The bz4x 260 of these crossovers have already been delivered, but heres the thing toyota already issued a safety recall. It turns out that the wheels can fall off literally it just didnt, get off on the right foot or should we say, wheels today, im talking about the bz 4x toyotas. First, fully battery powered ev thats, not a modified version of a gasoline powered vehicle. Well see why some critics say its mediocre at best. Well also see why toyota is only now just entering the battery electric market as a latecomer, after resisting the battery electric movement for decades, how they intend to be tesla and stick around for a sneak preview of toyotas vow to become the worlds first car manufacturer to Guarantee an ev battery that retains ninety percent of its rated range after 10 years Music. We cant ignore the elephant in the room, so lets get it out of the way, the terrible name bz4x. Now, most you know im usually a toyota fan, but i have to admit i found the name of this new car. Very puzzling. Bz4X is a mouthful to say it. Doesnt flow. It just sounds odd. If forex is a foreign exchange market for exchanging national currencies, then bz4x sounds like youre too busy for forex. So if youre wondering about the unusual name, youre, not the only one. Actually, toyota received a ton of criticism over its name and somebody even called it stupid or ridiculous, but believe it or not, toyota actually put thought and meaning behind the name.

According to toyota, the letter b z stands for beyond zero emissions. The number four is for four seats and the letter x is for crossover when you explain it that way, it makes sense, but it still doesnt make the name any easier to say out loud its hard enough to say the name effortlessly. But imagine youre talking at the xle trim, for example, in that case, try saying this without fumbling bz4xle, okay enough about the name. Last year, full battery electric vehicles or bevs made up a massive 71 percent of total ev sales. In fact, bevs are more popular than ever before. So, if theres been this growing trend, why did toyota keep resisting the bev space until just now? Well, just consider the words of toyotas ceo akio toyota, back in 2020.. His belief was that japan would completely run out of electricity in the summer if all cars were bevs that ran out of electric power. Also, the infrastructure needed to support an entirely electric fleet would cost japan a boat. A lot of money too anywhere between 14 to 37 trillion yen to be exact thats, equivalent to 135 to 358 billion dollars. A keo toyota suggests that politicians who advocated removing all gasoline cars just didnt understand the massive costs involved, but economic costs werent. The only reason behind toyotas reluctance for battery electric vehicles, the thing is battery electric cars require fewer workers and fewer parts to make this means many jobs would be lost in a japanese car industry if all car makers were to switch to battery electric vehicles.

Along with that, the third third party suppliers would get smaller too ikea toyota isnt, the only one to have this concern. A similar concern is shared by german automotive labor unions, actually its one of the reasons for bmws hiccup and their plans towards electrification, but because of this increase in ev world sales, german and french car manufacturers decided to push aside these concerns in order to stay alive. In this growing market, anyway, its not just that japan as a country generates most of its electricity from burning coal and natural gas, the more evs they build, the more electricity theyll need to generate in order to power the cars. This would result in more carbon dioxide emissions. For all these reasons, toyotas been reluctant into getting into battery electric vehicles for over 20 years, but recently that all changed. So what happened? Okay, one word tesla look when you have millions of evs on the road and you gain hundreds of thousands of fans, basically youre unstoppable in the ev world. In fact, many people believe that itll become the first ground up u.s car maker in nearly a hundred years. To survive now many people know that toyotas a leader in hybrid vehicles but theyre, nowhere close to being a leader in evs and thats. Why? Toyota wants to change that, and fast last december, toyota announced its goal to manufacture 3.5 million battery electric vehicles per year by 2030. Talk about a complete 180, but if you find that surprising, listen to this toyota also pledged a jaw dropping 70 billion dollars towards electrification.

Toyota isnt the only automaker going full steam towards bevs. Last july, stolantis announced investing 35 billion globally for electrification. Nissan announced, an investment of 18 billion ford 30 billion gm 35 billion and volkswagen 59 billion youd think its like an arms race. But look: none of these giants are even close to toyotas 60 billion dollar pledge, but heres the thing about toyota. Technically, their pledge is for electrified vehicles, not fully electric vehicles. Now i know what youre saying is that really big of a difference? You might be surprised to learn that, yes, actually it is a big deal heres, why electrification doesnt mean electric cars. It actually means cars with an electric motor somewhere inside the drivetrain and toyota already has scores of hybrids and plug in variants to fit the bill. Toyota did clarify that they will specifically spend 30 billion dollars on bevs loan, its this multi billion dollar pledge that is act first, believing that toyota will be the biggest and riskiest bet they ever made. Now, if youre wondering how toyota will tackle the bev challenge? Well, theyve already started a few months ago. They kicked off the first pure battery compact crossover in america, its 2023 bz4x, its not a hybrid, its, not hydrogen, its pure battery electric and its competing with the tesla model y ford, mach e hyundai, kona, electric and kia niro ev. If youre curious about the toyota bz4x well, the controversy has already started some critics say its mediocre at best.

Others say its decent heres. The thing when this car was first rolled up, the starting manufacturer, suggested retail price was 42 grand. But since then, toyota has already announced cutbacks in production due to supply chain issues. So right now the bz 4x isnt available in every u.s state, even if youre in a state where its available well its available in extremely limited quantities, but its not just that. These last few months have been the most unfortunate streak for toyota this year alone, toyotas issued various recalls. It involved the new bz4 xs, as well as toyota, tundra, chrs, vens hybrids and lexus and xs. As far as the bz4x is concerned, the wheels are practically falling off shortly after the car rolled out. Literally, apparently, they found out that the hub bolts on the wheels would loosen to the point where the wheels could detach from the car. So, yes, we can say that the bz4x is off to a very bumpy start. Toyota overall has a solid reputation and yes, theyre good with hybrids and theyre, leading with hydrogen, but look when it comes to bevs theyre, just an infant. The bz 4x hasnt been out long enough for drivers to experience any technical issues with the cars yet theres, just no real road data. So yes, im a fan of toyota, but when it comes to this particular car personally, i would wait until they iron this out until time proves their track record and battery electric vehicle technology.

Did you know that the bz4x was actually co developed with subaru and subaru? Will be selling an almost identical 2023 vehicle? They co developed with toyota stay tuned to find out more about this car later in the video the front wheel, drive bz4x is a single electric motor that produces 201 horsepower and 196 pound feet of torque. The all wheel, drive version, has a dual motor setup, with total output of 214 horsepower and 248 pound feet of torque see heres the thing with this car. The bz 4x is supposed to be a smooth ride, but if youre used to similarly priced evs, the bz4x isnt much of a catch, this is more of a car for a relaxed driver who preferred a quieter ride. Unlike tesla, toyota has a reputation for reliability, safety and affordability, where tesla is more for enjoyment and pure speed. If youre wondering how the bz4x compares with the tesla model y well, the model y literally wins in pretty much every department. Bz4Xs all wheel drive offers only 228 miles in range compared to the tesla model. Wilds all wheel drive long range, which offers 330 miles of range thats, 30 percent less. The bz 4x has a towing capacity of 1653 pounds which is measly compared to the tesla model. Was 3 500 pounds max? Payload is 771 pounds compared to teslas 859 pounds, but the one thing that the bz 4x does have over the model y is its price point.

Its starting price is forty two thousand dollars where the model y starts at nearly sixty thousand. The bz4x is available in two trim levels: xle unlimited, the limited trim will cost you forty seven thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars up charge is for a higher trim featuring, ventilated front seats, 20 inch wheels instead of 18 and a surround view parking camera. Not many people know this, but believe it or not, toyota and tesla, actually partnered up to make an experimental rev4 ev over a decade ago. At the time its released, the rav4 ev was the only all electric suv available to purchase. But if you were interested in buying it, you needed two things: first, you needed at least 50 grand to buy the car, and second, you had to travel to california, since that was the only state that the car was sold. So you can imagine these two factors really limited its potential. The rav4 ev was only built to be a compliance car. That means it was just created to meet californias, strict, zero emission standards for automakers. If you wonder what the rav4 ev was like well in its normal driving mode, it was able to reach zero to 60 in 8.6 seconds, but in sports mode it could reach 60 and 7 seconds, but here was eevees biggest weakness its charging time, unless you bought Yourself, a level 2 charging station. You were looking at a wait time of 24 hours to get a full charge, and so, after the 2014 model year, the rav4 ev was discontinued.

Toyota just couldnt justify the cars lengthy charging times in short range. Did you know that toyota used to have a small three percent stake in tesla, but they later sold their stake in 2016.? This happened right after bob carter, u.s toyota senior executive, attacked tesla for only focusing on bevs and, of course, elon musk had earlier tweeted that hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles were full cell vehicles that didnt help toyotas relationship with tesla either some people speculate that the split Was actually because toyota wanted the chance to prove itself without the help of tesla. Toyota has also partnered, with subaru in the development of the 2023 subaru sultera, salteran lent means sun and land to the average consumer. Subaru saltera and the toyota bz4x appear to share many direct similarities. Actually, the designs look almost identical and both use the exact same lithium ion battery pack. Theyre all wheel drive cars that have a 72.8 kilowatt hour battery both are fitted with level two and dc fast chargers because of these similarities, both also claim to be able to charge zero to eighty percent a little under an hour. The main difference is that the bz4x comes in both front wheel, drive and all wheel drive options where the solterra only comes in all wheel, drive the subaru saltera and the bz 4x share something in common. They both become a nightmare for their companies. The solterra face the same safety recall about the wheels falling off same recalls.

The bz 4x japans safety regulator found that the sharp turns and sudden braking could cause a hub bolt to loosen. Fortunately, to date, there have been no reported accidents caused by the defect. The bz 4x didnt have a strong running start as toyota hope, but toyotas vowed to be the worlds first car maker to guarantee its ev battery to retain 90 percent of its rated range after 10 years. At present, very few car makers guaranteed battery capacity in their evs at all, let alone for 10 years batteries are crucial to an ev as a gas powered engine is to a gasoline powered car. The battery pack is where the magic happens, its the battery. That ultimately decides the capabilities of the ev, its powering, so if toyotas able to meet their own vow, this could be a game changer for the ev industry.