We have done the video. We are still thinking whether to go for that car or not, because the petrol prices in india is soaring really high, and today i have my younger son reynolds with me. Once again, a car lover say: hi, hello, okay, so we are still thinking whether to go for a petrol car and then suddenly, this idea came into our mind. What about an eevee and right today we gon na have uh evie. What about tesla tesla tesla is too expensive, guys not everybody can afford it. Come on im, sad hes, sad presenting you guys, the awesome car which will not compromise on any aspect. Look safety and whatnot its a desi bond made in india for india for indian roads, presenting you all new evie, tata, nexon, Music, Music. So guys first thing: first comes the look. The exterior lets go and have a close look at the exterior of the car. Come along Music Applause, so Music, so Music, i dont, have a ribbon to inaugurate to you know, show you guys. It is right in front of you big, broad and awesome tata, nexon eevee. They have an eevee badge right in the front. Blue color ill. Tell you one thing you can see: this is alive and its also like its perfectly is also perfectly perfectly shaped. Rainan says its perfectly shaped from all the sides. Of course, it is so guys in india. Nexon is running on our indian roads for since 2017.

So its not a new car, as of you know, thinking about the brand and the name of the car. So what makes a difference? What makes the difference between a normal nexon and an ev ill tell you have a look on this theres, a blue color evie. There is a whole bluish line going all around in the top part of the bonnet. These are two different colors yeah. There are dual shades thats. Why they kept kept this color bluish color common for all the eevees, the body color might differ. They definitely have different colors. You have a beautiful t, shaped blue color down over here so down they have these beautiful dry arrows running in the entire front. Part of this lower part near the air intake. Nice huge sorry. Is there a radiator yeah down back side? I can see the radiator to keep the engine cool, yeah and, of course, the beautiful logo of tata. I mean i grew up seeing this tata ghadis. I had got tata guardis in our home as well, and these two you know its like unending infinity. The road is going thats how i assess the lobo of tata. It might be different for others right. This is how i take it yeah and it is moving on from both the side. So let tata go and explore and wide out spread out in all the direction to the right to the left and continue to take its uh people to take its people on the road.

Never ending roads right so lets have a look on the side profile. Once again, the bluish tint of eevee over here makes it to stand out very easily in midst of all the roads. You can identify that it is an eevee and also this blue la thing. Coming right up till the end right till yeah, and then there is a cut for this im sure this will definitely add. You know to give a final cut over here towards the end of the car and then from at the back side again. This goes on. It runs till the end yeah, so it runs through the all four sides of the car, so its very easy to identify that it is saturn x on eevee guys just have a look on the tail lamp. It just looks like a union jack, beautiful red color indicators in between, and you have the yeah y shape. Of course, its a beautiful y shape beautiful, unique tail lamps. Right again, you have the eevee over your badge over here. You have tata logo over here here. It is written, ziptron chassis is a manufacturer of tata tiago tata next one all these are all Music, so zipron is definitely picking up the momentum, because every vehicle of tata, which is an eevee mode and ziptron, is supporting that. Definitely people will be coming to know about this car about this battery is great ive, never seen this shape of reflectives very nicely.

It is suiting to the back part of the body of the vehicle. It looks nice with a nice decent number plate and they have maintained throughout this tri arrow im sure were gon na, have it inside the car seats as well, that were gon na check it out when we go inside so coming to the tires. The most important part on which the vehicle runs: it is uh 16 inch, alloy, wheel, diamond cut wheels. They have also a disc brake in that that definitely gives a super braking on the road, especially when im talking about kerala terrain. The terrain is tough and when it rains its slippery, so this break is definitely an added feature to this vehicle. So friends, when we posted a post on instagram, many people ask this question about evie about this nexon that hey guys you guys in kerala and it rains it rains crazily many every year we are facing flood. So how about when the vehicle is running through a flooded area, waterlogged area? Any answer to that boy? This is the ip68 water resistant uh. You can submerge it up to one meter in water, cool and after 30 minutes of running underwater will automatically switch off okay. So, no so electricity will not go in the water, wonderful thats, the thats, the way we can save our day and uh. Definitely, that is the assurance of tata motors. Another concern guys is the battery, because this vehicle is absolutely running on a battery.

What if the battery dies due to any xyz reason what, if the battery dies? What is the guarantee? The company is assuring us off right because anything can happen in a battery operated vehicle right, thats, a hardened truth that we all need to accept and we are paying extra money just for saving our petrol and that much money i mean less than that. Actually, we are investing in our eevee vehicle, so the question to this uh sorry, the answer to this is the answer: is tata motors is proudly and confidently giving us eight years of warranty and or one lakh, sixty thousand kilometers, whichever is complete first for the battery, As well as for the motor now, that is something amazing that confidently only tata motors is giving us. That is why our guardi, our company right tata motors our native person, a very nice person, definitely thinks on all these aspects for our indian buyers and users, so guys lets get inside the car first, let me show you the key so guys. This is the key that im holding in my hand its a keyless entry lets hop inside to the drivers place now. Look at the beauty, even here on the dashboard for the ac vents here also, they have beautifully given its kind of limited edition, guys thats whats. The feeling im having it okay, so this is a seven inch infotainment. The light is less im trying to get as much as i can capture yeah nighttime will be amazing nighttime.

It will be amazing with a dual split. You can see the temperature of the vehicle. Okay and currently, this fan is on and you can tell how many fans are in how many fans are on mama. You can see this means cooling, and this is a temperature. What the inside so right now in this hot sunny afternoon, the temperature over here is 20.5 degrees celsius, and currently one fan is working and only one fan is working, so you have your dual ac vents and you have android auto and apple carplay. Okay and you have ac vent over here as well, you have a lovely dashboard, quite flattened, i would say on the top, because you know you can nicely keep lots of things over here. You get very good visibility, a wide, a windshield on top a very comfortable manual, adjusting a rear view mirror, and you have lights on top mama lets open this up right. They have a cute little sunroof, tiny, a cute little sunroof, oh yeah! There you go boy, a cute little sunroof, oh yeah. Well, as of now, we will close it here. You have a dual thing: you can just have this first and you can raise it gets raised, so you can see the sky right on top and also, if you want you can raise it up if needed. So you can have the fresh air coming inside. If its all, you need thats a wonderful option and he likes rain and likes to keep it like this.

So you can see the sky, you can see the trees, lovely and talking about the switches, the controls over here, Music, a cute little chrome, plated uh handle right to open it. You have all the controls over here onto the drivers side onto the seat. Uh talking about the seat, its quite comfortable, a very nice under thigh support right. You have a small 12 volt charging point over here for your car for your car chargers and you have a small little box. Even in this box, see how cutely they have. You know add on to this beauty of this blue color. Even in this small box, you can see the try, trident arrow know beautifully kept over there by the way and mama serious. You know what this is. This is an arm rest. What this is, this will open. No, it doesnt open it doesnt open its a wireless charger: oh cool thats, a nice one. Thanks for updating me guys here also, they have given a pretty cute little uh small little cabin over there yeah you can keep some small important document, your house key or anything, and then you can use it as an arm rest ill. Tell you something right enough leg room over here for rain in as well as for me right here, ill, give you a thing we saw plastic here, but where are elbow elbows, no muscle, so your heart will hurt a little bit yeah, so he actually provided some Cushioning here yeah, so we can just keep it lighter yes, so they they always think about the comfort of the people right and even in the door.

Guys. Look at that. Uh. Try arrow pattern even on the door right and look at the glove box. A nice huge glove box which has a right or light inside over there and a tiger. I am trying my best to capture it right and look at that tiger over there wow a majestic tiger over there, and if this is the start button right, we definitely will take you for a test drive. So lets go back here. Also guys, you can see very nice fabric, they have used a nice beige, color fabric right. You have all speakers uh attached in inbuilt in the door right now serious side handles and you have even uh armrest. The drainan is pulling down with a dual cup holder. This cup holder, yes, you have an armrest with a dual cup holder and a pretty nice, a decent space to keep your small handbags or anything its. My smart way of you know taking out the space making it convenient for the people. Those are sitting at the back sufficient legroom, sufficient leg room for an average person, not at all. You dont even feel that you know youre uh, see im sitting very comfortably reclining completely back and still there is so much of space between the between the seat and even if you want to stretch down you can. Actually you know you go down this much. So pretty good, you have a double uh cup holder over here, a very nice armrest.

Whenever needed, you can pull it out. Otherwise you can put it back and you have a dual uh vent over here: ac vent im, not finding any charging point over here. Thats unfortunate uh, thats uh a thing which is missing, but at least you have the ac vents over here. To you know cool yourself. You have the hand handles on both the sides. Wonderful speakers right – no speakers are over here and down over here, small speaker over here and down over here. Okay, thomas right. So for me someone is not that long! Then you cannot always get here. So you can come here. Yes, yes very convenient, so we are in the lap of nature im sure this is what the visuals you guys would be seeing. So our infotainment is helping us for reversing. No, no, no dont need to look dragged. Oh sorry, i just think im driving a steam there when it changes, so we are on our drive mode. I think this thing we need to get used to it. Yeah right gradually, gradually guys is really good. So pickup is good. Amazing. 10. On 10 10 on 10 from this car design for uh traffic, correct city, traffic, correct city, uh, city driving, because you get only around 300 kilometers per charge, the steering is very precise guys. I really love this car. The control is max. Control is max thats. The kids uh way of telling things not like double doctor.

I think anybody can drive this car whatever. How is this guy? So if you are a driving enthusiast like me, because you know i always prefer a car with a you – know, manual gear shift, because i, like the sudden surge of power, i mean, though i mean uh other driving mode. Andrew is good for uh. You know. City drive, but i always prefer a powerful mode thats because of uh the power you get it. Yes, you have this option here also, so actually we can go for a sport sport mode. So when the sport mode comes, you can actually feel that you know the car is pulling you back so im, not saving im, just saving the electricity. Yes, im going back to the driving drive mode, drive mode. Okay, i love switching guys. I think i dont you know: hes just had to buy this car hes. Thinking that you know this car doesnt have a power uh, just so much uh this car does. You know im feeling yeah. This is much better than the oil uh, petrol, petrol version or the diesel version yeah. You dont get that thats a sudden search, but you can get the sudden charge if you put the sports mode, as you see, draw just now right and uh as a family. You know we are not a professional uh, auto bloggers yeah, we are actually do the water vlogging as a family yeah. I think 90 percentage of indians are just like us right uh.

We work uh monday to friday, yeah hard for our family right and we always want a car which uh care to the needs of our family right, so i mean we are not biased. The company is not paying us, you know, say good thing about the car, so i think you can trust us genuinely what we are feeling we are telling we are telling right. This is really really amazing guys. What was that? Was it a wind, a tornado or what i call it? The weirdo was like. Oh, you want to take a wind and just go warm like this thats. What we were talking about lots of power within a fraction of seconds. The vehicle just got disappeared from our eyes. Believe me like we are eye witnessing.