As you all know, these days, evs electric vehicles really are the big range in the market and they really are the future and you can talk about cars. Bikes scooters, even trucks and buses. Everything is going to be very soon and weve already showcased the pure e range of scooters, as well as bikes to you on this channel. If you havent seen it before ill put the link in the box below. But of course, today, im on the e trust uh 350, and this is a bike which weve already shown you before weve. Given you a walk around video review weve. Also, given you a review of this bike, but today i thought why not answer a lot of your queries on instagram and talk about the real world range of this bike? Yes, the official claim figure in economy mode is 140 kilometers, so i thought lets check it out in all its modes in sport mode city mode, as well as economic mode and check out and tell you. Its real range now were not going to test it right till the battery dies, because that will not be practical at all, but we will test it till 50 of its battery comes down and then calculate if it actually does go and deliver all the way up To its claim, now, of course before starting, let me tell you that this bike has three different modes: you can choose one two and three uh drive mode, the cross, hover mode and the thrill mode and, as the name suggests in drive mode at the top speed Goes up to about 60 kph, but the range is the best uh its about 140 kilometers in that in the crossover mode.

The top speed goes to about 75 kph, but the range of course falls down to about 120 and in the thrill mode. The top speed and the performance and the torque and power output is at its best, so top speed goes to 85 kph, but of course, the range comes down to about 100 kilometers on a single full charge. These modes are really good and they actually do work when you use it on drive mode. You will instantly realize that the drivetrain is saving up the battery pack and is not using as much as energy as it can. The crossover mode really is a mix of economy as well as power and really the best mode to use in the city. And of course the thrillboard is the one to use. If you really want great performance – and you want to get home quickly because you get the best in terms of power output from that mode – Music, now, Music, Music! Well, so before being this video, let me just tell you about the location that we took. We started off this bike. We took it from the pure ev showroom right next to lakshmi nagar and from there we went to mayor. We are first uh to pick up some equipment and from there we took on to the talaqua road, and then we came to vassan kuni right now in wasankung, so thats, the overall road that we do before. All of you ask me, and the temperature in the ambient temperatures around 38 degrees, 31 32, depending on which place in delhi youre in so we got a mix of traffic.

Weve got a mix of no traffic. Some places are completely empty. Some stretcher, which youll see now and of course, we didnt drive it completely on the highway. So, whatever range we get its a range which you can truly believe. Weve ridden this bike in real world conditions and not in test condition, and this is the kind of mileage or range rather that even you should expect lets get started now. Finally, with the video now, the other good point about this bike is, of course, the fact that its an eevee, which means that both power and torque are instantly available. Unlike a traditional petrol part bike, where you have to wait for the rest to rise about 15 or 6000 rpm, and then you get the power this one, it gives you instant power delivery right from the word go, and this is great for driving in the city Or riding in the city, because you really do maneuver the bike through a lot of choco block traffic, stop and go traffic signals lots of slow moving vehicles and thats. Why you really appreciate the instant power delivery of the ev and in that department the trist e350? Really does excel where it also excels, is in its light controls. Having light controls means that driving this bike in the city or riding in the city is not really a laborious affair. You wont be tired at the end of a long day, and you can easily maneuver it around those claustrophobic trucks and buses which really are moving very slowly in the city.

The other good point, as we already mentioned in our full ride review, is of course, the fact that the uh suspension setup on this bike is excellent, its a very comfortable suspension setup and that, along with the light, controls, means that this bike is ideal for riding. In the city and, of course, uh, all these things make it a very good product, especially at the prices that pure ev is offering this bike at anyways now uh, as you would have seen, weve driven this bike from a little bit of city traffic when we Started off from the lakshmi never show room of pure ev and then of course, weve got some open roads. Once we crossed mayur vr and got onto the tnd flyway and then again we got a little bit of traffic when we entered uh or reached south delhi and were coming closer to our final destination of wasan kung. So, essentially, what im trying to say is that weve gone through all sorts of traffic. This is a test weve done in real world conditions, its not a test. Weve done just to enhance the fuel efficiency of this bike and not a test weve done. So this is not a test weve done to enhance the range of the bike, its a test done in real world conditions, as you can see from the footage weve got stuck in traffic. Weve got open roads and weve again got stuck in traffic, so really its a test that you will and you can rely upon and when we stop the bike.

Well, show you the figures that we achieved. Finally, on this bike – and you will truly be impressed with what we achieved Music – this is Music, as you can see, weve covered over 60 odd kilometers and the range which is showing us is still almost 50 percent of battery, which only shows you that, if you Use 100 of the battery, it will actually go 100 kilometers, which is the claim figure for the best mode in terms of performance, the sport mode, and in this board you get the best in terms of performance power as well as top speed and even then uh. Its very accurate and very close to the claim figure. So what this goes to show you is that pure ev isnt lying theyre, not you know just marketing it what they say: theyre actually managing to achieve and uh. This is one bike you can buy on trust. Its name is e trust and you can also buy it on trust, because the claim figure is very close to what you know.