Chevy equinox, ev, silverado, ev and gmc hummer are loved by many and the other day the automaker announced the replenishment of its line in this video. I will tell you about the new all electric model of the chevrolet brand features and technical characteristics, so stay tuned and welcome back to the charge channel. Here you can catch the latest news and the coolest comparisons of popular ev dont forget that the subscription and likes are free, and you are welcome with your opinion and ideas in the comments. Chevrolet blazer suv have been known since the 90s. These cars stood out for their status, exterior and outstanding characteristics. The company wanted to return the beloved model in 2018, 2019, but fans of the original expressed their disappointment. Today, we are presented with an even more updated version. The blazer ev is a midsize suv. The approximate length will be 4.9 meters. However, you can already see from the photos that the car has an impressive wheelbase and short overhangs. Like most electric vehicles, the blazer ev does not have a conventional radiator grille, as there is no engine under the hood for cooling. All this has been replaced by a decorative panel. The frame located between the axes of the traction battery is the main load bearing element. Stretchers are attached to this front and back the suspension is completely independent. Here, the base model has 19 inch wheels and led headlights. The rs version has a wheel diameter of 21 inches and the top end version has wheels up to 22 inches.

In addition, the rs has an extended decor and a glowing strip between the headlights with animation mode by the way, on the basis of the ss version. The coolest of the presented, a police electric car is being prepared. It will be available with both full and rear wheel, drive and the equipment includes steel wheels and a ram in front. The car is available in eight colors. The blazer ev is a two row. Five seater car with a sporty interior design inside there are round ventilation holes located on the sides of the instrument model in the rs and ss trim levels, a two tone: black and red color scheme as possible. All models are equipped with a large infotainment display with a diagonal of 17.7 inches. It is slightly tilted towards the driver and is framed on the left and bottom by the physical controls of the climate control system and volume control. Also, there is an additional 11.0 inch display in the cabin that displays, sensors and other driving information to the driver. It is assumed that the infotainment system will be based on android auto. There should be plenty of standard features such as apple carplay and a built in wi fi hotspot. Blazer ev is based on the unique ultium platform which is known for the already mentioned: gmc hummer ev, chevrolet, silverado, ev and cadillac lyric. The peculiarity of this platform is that it offers high charging speed, range and performance by the way the blazer ev will be the first car built on ultium with three types of drive to choose.

From thanks to the platform, the battery and electric motors are installed under the cargo floor of the suv. The batteries here by the way are lithium ion. The model will be available in four trim levels: 1lt 2lt, rs and ss in the latest top end version. The power reaches 564 horsepower and the torque is 877 newton meters. In addition, the automaker has introduced a special wow mode into the electric car, which stands for wide open watts. Thanks to this, acceleration to 62 miles per hour occurs in just four seconds. The power reserve on a single charge is about 290 miles. Interestingly, the rs model, and not the ss, will have the highest power reserve. The rs has a range of 320 miles. Speaking of the entry level model there, this figure is 247 miles for the one version and 293 miles for the 2lt. All models will have a single pedal driving mode when acceleration and deceleration are regulated by the degree to pressing the accelerator pedal, among other options. The autopilot of the second level of supercruise is announced which allows you to ride without hands. Speaking of other safety features, i must say that the blazer ev includes the standard chevy safety assist system, which is a set of six advanced safety features. The automatic parking assistance system is able to control brake and shift gears to park your car at the detected location. There is also standard emergency braking to help avoid collisions.

The blazer is also equipped with a lane keeping assistance system with lane departure warning and at speeds. Above 25 miles per hour, your car can automatically turn on and off the lights depending on the surrounding road conditions. Each version has an 11.5 kilowatt ac charger and a 190 kilowatt dc charger. According to general motors, the blazer can be charged in just 10 minutes for a 77 mile run. You can charge the blazer from home thanks to a two level. Charging cord chevrolet also has a special app called my chevrolet with energy assist. This will allow you to plan routes competently, taking into account the availability of public charging stations in real time, and you can also use the application to control some functions of the car separately. I will say a little about warranty and maintenance. There is a limited warranty for the blazer ev, which covers three years or 36 000 miles, and there is also a warranty for the transmission, which is five years or sixty thousand miles. In addition, there is the first free maintenance. The price range is known. This will be from forty seven thousand five hundred ninety five dollars to fifty one thousand nine. Ninety for the two lt and rs models, which should appear on the market in the summer of 2023.. The price for the sports version of the ss will be 65. Ninety five dollars and in 2024 general motors promises to release a more budget version of the one lt for four to four thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars, electric blazer ev will be produced at the mexican chevrolet plant.

The company has already opened the reception of preliminary applications. You can do this using the traditional us system by paying one hundred dollars. In my opinion, this is a very decent suv which interests first of all, the presence of a choice of drive and good technical indicators. In addition, externally, the car looks very stylish and brutal, not at all worse than the original of the 90s. At the same time, the blazer ev has very good safety equipment, which is a key factor when choosing a car from my point of view, but of course its all a matter of taste. Let me know in the comments.