You know what i think its possibly the most appropriate name for it, its subtle not too in your face, and it perfectly describes whats going on here, im very relaxed its only proper. To start. The review of this 2022 a8l from the back seat dont worry because in this video were going to tell you everything you need to know about this. Car apart from backseat, were going to talk about styling about the front seats about the features that it has about. Whats new for 2022 about how it drives and theres a very cool trick in the suspension, so stick around for that now before we go ahead with this review, make sure you like this video subscribe to the evo india channel, so you dont miss another video drop And leave a comment down below what do you think of this audi a8l compared to something like the mercedes, benz s, class Music? Before we get into all of the kit that this back seat has? I need to point out that this audi a8l now comes with the option of a four seater as well as a five seater earlier. You could only get it with a four what the five seater gets. You essentially it deletes this entire center console. Youve got a flip down. Armrest like a conventional car has and its got some fancy controls over here, but you can flip that up and get an extra seat over here now. This is the four seater, so you get this nice console over here and honestly.

This is my pick off the lot now in terms of space. Its got plenty of space. This car has a very long wheelbase its not as long as the s class or the seven series, but its long enough, its not like those extra mm matter. At this point, ive got my seat. Reclined back ive got the front seat, pushed completely forward, theres a footrest that flips out and im very comfortable over here. The seats theyre firm, theyre comfortable they hold you well and youve also got a ton of features within them. So youve got massage functions built into the seat. Youve also got a massage function built into that backrest, so you can massage the soles of your feet its really something ive, never seen that in other cars before it was very special youve got this tablet over here, which controls a lot of the features around the Car earlier, you could eject it and take the tablet into your hand, but you cant seem to do that anymore, but its got all of the functionality in here. You can control the massage functions. You can control the ambient light. You can control the ac. You can control the media, you can also control the matrix lights. Yes, this has matrix reading light, so you can control the intensity where they fall on your lap, how they fall on your lap, all sorts of ridiculous stuff like that now in terms of storage areas, youve got a lot of storage areas at the back, so youve Got two cup holders in there youve got this tray in here perfect for your phone with type c usb ports youve got a little another tray in here, too small for a phone but perfect for coins.

If a8 owners use coins below that youve got large cup holders and door pockets in there. Youve also got storage in here and thats, also very cool. You can spec a refrigerator in there, but its not on this car and if you want some secret storage, if youve got something illegal to move around check this out, this entire thing rises up and youve got a huge area in here again felt lined. So you can store your drugs, but yes, that is the back seat of the audi a8l very comfortable, very, very subtle, but so plush, and it has one more trick up its sleeve youve heard of soft closed doors right. This has soft open doors. So all you need to do is just tug at that and you can push the door open. Lets head outside and check out. Whats happening on the outside. Now lets quickly run through the styling changes on the audi a8 from the rear theres, not too much. That has changed its the typical facelift stuff youve got mild details in the lights that are different, but the light bar the chrome strip, the way the bumpers look. All of that has mostly stayed the same, come over to the side and once again not much has changed. Overall design of the a8 from the side is very subtle, very understated, not very brash and in your face not many stylistic elements and that looks neat in my opinion. Youve got this chrome strip running along the floor, but apart from that, not too much stylized stuff youve got 19 inch wheels.

These are standard across the range, whether you choose the base variant or the top end variant, and when you come to the front thats, where the real big changes for this facelift are audis done. What bmws doing theyre going full in your face and theyve done that with this large grill with a lot of chrome in it, i think theres a little too much chrome in it for my liking. I actually love how the s8 looks with its complete blacked out. Grille, but this its very shiny, very in your face, youve got these digital matrix, led lights now, whats cool about these is they have 1.3 million micro mirrors and they essentially split up the light from the leds into individual pixels and project them onto the road. What that allows you to do is have a lot of control over the spread of the light of where it falls of how it falls, and you can blank out patches, so you dont dazzle traffic. There are also changes to the grill which make it look a little more aggressive down here around the fog lights. All of that has been changed now lets head inside and see what its like from the drivers seat. Did you see that that is essentially the car lifting itself by 50 millimeters? It does that every time you open any of the doors and thats done to aid ingress and aggress. I think its a very cool touch makes getting in a lot easier.

You dont have to sit on the floor or pull yourself off the floor. Very neat touch audi step inside the audi a8 start it up, and things are very familiar in here. Youve got virtual cockpit, which is standard across most of the audi range now and its a very nice unit very high rise display information comes at you easily very easy to use very good on audi for keeping that around. Obviously it would be around on the a8 here. Youve got this twin touchscreen setup. Now again, this is shared with a number of other cars in audi range, its not very new uh. There are goods and badges to this, its not like a typical touchscreen in that it has haptic feedback. So every time you click something it gives you a small vibration and a little bit of a click. So you know you have clicked something. There is some degree of feedback in it. What i dont like is that this touchscreen is positioned, lower down now thats a criticism i have of all audis with this setup, its just something im not too much a fan of, because using these ac controls, when youre driving is a little difficult. You have to take your eyes a fair bit off the road. Apart from that, the cabin is very spacious, very comfortable youve got this large central tunnel youre a fair distance away from your passenger. So it gives you that spiel of airiness youve got very high quality materials all around.

I love the open, pour finish on the wood. It feels really expensive, really nice, all of the materials used. Even the plastics feel really good. If i do have one complaint, though, and thats just at one point in the cabin this its a bit, i dont know how you put it not very well finished and its only this point, this part of the cabin is perfectly fine, its just this piece. Thats, a little squeaky that aside, there is one flourish that i absolutely love on the a8 and for that im gon na have to turn the ac vents completely off and watch this they get tucked away in there behind a wood panel. How cool is that you want to bring them back? You just open the vents again and it comes back in fact, every time you start the car every time you turn off the car that happens and its not just those center vents, even the side vents do that. I absolutely love it its such subtle drama, its. So nice well lets get driving this audi a8 and see what its like Music right. So the audi a8 whats new under the hood, nothing its got the same three liter petrol. V6 turbocharged makes 335 horsepower 500 nm of torque. It is essentially the same engine. It also gets the same mile hybrid system, so the drivetrain in a sense is pretty much. The same performance is good with 335 horsepower. You can actually get this car to hustle its a heavy car, its a big car, but that doesnt mean it wont, move it does zero to 100 in under six seconds and thats, quite something for such a large car, the engine, its one that likes to rev.

It revs very freely it revs very energetically. It likes to be used if you want to drive it hard, not that this is a car. You want to drive hard, but should you be in the mood to really hustle it? Should you be wanting to make quick overtakes on the highway drop two gears floor, it absolutely wonderful. What also stands out about it is the refinement, its a very smooth, refined motor. You can hear it when you really rev it out, because it is a petrol engine and you can hear some of that, but its a very nice sound, its a sweet sounding engine at lower abs, its absolutely silent, completely silent. You can barely hear the engine in the cabin and there has zero vibrations. You cant feel anything through the floor through the pedals, its smooth, its just a smooth drivetrain. This is an engine that enjoys being driven in a relaxed manner and if you drive it like that, it will reward you with that silence with that tranquility in the cabin and without compromising on performance, because when you want to let it rip, it will rip something Cool about this drivetrain, when youre cruising at highway speeds, it will kill the engine and run only on electricity, so the mile hybrid kicks in it keeps it costing at that set speed only on electrical energy and while thats not the cool part, the cool part. Is it can shift gears while its costing on electrical energy, so it doesnt take time to wake up and then shift? If you want a shift, it will give it to you as soon as it wakes up now in terms of the drive modes.

Youve got a couple of drive modes in here you go to the drive, select youve got auto, which is what i was driving it in. Most of the time you can put it into dynamic dynamic makes the drive train a lot sharper. The shifts are a little more aggressive. The shifts come at you later, so it holds gears longer and it feels just that much more snappy. The downside is the ride. Quality becomes stiffer now that does aid handling. So if you are in the hills on smooth hills, you will enjoy that in dynamic mode, but for the most part in the city running around town, youll never want to put in a dynamic mode because its just too stiff and you lose that plushness – that the A8 is so good at this particular car is specked with the optional predictive suspension, and that is really nice. If youre getting an e8, you have to spec your car with this. I think its an absolute must and ill. Tell you why low speed ride quality is very good im, not saying excellent id, say very good, because you do feel a slight filtering of smaller bumps and strapper bumps into the cabin. I would have liked that to be filtered out a little more, but the ride quality objectively is very, very good. What really surprised me is how it deals with breakers, how it deals with bigger bumps. It is just phenomenal this predictive suspension.

It does a couple of things how it works is it essentially has e motors in each of the suspensions, and it can essentially control how the suspension works. You remember mercedes benz. They had done that with their suvs. They gave it that bounce mode yeah. It also has the ability to lean into corners so that it counters the body roll all of that stuff thats the sort of technology that this a8 is running. So when you come up to a breaker, it does one of two things right. Sometimes it will just hike itself up on its suspension that 50 millimeters of travel that it increased when i was getting into the car, it just pumps itself up on that, and then you glide over the suspension. The wheels come closer to the body and further from the body and the body barely moves these big speed breakers. They feel like minor humps in the road. You wouldnt even believe that you went over a speed breaker if you had your eyes blindfolded or something like that. The second way it reacts to bumps is, if you approach a speed, breaker like this here, it didnt raise itself up, but what it essentially did is once the wheels dropped, it prevented the nose from pitching, so it essentially held the nose up and prevented it from Going down and you feeling a bounce inside the cabin, so you go over the breaker, the nose rises, but then it doesnt fall.

It gently lets itself down very, very controlled its, not something you can even perceive by letting down off the nose. Its really really well done the way that it works is it uses the camera in the nose to scan the road ahead and then predict what its going to do and how its going to react. I think its phenomenal. I was driving it to the shoot location. This morning, pune has these extremely strange speed breakers. They lift it up, then theyre flat and they go down on the other side. I just couldnt feel any of them, because the car was just gliding over them. It was just doing its own thing, working that predictive suspension so effectively and its really magic im so impressed with this cars ride quality, especially over breakers. Like these, you do have to slow down. You dont want to bottom the car out, but my god does it. Take them well what about composure on the highway bang on its beautiful on the highway? In fact, if youre somebody who needs to drive between bombay and puna do these long highway runs its phenomenally good, because its just so quiet on the highway once youre up to cruising speeds, you barely hear any wind noise. You barely hear any node noise. The engine is absolutely silent, its a beautiful experience, its so calming so so calming that was a speed breaker. Did you see that i barely even moved that was a proper, proper speed breaker? I barely moved its really impressive.

This thing so impressive driving the a8 is fun, its a very serene experience, its a very calming experience, its not a car. You want to hustle a 7 series, sometimes eggs, you on it. Sometimes chubby marrows you into driving it hard. The a8 doesnt do that it doesnt even pretend to be a sporty car, even in the way it looks even the way it drives. It has no pretensions and thats really good youre, surrounded by an oasis of calm inside the a8 and well driving. It is nice that backseat is where its at man id want. A car like whats, my verdict on it for that were gon na, have to step back outside the car Music in terms of prices. The audi a8 cost rupees 1.28 crores for the celebration edition. Rupees 1.57 crores for the technology edition, which is this one that were driving. I never thought id say this about an a8, but that celebration edition actually seems like a steal. You look at where the prices of the seven series of the s class is they dont start below 1.5 crores, the s class rupees 1.6 crores. This is actually very good value. The celebration misses out on a few things. You dont get the digital matrix leds. You get regular matrix leds, you dont get the option of a four seater, you get a downgraded, sound system, you get some different leather, not major stuff and i think thats, the sweet spot with the audi a8 range, the technology trim.

It runs the s class. A little bit too close for comfort but thats, not to say it isnt, a superbly competent car, its powerful its comfortable. That backseat is to die for one of the best in the business.