I finally got it. The new hummer ev first edition were gon na. Do a full review on this one and show you guys the interior quality for those of you who are new to the channel. What i basically do is i hop inside of mostly luxury cars or expensive cars or even interesting cars. I review the interior fit and finish and materials. I poke around everything to see if it squeaks or rattles or has any kind of quality issues. It also reveal what kind of materials you get if its soft, if its hard, if its nice, if its crappy people, are curious about this sort of stuff, especially if youre paying big money for a car like this one right here, we own for more than msrp. This is going for 240 right now, 240., you can buy a lamborghini huracan or you can buy one of these i like to show people what you, what do you get for the money when you buy a luxury car, so lets take a look at this and See what we do were going to start off in the back seat there we go Applause, ill, move, some stuff out of the way here, pretty cool, pretty cool lets see what we got so uh, mostly pretty good back here. Lets see how the front does Applause. This things got supercruise. I did actually end up driving one of these around the block. It might have been this exact car.

Actually, its got some power, its not really that fast, but it gets up and goes pretty good. If you know what i mean its not fast, but its not really uh slow either, but this thing does weigh 9 000 pounds, which is insane lets see how that interior does so. Oh can you not jesus christ, ruining my damn video here nah but pharrell? Hopefully, that persons okay, so all right next – is the button test im going to press every button and pull every lever in the car reason. I do. That is some people care about the tactileness, if thats even a word of said buttons or levers. What do they sound like? What do they feel like when you press them a lot of car reviews and car journalists? Dont necessarily talk about that kind of stuff in depth, so im figuring? Why dont? I try talking about it, so i will be quiet now and you guys listen to what i do. This could double as an asmr kind of thing as well, but lets go so so, oh and now for the final button. To be honest, i wish i picked a more private and more quiet spot, but i have to do this review kind of discreetly here and i cant really move this from where its at so wish. I can give you a little bit better production quality here, but this is gon na have to make do for right now, anyway, how did this thing do fit and finish wise? This was mostly pretty good.

There were a couple, little tiny things that bothered me like. I dont know if you can see this super well, the lighting is really bad honestly, its almost sunset, but this this little piece up here is see what i mean a little bit too loose and there was a bit of squeaking right here. Otherwise, this thing was actually pretty decent for uh build quality, one one of the better ones out there so fit and finish wise. I would give this an eight out of ten which for uh gmc, i think its pretty good as far as the materials go. Now. This could get a little bit controversial for the people who do know this channel and even for those who are not familiar so the material score. Basically, if a car has like leather wood, metal buttons, even stuff, like that high quality materials, those cars usually get a higher score and thats relevant towards again a lot of the cars i do. They are luxury cars. This is a luxury car, but this is a more rugged focused car, like a land rover defender, for example, that car doesnt have the best materials. A lot of stuff in the interior is plastic, but its supposed to be that way because its an off road themed vehicle – and this is kind of the same deal i mean the only leather that i can really feel on here – is in the steering wheel. The steering wheel has pretty decent leather, otherwise i think this is like a leatherette on the seat, and then this is uh.

Basically a plastic. This is plastic everything the dash the center console, the bezels on the screen, the door material. This is all different kind of versions of plastic. It doesnt feel that bad though, except for a couple areas like down here, this is hard plastic. This one, though, has a smooth surface but hard plastic, hard plastic in these lower parts which okay, i guess for something like this – is acceptable. These have some sort of a transparent roof here, so i cant rate the headliner. Although the sun visor is cloth so thats good, i usually dont like cars, especially luxury cars, that have plastic sun visor, but cars with alcantara or leather for the sun. Visor, do pretty good you guys kind of see where im going with this its a luxury car, but the materials arent luxury, because thats, not this cars main focus. So the material score that im going to give this, even though its going to be a bit low again, this is still relevant compared to the other luxury cars. I do im not knocking this in any way. So please do not misunderstand me that uh these materials i have to give. I have to give a three out of ten again, not a bad thing, because thats not the main focus of this car, its not supposed to have tons of leather and wood and stuff. Like that and then about the buttons, i do like the surface of some of these center console buttons, they are kind of neat steering wheel.

Buttons are kind of nothing special. The buttons on the door here are literally from every other gm product, thats current, nothing special. There, but maybe it doesnt have to be. I do like the fact that the gear lever is gigantic. I actually have pretty decent sized hands and uh yeah theres a big gear lever, just like the uh hummers from the 2000s, like the h2 h3, had big gear levers. So i kind of like that little attention to detail so heres. The final score guys 8 out of 10 for fit and finish 3 out of 10 for materials.