So today, Ive got into this Kia ev6 Im about to take it for a test drive and uh like the first impressions. I just got in the car havent started. Yet it looks like I dont know kind of like a spaceship. You know theres this nice real console here so lets. Uh lets turn it on see how it works. Pretty cool. We got everything. Fires up here so like impressions are quite good, its its quite spacious. This console seems quite big because I drive Kia in ero now, which seems about to be the same size up here. My console is a little bit smaller here, but other than that seems to be like a very Sleek car, all right, so theres plenty of adjustments in the seat like to get comfortable its all like electric adjustments, lumbar sport doesnt seem to work. Oh no, it works its just very smoothly. Inflate yeah lets feel that support Im back just the mirrors someones, pretty short its sitting here before all right lets hit the road. Oh, I just have a like. I think Id never throw out such a fancy. Car Ive been in Tesla played once, but not behind the wheel, just in the passenger seat, so so this feels somewhat somewhat similar to that. So this car has a 77 kilowatt hour battery, so its quite quite a big battery. Its consumption is like 16 or 17. Kilowatts per 100 kilometers, so we get we get the range that we get is about a little bit over 400 kilometers, I would say 450 kilometers.

What you can get is a real range, which is pretty much same as as Kia iniro that the one I currently have, which has a a smaller battery but but because its more efficient it only it takes like 14 to 15 kilowatts per 100 kilometers. You get the same range in the key Lane era, so I dont know if you can see it but theres like a projection in the screen. That shows my current speed. So we can speed. Limit is 70 and we can drive 71.. It looks pretty cool. I dont know Ill Ill. Add the arrow, if you cannot see it in the video Lets zoom in that seems like pretty, and when it comes to Tech. I think its this car is full. It has a all possible. I dont know like all possible safety features that you can imagine, is included in this car and that projection that you saw earlier its like really helpful because, like you, dont have to take your eyes down uh to see what your speed is. Uh speedometer right. You can see it right in front when youre looking at the road. You also see your speed, plus you see like a blind spot monitoring in front, even without looking at the mirror. You can see if you have some interference a car another one next to you. So thats like this, this safety feature is really amazing, like there is like a camera on the dashboard.

That shows you, for example, I need to yield now I can see I dont have to look in the mirror. I have a small camera that shows uh like the side. Camera turns on rightly here on my dashboard, so its like, I dont, really have to like. I cannot make a make a move to turn my head to look in the mirror and just look at my dashboard here. So there are these shift paddle gears that you can control the regenerative braking and if you put it on the max, it turns on the eye pedal option, which is, I would say same as it is with Nissan Leaf. I think over there you call it e pedal, but this one is like almost as good as it is in Nissan, like it takes away the need to turn on the brakes, its really helpful in the city driving, because you really dont have to hit the brakes. You just take the take release: the pressure from the accelerator and the car slows down City Driving thats like As Good As Good As It Gets Music. So now Ive just engaged out there, Kia autopilot, so I dont have to steer. He follows the lines and now it slows down, because the car in front of me slowing down but its cool, that I can see all of the indicators right in front of now. I need to move them up with the wheel a little bit but Im not hitting any pedals or steering the wheel like the car drives itself.

You follow the both of the lanes and its its as good as it does. Eighty percent of what Tesla autopilot does lets move the wheel again. A really cool thing is, you can see those indicators like you can see that now wheel is engaged its its like a blind spot warning is on if you could see them following them, showing up right there. All these in indicators like it shows on the road like I dont, have to take my eyes down here. See all of these yeah. This function is not just a late keep assist where it kind of bounces, like thats the ping pong from one lane to another. It keeps the line and keeps your car in the center of the lane, its uh. It does it so well, okay, theres, a Porsche behind us, so I guess well have to let him go ahead of us, its still a key Kia. Oh there you go Porsche. Have a good drive foreign Drive because its car electric we can go to this Resort town of urmila without paying entry fee two Euros, so electric car saves us two euros every time we go and go. Look at these damn fingerprints. Every time I look at them. I look at the the screen. I call I can see. Is these damn fingerprints so annoying now so now, Im on a quiet street Empty Street lets dress the acceleration three two one go quite fast. Quite fast.

I even got my heartbeat up. I think lets turn around its pretty cool its like very smooth lines and the quality. The resolution of these cameras is so great, like this is much better than it Kia in Era like this is you can see its like generation up like very good like when it comes to acceleration its smooth? It doesnt spin the wheel at all, so its like its like. You can really feel compared to the Kia in Era. This is like the next level car the new generation, something new, something fresh, really love these door handles, like, I guess, theyre inspired from Tesla lets check out the space in the back, and it feels like in the limo look at this leg room here, plus that When it comes to my head, maybe not as much like the car, the the roof is quite low other than that, and then I think, like three people can sit: comfy theres, no theres. No, this hump, like it is in the combustion cars so its like uh, like it could be a limo if you have like a family or uh or a big uh, or you want to use it as like a taxi. This car is good theres, like two charging points, I think its USBC theres another one theres a full outlet that you can plug into like. If you want to charge your laptop or something like that or like an oven, theres, actually another cool feature that the charging port theres, like a converter, that you can plug in to put it in, and you can actually use it as an outlet.

If you want, like a have like a microwave oven or something like that, check that, how do you open this? Oh, this is not good. I dont know how its open lets see if theres a oh. I guess I used this one. There we go. It opens automatically theres no need for for doing on any of this or that – and it closes this way as well with this button here when it comes to space, I dont think its quite a lot lets. Stop it Music, its not that much space. I would say its quite small lets see if theres some space under for the cables, not not a lot, not a lot. So I guess thats. A bit of a downside is when it comes to the cargo space, but you get more seating uh in the back. A less cargo space in this car – I guess, thats the idea so theres plenty of cameras and sensors over here. I think its a great uh. I dont know what it is: a hatchback or a crossover, something something in between and uh the big. The big benefit of having Kia is a seven year warranty, you know, or 150 000 kilometers of of mileage, so its pretty pretty impressive car Music. So lets talk about the infotainment system, cool thing, theres Kia connect, so you have an access to an app as well. Uh theres, obviously theres phone projection. You can use Apple, carplay and Android, auto and thats what thats? What this is pretty much its good for.

You can also control climate over here, its quite cool. It can look crazy. You can check it to driver only and all of these same controls are available over here, but these are like like having like, for example, for volume. I have this physical dial, but not for, and if I change this, this, these dials switches to the climate control. So I can get temperature up temperature off turn the AC off reduce the fan, speed its all of that, but still its its kind of like a touch screen over here. So like it beeps, like the only thing theres, no, like you, dont, feel the pressure when you hit the button, so I would prefer to still have it as a buttons uh when you have there, because otherwise you have a touch screen here and a touch screen Here you know so like it would be much better to have a physical buttons here and theres. Also, like cooled seats like, I think this is the feature that we would use can actually cool. The seats lets. Try it lets, try it out. Oh, I can feel it. It calls me now so yeah, all in all its a its a great great car um it it really, I would say, on par with Tesla when it comes to like in terms of the size in terms of like the drivability. In terms of like the autopilot, maybe yeah you dont get like YouTube, you cannot watch YouTube on screen, but why would you need it? You would watch it on your phone or on your laptop, but in the car you wont watch it not sure, not sure.

How useful is that, I guess the only downside is the price at the moment, its 60 starting at 60 000 Euros. I think its its quite a lot uh for for even for an electric car which, which is like almost same price as Tesla. So I think what will happen is that these cars Kia eb6 uh, they will depreciate quite a lot after you buy it, but then on the secondary Market. I think youll be able to in in three to four years, youll be able to snatch it up for like for for, like maybe 35 to 40 000 Euros, and then it will be a really great deal. Thats my thats my prediction about this car, but but who knows how it will turn out and how the demand for the EVS will happen in the world, but I think right now, despite as new, I think its just its just its just too expensive right now. Music and now were back. This was a quite good test.