My name is derek reilly. Today we are looking at the bmw i4. Specifically the e drive 40 with the m sport pack. I think, even on a grey day with this brooklyn gray color, it looks great Music todays. Video is sponsored by our insurance partner, as well as excellent rates. They have specific cover for electric vehicles and are great for company cars too. If you want more information or to get a quote, click on the link in description and also on the screen, if youre interested in all things eevee and want to support the channel, hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon. So you dont miss any future updates, starting at the front moving down along the side. You have some lovely sculpted lines that start right at the top of the kidney griddles and they are concave and also convex and beautiful and design language. You have the difference between this and the three and four series. The regular youve got that closed off. Grill youve got that blue badge around the outside of it, and youve got some cameras and sensors, etc and active air cooling. In underneath this, one specifically has the laser lights on it. So an optional extra moving down along use, some glass black panels here and the active aero, the option of 17, 18s or 19s, and these are the m sport. Then youve got some flashings of black here and you will see, depending on the color and depending on what trim you go for.

That may be black. Sorry, blue that m badge, attractable wing mirrors body color on the top glass black underneath with the indicator built in and that 360 camera pretty low overall flush door handles, but they do move out and that frameless door front and rear some glass black trim underneath that Is that hockey stick design and then some matte black cladding underneath that then as well, charging port is on the rear, right hand, side ac. It comes in at 11 kilowatt, uh, maximum and dc. It comes in at 200 kilowatt maximum. What does that mean? If youve got a regular charger at home, itll take about 13 hours to go from zero to 100 and on the dc. If you can get something that will give you 200 kilowatts, not that easy to find, but they are out there. Itll go from 10 to 80 in 30 minutes lets have a look at the back down along the back. Youve got that nice low profile shark venereal in the body colors speaking of body color, then youve got that rear boot. Spoiler. Really nice and subtle: youve got a large hatch opening and well talk about that in a second once we open up youve got a kind of larger bmw badge with that blue ring identifying that it is electric with that i4 badge on one side and that e Drive 40 on the other side, um and then some glass, black diffusers at the rear power tailgate and the difference between this and something example, is a model 3 because of that space, youre going to get a lot more in and out of it internally, youve got 470 liters of boost with the seat sound that jumps up to 1290, some under floor storage, but because of the subwoofer it has the harman kardon system.

In this on the right hand, side then youve got some shopping back shopping bag hook. 12 volt tie down points its a 40 20 40 split, but look at that massive space, tiny little partial shelf here too, and the rest of the cover is here and both of those can be taken out. If you didnt need that extra space and height lets have a look on the inside, those frameless doors are lovely. Also, you have, as you walk in. You have the m s um plate on the sill on the doors you have harman kardon tweeter center, locking youve got all your windows and um when were accessed with this. Has memory seats as well. Two prep and youve got the door thats. How youve got the boot opening small enough pocket its broken up, theres kind of a bottle and theres a small bit behind it, but not the biggest in the world and seats have lumber support as well and they are electronic over my right knee. You are looking at graceful coming in lights and theres, an auto mode, so you dont have to think about it. Steering wheel is a three spoke end steering wheel, close this door, nice clunk on the left hand, side youve got your driver assist and there is an optional extras within that and that are on specifically on this one and on the right hand, side. Youve got your audio track phone, bmw assistant, left hand, side is light and indicators right hand, side is wipers, steering wheel is reach and rake as youd expect.

This one has a head up display, which is nice and clear and fairly decent size. The driver info in driver cluster is 12.3 and then the infotainment screen is 14.9 and so its good to see the same screens coming over, and this was from the ix. If you havent already seen that review its on my channel, i was over at the international launch in munich and if you havent already subscribed to my channel, there is a were driving to 10 000 subscribers before the end of the year. So if you havent already subscribed id appreciate it, but a couple of months ago i reviewed the ix and also the i4 m50 version, whereas this is the e drive 40 version, which i think is actually with the m4 pack on it pretty good and pretty uh. You dont need any more power anyway, thats for sure, underneath that you have a volume, uh control and on off for your radio youve got some track. Selectors your hazard light and your quick demists. All the climates are actually built into the actual infotainment screen, so thats, sometimes a bit of a negative. Some people say you have your uh specific. The trim level youre going to get on youve got a couple. Different trim options. Interior colors well start with that. So on the e drive 40m e240m, you have black black fabric, black leather, red, leather and cream leather, and then the m sport. You have just black leather, red, leather and cream leather, and then you can decide on the different levels of what kind of trim you have with it.

This one is – and i have the sheet here – it is called rum. Well, look at that sheet now in a second youve got your wireless charging pad, which is an optional extra part of the tech pack. I think it is youve got a usb type, a two cup holders and a 12 volt. You have your, i drive, selector, which is great to see and that changes on the menu. So you dont have to touch the screen, but you can also use voice and thats standard bmw fare with telephone media, home map and navigation. You have your drive selector and this you have to press the button on the side first before it goes into drive or before goes into reverse and then on the d. The standard regenerative braking is what they call adaptive. So it looks at the map. It looks at whats in front of you and it slows it down accordingly and or you can bring it over to b and then you can control the regenerative braking levels. Electronic handbrake button auto hold, which stays on, which is great youve got your three drive modes. Sport, comfort and eco pro your start, stop button and that lovely blue and then youve got your parking cameras and your esg off arm rest and on in there youve got a usb type, a little light, youre cocooned, but i think in a good way. I, like it isnt there isnt a sunroof in this, but there is black headliner seats are great and it has that black leather, with the blue stitching option you see the set for me lets have a look in the rear uh.

When i drop the m50 before i dont think i moved the seat forward enough, so i looked a bit uh tight, so i have moved this forward to a comfortable, uh seating position. If i was driving and would somebody of my height, which is six foot two 188 centimeters fit in behind me, so lets have a look in the back. So if you think this car may be for you, you can submit a eb specific insurance quote by clicking the link on the screen or in the description. You thought it was dark in the front, its definitely darker in the rear, with those privacy, glass, again frameless doors on the door. Youve got the tweeter and speaker from hard and curtain. Youve got your windows uh. Sorry, your window up and down your handle, which is a good big size and youve, got that black trim small enough door pocket, but you do have a door pocket right, uh seat set for me: im 188 centimeter six foot two and about a centimeter between my Knees and the seat in front youve got some cutouts in the rear, but because im so tall. I kind of go above that um magazine, holder or net meshing for salt and stuff to say this is a five seater, but the person in the middle i dont know what who or what or how youd be sitting into it. You have a try zone system which is great two usb type cs.

Youve got a transmission tunnel because it comes from the three and four series, so its definitely reminding you of that two isofix in the rear, um headroom, actually not bad, but honey yeah. I can feel my hair hitting off us, not that i have a lot of it, but youre talking two or three centimeters and then you have armrest with cupholders. That needs to be gently closed and its not exactly a ski hat, but with that 20 fold in the middle you could bring longer stuff through so thats. The bmw, i4 e drive 40. lets. Take it out for a drive whats it like driving the bmw. I4 e drive 40 beautiful, especially with this adaptive suspension, but i i think this is the sweet spot for bmw with regards to. I dont think you not need to go the m50 now i know its a bit more expensive than a tesla model 3, but youre getting a lot more. In my opinion, quality fit and finish knobs and buttons, and more of a traditional style as much as thats. This idrive is starting to go more modern, with the same kind of curved console as it is in the ix and, as i mentioned before, ive reviewed that and ive reviewed the m50. If you havent already watched it make sure you. Let me know in the comments whether youre thinking about going for this one or the tesla, or what else are you thinking about going for within this range battery, wise its coming in at just over 80 kilowatt hour of a battery? I think its 80.

7 and then range bmw are claiming 590 ish ev database and what ive been getting this week is around 450 to 470 ish, very, very capable and a large battery. You would hope, would equal a larger range and thats what youre getting here its? Not an suv so its a bit lower down its more aerodynamic, still a large battery but yeah its handling it well and it seems to be efficient with regards to how its driving didnt do a course to costner. Yes, i may get it in the future and do a longer journey in it, but around the city around the m50 and its been very capable. Zero to 100 is 5.7 seconds. Brake horsepower is 335 about 340 ps and 430 newton meters of torque. So once you stick this thing into sport, like thats, just comfort, no problem, no problemo yeah, i like it, i like it a lot. Would i have it over tesla model 3. If it was the choice of the two, i probably would go for this one. If youre a tesla owner or tesla fan person down in the comments, you know what to do: yeah its very refined, its a lovely drive its powerful enough for me now, obviously, with the bells and whistles here in ireland, this ones at nearly 79 000 euros. So thats a lot of change so youre up against tesla model 3 performance. But, as i say you probably dont well you i do.

I dont think you need the performance element of it, so youre paying for the the m elements of this, the styling etc. Weve talked about charging, weve talked about range, weve talked about the color options, weve talked about price yeah, the driving is lovely. The steering wheel is good size that adaptive suspension is amazing, really really comfortable and it just grips the road it has that bmw dynamic and its not too hard on suspension, wise and thats in comfort mode sticking into sport. The steering wheel tightens up yeah, very good. Bmw very good what i like about the sport mode in it. It increases the volume of that artificial, sound that han zimmer sound. So hopefully itll pick it up on this amazing. I love it. Hopefully, youve enjoyed todays review of the bmw i4. Specifically, the e drive 40.. Let me know in the comments, if youre thinking about going first make sure youve subscribed to the channel, as i mentioned already, were, on a drive to ten thousand um, leave a comment like the video and share it with somebody that you think is a petrol head And would like a electric sporty saloon sedan, whatever you want to call it. This is a grand coupe. Remember if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review. Thank you very much for watching just a reminder that todays video was sponsored by ev insurance, daddy, who have excellent rates and specific cover for electric vehicles for more info click.