s, but recently honda said theyre officially breaking into the battery electric market, not one not two but 30. Electric vehicles globally by 2030 and 20 will be for the u.s market. This means more competition for tesla, rivie and lucid, and many other car makers that already in the bev space today ill explain why honda changed its mind. Well, also, look at how cars will move to subscription services soon buying a car will no longer be just about buying a physical hardware. Car but itll be more about a platform with services that will enable you to connect to modern, daily conveniences, all for a monthly subscription fee that never ends well also touch on hondas new initiatives to make electric motorcycles and e scooters Music. If i ask you to name the top ev company today, honda wouldnt even be on your list thats, because at the moment honda only sells one electric vehicle, the honda e, which is a sub compact car thats only sold in japan and europe. Actually, a lot of people criticize honda for not embracing ev technology earlier, but theyre not entirely correct. In the past, honda like toyota preferred to invest in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as a clean, zero emission option, so how successful or mainstream is hydrogen? Well, today, there are some eight thousand hydrogen powered cars in the us are between thirty thousand to thirty five thousand on the road globally. Compare that to ten million plus fully electric evs already on the road worldwide.

So you can see where the money is analysis expect an additional 2 million, more evs to be added this year alone, but the numbers arent, the only things working against hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – hydrogen fuel cell vehicles first started in 1966 with gms electro van. Yet, despite more than half a century development, hydrogen fuel cell cars are still expensive to produce. You can only find them in a few country or regions that have built hydrogen fueling stations. Part of the reason for low hydrogen sales in america is because the lack of infrastructure network unless you live in california, you pretty much cant drive a hydrogen car thats because california is currently the only state in the u.s with a hydrogen fueling network. Once you leave the state youre stuck, but what about battery electric vehicles in the 12 years that weve had the modern electric vehicle, 1.3 million battery electric and plug in hybrid vehicles have been sold here in the u.s. You can see its quite a stark difference. Hondas always tried their best to stay true to their climate forward slogan, blue skies for our children. But right now they realize the best option for blue skies is to embrace fully electric cars, and now that the combustion engine band will be happening in the states and in many other countries you can see why fully electric vehicles have become critical for honda. Did you know that honda pledged 40 billion dollars towards electrification and software technologies over the next 10 years, but remember technically, electrification doesnt mean theyll, make all their cars battery electric.

Rather it means all vehicles will have an electric motor of some sort somewhere in the drivetrain. Most likely honda will be investing a large chunk of their 40 billion in conventional hybrid vehicles and plug in hybrid models as well. The recent 40 billion dollar pledge and plan to roll out 30 unique electric vehicles globally equates to about 2 million cars of these 30 future evs 2 will be electric sports vehicles. One is expected to succeed the acura nsx that recently departed the market. The bulk of these new evs will mainly be crossovers, which makes a lot of sense given how popular crossovers are in america. Did you know that honda has already sent 343 million bucks into developing their own line of solid state batteries and they plan to bring these batteries to their new bevs in the second half of the decade? For now, though, they will be relying on lithium ion batteries to power their upcoming evs. Now honda didnt specify the actual underlying technologies for all these evs. But honda did note. Theyll expand the use of the honda e architecture that they use in their current hondas. Honda. Also shifting their business model, they plan to focus on hardware and software both right now, the core business is selling non recurring hardware, which is pretty much car units, but theyll shift into offering after sales services from software based features, take, for example, safety and navigation features. Today, you get most of these features as a part of the car theres, no extra cost, but with hondas new plan.

Youll pay for these features, probably monthly or yearly but hand isnt. The only automaker with this idea pretty much every other automaker you can think of – is exploring this concept. You can think of it like a monthly car subscription service for add on features. These fees will be to support things like content services and upgrades. Take gm, for example, they believe itll generate 25 billion in revenue annually by 2030 purely on software and subscription services alone, thats, not even including revenue from actual sales of cars themselves. Just look at your smartphone. In the past, we just bought a mobile phone youd only pay for cellular service, but today we have a million apps on our phones, each operating different services. Many of these apps offer optional services for a monthly subscription fee. So now all you need is a smartphone to manage your home security system, operate your robot vacuum and trick your weight and diet, progress and so forth. This is how the smartphone became more than just telephone hardware and thats exactly how car makers are viewing cars. Its no longer about selling one car, which is just hardware cars in our computers of their own – and this is just the beginning of many services – well be able to do right from our cars touch screen. Delantis believes software and subscription services will allow car companies to enjoy the type of operating margins closer to that of high tech corporations. For example, stalanus is exploring the possibility of offering services through tech platforms theyre launching in 2024 right now, theyve dubbed it stla brain stla.

Smart cockpit and stla autodrive thats. Why hondas taking this course the long term to reach that goal? First, honda will launch smaller scale evs in japan like the key class. These are basically mini cars, while they arent very popular in the us. Many cars are massively popular in japan. The first new ev released in japan will be a mini ev for commercial use, most likely a key van price, just around 1 million japanese yen, which is around 8 000 us dollars after the key minivan. A variety of other models for personal use should follow likely, including mini suvs in china. Honda will introduce 10 new ev models by 2027. thats just five years from now. Its very interesting because not many people know this, but china is by far the worlds leading ev market today, so its a right market and huge opportunity for honda, these 10 new models will be built at dedicated honda plants and guangzhou and wuhan. Another interesting thing is that hondas press release didnt even mention the european market. Given the population of china, i guess theyre going for the big fish, so heres the big thing right now: honda and gm plan to work together to develop a series of affordable, evs based on a new global platform. The purpose of this joint platform is to beat tesla basically in this joint venture, theyll use gms next generation ultim battery technology, and they want to offer flexible battery architecture, outstanding power range and performance from luxury and performance cars to daily commutes, suvs and pickups.

The goal of the altium platform is to power evs of every type and at every single price point together. Honda and gm are expected to produce millions of lower price tvs start in 2027.. These new cars will include compact crossover, evs and theyll be sending some of these across the continents. In a recent statement, they said that they will share their best technology, design and manufacturing strategies to deliver affordable and desirable evs on a global scale, and that would especially include the key north and south america and china in a way. This is smart. Look right now: evs are expensive and most consumers know this thats. Why evs made and the joint honda gm partnership are expected to be priced below 30 grand aside from external factors that travel prices, the goal is to return to the days when cars were affordable and mainstream. So far, no financial terms of the new partnership has been disclosed. The car makers have said they will be discussing future ev battery technology collaboration and opportunities down the line. One of the goals of collaboration is to drive down the cost of electrification, improve performance and drive sustainability. Now, whether these new evs will be based on hondas architecture or on gms platform has yet to be decided, but the two companies have agreed to share the bill for manufacturing costs and the cars will potentially be produced at either gm or honda plants. Gm made a bold statement. They want to sell more evs in the u.

s than anyone else by the middle of the decade, but to do that, theyll need a large portfolio of vehicles and so partnering with honda will help them reach their goals as fast as possible. Actually, did you know that honda and gm have been friends for years? Honda previously invested 750 million bucks in gms cruise autonomous vehicle unit, and now honda and gm are co. Developing the cruise origin, autonomous ev. The companies also have a joint venture to develop and produce hydrogen fuel cell systems plan to do this at a plant in brownstone michigan, but thats not all gmo producing two evs for honda. For the 2024 model year, honda announced that one of these electric suvs called the prologue will be their first dedicated battery electric vehicle coming to the u.s gm isnt, the only large company that honda is partnering with hondas, also teaming up with tech giant sony theyll be Creating a completely new brand together in a joint statement. They said that their goal is to create this new ev company within the year, and this company will sell its first dv model by 2025.. This new company is yet to be named some speculate. It should be called sonda or honey, or some other mashup, but well have to wait and see besides finding a marketable name, they also have to figure out the development, design, planning and sales aspect of their brand. Honda will take on the responsibility for manufacturing and new evs and honda facilities and sony will most likely be responsible for building the platform for mobility services at the helm.

The chairman of ceo will be yasuo day, mizuno a long time, honda executive. This is exciting because the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. Two years ago, sony first debuted a concept car at ces. A consumer electronics show this concept. Car conveyed the vision, s concept, which is an eevee with a variety of sensors and other innovative technologies. At that time, sony said this concept car was built to test autonomous vehicle technology. Then this year sony returned to ces division, s02 suv concept. With this suv, they announced that they would form a business this year to put the car into production division s02 was presented as an all wheel, drive setup, that output horsepower pretty much thats. All we know the mid size suv will compete with the chevrolet equinox ev pole, star 3 and the ford mustang maki, the new honda sony ev has expected to hit the market in 2025 with hondas pledge to eventually be 100 electric. Would it surprise you to hear what it means for their motorcycles? Look. Honda is a brand known for its motorcycles, its the worlds leader. Last year they announced four electric motorcycles to debut. In a few years last quarter they released the crf e2, their first production electric dirt bike lithium ion battery theyre, not actually making the bike go. Actually they license to another company called greener powersports. They have a kids version and an adults version and then theres streamo.

This is hondas newest micro mobility, venture to develop an electric scooter or e scooter for urbanites. Most city dwellers are already familiar with the growing hype and we can see more electric scooters passing by cover short distances across the city. Well now hondas in the game. So you can see how hondas hold moving forward with electrification across all its businesses. But now you tell me if you could name the new honda sony company.