My name is richard simons, and this video is going to be about the honda e, what a fantastic little quirky retro car. This is ive not even been in one or driven one before so. My first time in a honda e and big. Thank you to horizon honda in christchurch for the loan of this car for 24 hours. So, im not going to run this around town for half an hour an hour, its primarily a city car, but im going to take this on a day out with me and see what this car is like, covering probably about 300 miles a day as we take It as part of our daily course of work delivering a tesla over there then well be collecting another one. So im going to be going up to near cambridge with this car coming about 300 miles, and this is due to be the hottest day of the year. So far, weve predicted temperatures up to 40 degrees celsius. So will the honda e keep its cool youre not going to miss this one in the car park? Are you look at it, but brilliant little retro looks led headlights around this is the charge pool up here. So hows that gon na work in practice, a couple of cameras down here, whats this for against – i dont know i dont, know well find out. Weve got digital wing mirrors. What are they going to be like to use ive had these in an audi etron, the fatty, tron and uh you get used to them, but they do take a bit of getting used to uh weve got keyless.

Entry looks like you can probably use your phone to access there as well. This is a five door. Car look a little hidden key little handle there look, i think its a really cool little thing, and this will be my first time getting inside it and driving it. So lets see how we get on it. Just bit me there. We go okay right! Well, lets get straight on with things theres a weve got a busy day here right. This is my first time in it so im going to test putting in my nav destination and see what thats like. Firstly, lets get some climate control going on its already. A warm day like at 25 degrees celsius, ive got 87 of the battery thats, given an indicator range of 111 miles. Okay right well lets see if we can reset a trip, so we can get efficiency test trip. Computer trip a reset manually reset. Okay, so i think thats done okay, so lets find navigation. Weve got one two three four five screens in here, its a completely different layout to anything else. Obviously, digital wing mirrors, which, like i say i did get used to before in the audi, but they do usually take a bit of getting used to okay, so im gon na put in my destination now so the first stop here is gon na be high wycombe And were simply delivering that tesla, like i say we were doing this in the course of our daily work anyway, so we can get a real life test of these cars as a navigation in 67 miles.

So we should have enough range to go straight. There thats good got it right. Trips are reset, i think we are go. Uh seat mirrors yeah, it was okay, actually, uh lets see a little bit. Okay, i mean its nice, its a dinky little car, but it feels pretty open and spacious. Thats, pretty good got some buttons here to select drive, ive got drive mode sport, normal okay, lets just go normal. Okay were gon na go okay again, so i think im good. The turning circle is amazing, so it wasnt long ago it was a couple weeks ago. I was driving the uh roundabout. Take the first exit, then couple weeks i was driving mini electric and i really like the main electric, what a great little car again a bit. I think a bit like this. You know theyre not 16 miles theyre, not going for massive heavy batteries, theyre expensive theyre just going for a range which really does what you need for the normal daily commute and city driving. But you know sometimes you want to take these cars out of town. Do a longer journey so lets test what a car like this is like by doing that with us today. Oh here we go, these are the wing mirrors yeah, okay, im going to check anyway? Yes, you should yeah, so in the mirror. It gives you a little kind of orange lines to sort of indicate where youre going to be.

I think the audi e tron did that as well. There we go its just a digital rearview mirror as well. It looks like a normal mirror, quite good visibility in the mirror, its actually a large mirror and like it really does cover the whole the rear window. So i can see out the back really well, actually thats nice and from here the digital mirrors. Look: okay, the main thing about digital mirrors, its often a bit difficult to just gauge the perception of distance, because you cant even sort of go like that says: 2d, not 3d, so its harder to gauge that so were in traffic. I will get this up to 70 when i can, but um yeah, i like it. This is cool that should be good. Fun lets see what its like they come. Pretty well specified the honda e um. I grabbed all the details. Later weve literally got the car and jumped in it so im a bit in the way of what we got, but i think its basically the honda e advance, and so you get spec as standard theyre, not cheap cars. These, i think, theyre about 36 000 pounds. Uh new, but you do get a good specification to them. Um weve obviously certainly got climate control, air conditioning but seems to be doing the job just nicely right now, its already 26 degrees celsius and its not even 9 oclock in the morning. Yet this is an unheard of heat wave for us in england, and indeed the rest of europe is also really getting this heat wave at the moment.

So this is due to be the hottest day of the year and probably one of the hottest days on record uh in the uk the hottest day on record, i think its just over 38 degrees celsius and its predicted some places could get to 40 degrees celsius. Today, so a little bit, people in some places are laughing at those temperatures, but um yeah. For us this is uh pretty extreme. Hence the shorts and flip flops between here and high wickham is going to be a mixture of dual carriageway motorway, some a roads and then a little bit of city driving at the end, so well get a real mixed bag for efficiency. You can remember that kind of higher speeds are the least efficient place for an electric car. So actually this will probably be more of a worst case. Scenario for efficiency got more wind resistance when youre driving around town and just on top of 30 40 50 miles an hour a roads. You tend to get pretty good efficiency from electric cars, so uh, but this would be a good test in the real world. So lets see what we get the traffic lights are red next to me is ginseng the model three on green yeah, not yellow on green, and it is dual carriageway. I oh off the brake and it creeps it. Didnt hold ill, have to ask my accountant about that uh model, three quicker and joel. We reckon naught to 30.

. This is pretty similar to the model 3.. Its a standard range that one um i dont know the motherfuckers quicker but yeah its quite nippy, listening its, not bad its, not bad. Okay, so ive covered a real mixture of roads. Now, motorway country lane stuck in some traffic and uh ill, give you some of my initial impressions. I think ill do like this video. I think i want to focus on kind of range, doing a longer journey in the honda e. What efficiency we get from it and that sort of thing – and i think well, then, do a bit of a round up and overall review as a separate second video, so its easy to appeal to distinguished finder, too um but ill. Give you some of my first impressions now after spending a bit over an hour on this card. One is the air conditioning works, lovely thats great, it is a great spec. I mean it feels nice, it feels really good quality and i keep noticing nice little things. So its got heating elements and the windscreen here its got a proper heated windscreen. Its got a heated steering wheel. Its got heated seats also dont want any of that on today. Uh the mirror cameras are pretty good, actually theyre better than the audi e tron uh. That i had them on before they actually work really nicely the whole screen. I mean its this weird long wide screen, but you can customize this.

I think if you spend a bit of time, you know you can customize this having different things in different windows. Its pretty good lets see here, i was about to join the motorways. Naught of 30 is pretty good and it drops off a little bit, but it picks up pretty well. The handling is uh. Okay, it just gets a limit pretty quickly um. He was pushing me out then a little bit you get to the limit, though so its its nice and direct up to a point and then, when you kind of get near a limit, it kind of falls away. Um, but youre never going to push that hard. In the color – yes, i dont think um, the mini electric kind of has got that sharp extra handling that would carry on kind of handling hard and a bit of fun, but what this does have because of that is softer suspension and the ride on this. I think is just remarkably good it isnt, because its a small i keep forgetting how small this thing is from inside it, and small cars tend to be a little bit choppy and a bit bumpy. You kind of understand that, but this is really refined and very smooth and its very comfortable to be in, like i it like. I said i keep forgetting just how small this car is so its more comfortable than the mini. I would say its well refined and well sound insulated as well, so i think on the motorway, its actually a little bit quieter than the mini as well.

You dont really hear any wind noise. You get a little bit of road raw the same as the mini, but i think its a bit quieter than that. So its a nice package with great spec, very refined, very smooth riding, and i really like it. I really do its a great quirky little thing and it is a bit different which car do me prefer this or the mini electric. Oh ill speak to gins about that. Just now and uh ill give you some opinion on that, maybe a bit later on when we spend a bit more time in this, i do feel like the mini would be a little bit more efficient, actually so im averaging four miles per kilowatt hour im. Not you know its ideal to run them side by side, but i think the mini would be a bit more efficient were not trying for efficiency like this is just driving. I want this to be kind of a real world life of a car youve got places to get so were driving as quick as we can drive basically and were in the limits. So four muscular is okay, but when we get to stop one lets see what the teslas averaged. Okay, so ive just stopped for a charge there and ive only got 11 left were just at the first stop off point anyway. So let me just catch again so lets just pull up to me: yeah goods, goods against all right howd.

You turn off the parking sensors. This is beeping lets go to park there. Should there we go okay again so theres somebody with a chainsaw leaf blower there, but hopefully you can hear so. Ive got 11 battery and i averaged actually only 3.9 miles per kilowatt. I know we werent trying for efficiency, but what did you average see? 117 thats. Nearly five miles per kilowatt hour they on so the tesla model 3 standard range is more efficient than this. I do feel like the mini might be slightly more efficient, but we certainly wont try and just feel like on the motorway. Maybe this isnt the sleekest car for aerodynamics, so it does feel like it suffers a little bit there, but my 3.9 is full miles per kilowatt hour. Most of the way, the tesla model 3 standard range, average 4.6 miles per kilowatt hour, so thats somehow again tesla. I mean thats thats, a bigger car, its heavier, but its more aerodynamic. I think this is just a bit of a a brick, but it i see its smooth isnt it on the motorway. Its comfortable were refined, its good eh yeah. I, like it right lets, get some charge so lets say its always rosy with charging speeds and locations, but that first uh bp pulse wasnt, actually working. So i come to another one around the corner here: uh actually at a harvester restaurant in high wycombe and this ones fine, no problem at all its exceptionally hot today, so apparently everyones overheating its right in the sun.

Honda claimed 80 in 30 minutes well, ive gone from six percent to 82, its taken 48 minutes so far. So its not, it was charging quick initially, but then its certainly slowed down, and i think its just down to the the heat here today – yeah its the car charging away here sort of the units in the shade. But it is nearly 40 degrees celsius here now, its very hot, so uh. I need to get up to kind of at least 90 percent to continue on. We are eating lunch at the moment, so well finish, eating our food and then well head on back and get plugged in thats right unplug and go just build water down me right were just at the furthest were going to be now so were sort of east Of stevenage and im just trying to see how far it is to get home but uh 140 odd miles under 445 miles, so theres 36 percent of the battery now so yeah another charge on the way back so right, im going to buy this model 3 thats Over here and uh again say its gon na get a charge, eh and then well meet up in a bit and then carry on the journey cool right lets. Do it its ‘ degrees celsius, its horrible. It is hot if we just set a new record. Apparently, uh of over ‘ degrees celsius, officially uh so well, over 100 degrees, fahrenheit thats, unheard of in the uk, new record and thats all down to climate change and thats, because people are still walking to car dealers today and buying combustion cars new, which it just Shouldnt be doing anymore, so silly isnt it – and this is the result so dont manage too hot.

Okay were so with southbound again now and just got down to south mim services, so theres, some tesla chives over there theres a couple of grids serving and theres a whole load of new apple applegate. I think its like welcome break services zone at five miles of range left, but its pretty quite quick at the moment straight back up to seven percent within about a minute uh. But what i think we found earlier was the charges overheating. So hopefully we dont get an issue like that this here now, because uh were now quarter three in the afternoon were going to be back at five, its a bit tiring again so well see how long were here for charging okay. This is me now leave in south mim services uh. We did half an hour on the charger there that took it back up to 75 percent and then the charge rate was just slowing. I think, even if i stayed longer like a hundred percent, we its 115 miles back im, not sure well, do it in one go anyway, so im just going to drive for a little bit and then do another little quick top up. There was an engineer on site there, um at uh, south memphis. He was saying that the the charges are slowing because of the sheer heat today, so theyve not seen it before, but just because of the exceptional temperatures it has slowed some of the charges down.

So theres other people waiting to charge there ive got enough to carry on for now so ill do exactly that: Music. Okay, so that was another 30 minute top up at uh farnborough uh one button there you go drive okay, so theres another 30 minute top up. Just to make sure were plenty to get back with enough for tomorrow morning, as well, actually um, so its charging speed there. That was the first time we could see a charging speed because i couldnt see it on the car anywhere when youre charging it doesnt seem to display, unless im missing something what trying to speed youre getting. But on the instagram, where i could see what i was getting uh so initially i was put in 48 kilowatts theyre over 29 uh, nice and warm of course today. So that was good. But then, when i came back to the car and checked it again, ive gone down to about 20 kilo charging speed by 17, so it does obviously slow down as it gets more full like most cars and that last bit just takes a bit longer. So yeah lots of long journeys, this isnt the ideal car, which is a shame because it is fine comfortable for a long journey. Thats, not a problem at all, but at efficiency. Im just struggling a little bit, ive got 3.9 miles per kilowatt hour as the average, and i think we would see more than that with something like the mini and something like the hyundai ioniq would just charge faster so and also be more efficient for the same Kind of usable battery capacity and uh weve been seeing that the tesla model 3 is actually getting better efficiency.

So real world range of this car on the motorway is really no more than 100 miles. You could probably drive efficiently and travel on a road to commute and get over 100 miles, but youve got to allow yourself really about one mile per percent of the battery, so its not easy to work out. You know what youve got for real world range there. So um other than that its been a very nice car to spend a bit of time in today. Okay, everybody back at home now, so that was 298.7 miles covered so 300 miles. Basically, in a honda e, predominantly a city car commuter car uh, i averaged 3.9 miles per kilowatt hour, which i was a tad disappointed in. But then the air conditioner has been going like the absolute clappers all day and we have been running at motorway speeds. We havent basically weve not been trying for efficiency at all so um. You know its probably about worst case scenario on that, so its real world range its going to say about 100 miles. Basically, youd have to be trying to get more than that. If you really push on, you could easily be ending up doing less than that and its charging speed, wasnt brilliant um, its quite quick, initially so to add, like from five percent to 50, its pretty quick uh. But then it does tail down a little bit there. So you know, if youre doing lots of long journeys, its probably not the ideal car, of course its not really intended like that.

The car can do it great, like its a superb comfortable car, even on the motorway speed, its so refined, the rides brilliant. These wing mirror cameras have been absolutely great by the way and the cruise control lane assists lane keeping radar, crews thats all been great air conditioning good and all the infotainment system actually has been pretty good once you get used to it and find your way around. These screens, its been all good so as a car and if you buy it with the right intention. I think the honda e is a brilliant little package and it certainly gets my thumbs up. I really like it, but just dont buy if youre going to be doing lots of long journeys, but i dont think youd be buying such a small car anyway to be in it, doesnt feel as small as it is. So its a wonderful little package, lovely and quirky – some lovely design, touches really well built and a pleasure to drive. So the honda e gets my thumbs up even with a 300 mile day, so thats it for me. Thank you for watching. I hope its been useful.