i dont, know yeah. I thought so i was surprised yeah exactly would make it a lot easier to get in and out the boot space in this car. I thought its its acceptable, like its its not too bad and – and i guess again its not meant to be a family car and itd – probably take enough shopping luggage and that for two people so yeah. Absolutely. I think if you went away with it on the weekend, you wouldnt be able go too far, but um 200k. You can, you can put the seats down and everything like you know and then youd have quite a large bit of boot space. So if youre picking something up, thats bigger than normal um theres, a fair bit of boot space back there yep all right value for money. Now the mx30 electric comes in one trim level, which is a steener level thats the top of the range model. It has a list price of about 65 490. It also this particular one comes with that three tone paintwork on it, which is like black on the roof silver on the sides, and then the body color thats, an extra 1490 um.

Now we live in new south wales um the government in new south wales um does give electric vehicle rebates, ev rebates. I think its three thousand dollars for the first twenty five thousand electric vehicles um sold, but its for vehicles worth up to sixty eight thousand. Seven hundred and fifty dollars and that level it has to include all on road costs like dealer, delivery charges uh, but it excludes regio and stamp duty now this car might be applicable for that, but it depends on vehicle options. I suppose um so youre, better off. Checking with your mazda dealer to see if its going to apply for that, but it is exempt from stamp duty in new south wales. The registration stamp duty because all evs under 78 000 um yeah are um uh applicable for that so thats thats, a good saving. Yeah now because its the top of the range of steamer model, it comes with a lot of um. You know good level of standard equipment very much so yes, um comes with the 18 inch wheels. As we mentioned, the sunroof as well youve got the 10 way. Electric uh drivers seat with two memory. So did you find the seats comfortable? Are they yeah very comfortable? Yes, absolutely: okay, um brilliant heated steering wheel, heated seats, which weve got on today. Of course, its actually only about seven degrees, so thats about three. When we started yeah thats good um, its got an 8.

8 inch infotainment system, but its not touch screen, so you have to go through the um. The knob here to um actually change things yeah. I did find, though this this works really well. Okay, the knob i didnt find that was an issue at all. Um and – and you know, the the whole heating area down here. Controlling the rest of stuff in the car worked for me was very intuitive right. Jumped in was able to use it and understand it. Really well so um and its got both the manual and sort of the screen driven touch screen driven elements, and i found that really good thats touch screen, but that isnt touch screen yep, but if they made that touch screen, itd be perfect, wouldnt it yeah. Okay, just a thought: i thought it was okay yep anyway, you can get android, auto um apple carplay in the car as well. Its got a 12 speaker bose sound system which i found during the week. Yeah thats pretty good. I was very impressed by that. Actually, yes, i agree yep and it comes in sort of one trim color, which is the the brown with the the black. So they call it. Uh vintage brown mastex, which i guess is artificial cow with black cloth seats, so yep in terms of safety, its pretty much got the the you know the the standard level of what youd expect of a a car like this yep. It does really.

It works. Yeah. Absolutely its working very well its not over the top. It just does what it needs to do its good, very impressed. Now my running costs um, it comes with a five year. Unlimited k, warranty the battery in the car is an eight year. 160 000k warranty on it. So its got that um servicing requirements for the mx 30. It needs a service every year or every 15 000 case and the cap price servicing. On the mazda website. I had a look um first year is 153 dollars. Um. The second year is 422, then back down to a 153 then up to a 422 again and then back down to 153. So it comes out around about 1300 for the five years. If you wanted to keep it, the warranty yes, okay, x, factor, um now its something that uh we always try and look at in terms of you know. Is this the kind of car that youre going to look back when you park it or you know, check your reflection out when youre when youre driving past somewhere or anything like that? What do you think? I think this definitely has x factor? Yes, yeah. I love the the two tone paint the ex some of the external design cues its definitely, you know a good looking car and thats the outside. Then you get on the inside and again its got a real classy feel to it. It really has x factor inside its got this cork, its got different materials and weve seen you know regularly um.

So i think this is a car that, if you want to differentiate yourself from just your standard sort of fit fit out this, this car has it. In spades yeah, i think youre right because, like it, doesnt come across as a full on futuristic ev. Does it its still very much like a car but its stylish, so thats thats a good thing. Yes, i think so its thumbs up for me. Okay, just want to put out a big thank you to our friends at mazda, australia for the loan of the uh mx30 um, its its mazdas first ev. Oh, absolutely, justin. I think i feel very privileged that were at this early adoption of fully electric cars and to have and to be driving a fully electric car one thats designed to be you know, electric were seeing some of that stuff start to come together in different ways for Different manufacturers and i think, theyre feeling their way and its exciting to see you know what manufacturer a is doing compared to manufacturer b, and this one were seeing something that doesnt have huge range or any particularly put put back in your seat sort of power. But you know a really nice car that drives really well with really great design. Cues is a really good proposition. I think for mazda, so its exciting and itll be great to see what evolution 2 looks like and the next few years, its just going to change.

So much i think, yeah i agree with you. I do agree: okay, um thanks very much everybody for um the continued likes and subscriptions, and everything like that and um yeah plenty more to come.