This thing is aimed squarely at the tesla model 3 and the x punk p7 and today were going to be giving you a first look at the interior and exterior lets, get started with hands on test drives and reviews of exciting chinese market vehicles. Wheels boy is the number one source for china. Auto insights, be sure to check us out on instagram and facebook. If byd keeps up their naming convention, the byd seal will likely be referred to as the byd ato4 in australia and other markets prices here in china range from 31 000 to 42 500 us dollars. That means the top spec version costs as much as a base model 3. Here in china, the car in todays video is a rear. Wheel, drive long range variant that costs ‘ 000 us dollars. This display car is not allowed to leave the showroom floor, so were only going to be able to bring you a static review today, however, be sure to like subscribe and hit that notification bell. So you can see when our full review, including test drive debuts later this year, but do not despair. There is still plenty to talk about when it comes to the byd seal, starting with the exterior design and oh, what a design it is. The proportions of the byd seal are both compact and athletic, though it must be said. The overall shape is very reminiscent of a neo et5 and a tesla model 3.

. I would chalk that up to the demands of eb design which emphasizes low drag when the design of a car becomes a math equation. Well, cars just kind of start to look the same. The team at byd at least seem to be good at their math, however, because this thing has a low coefficient to drag of just 0.219 beating the 0.23 of the tesla model. 3.. The byd seal sets itself apart, however, when it comes to the detail, starting with the front lighting, the headlights kind of tuck a little bit into the body here and then slow down into a daytime running light kind of a hook shaped daytime running leg, something that Wasnt obvious from the first official photos of this car is the led lighting here in this small air intake. This ripple effect ties this thing back to the design language of the byd ocean series, which also includes the byd dolphin theres, even more ocean inspired design elements when we come to the side of the byd seal. Starting with these gill, like inserts down here on the rocker panel theres also a water drop motif on the c pillar. Now the arrow shaped applique here in front of the front door. Well, that doesnt really seem very ocean inspired, but it looks pretty good, so im willing to give byd a break for kind of losing the threat. Even the seals taillight carries a bit of ocean flare with a design that resembles fish scales emanating from a solid, led beam beneath that is a pretty serious, looking diffuser Music now its time to play.

Everybodys favorite game, lift back or not so many electric sedans. These days have a lift back rear profile, but are they actually a lift back? They have a traditional trunk. Opening lets find out whats what, with the byd seal, we hit this discrete hidden button down here. Ah, it looks like the answer is traditional trunk be sure to update your lift back or not score cards at home. The space in here well, theres, no official number yet, but its not a lift back. So its probably less voluminous than the tesla model 3. still seems pretty deep, but wait theres more because if we pop open the hood of the byd seal, we see it has a frunk open up this black plastic cover and youll see a space that doesnt look. Quite as big as the 88 liters of the tesla model 3, but still could provide some useful storage, now lets jump inside the car and check out the interior design. The interior styling of the seal is a solid match for the exterior, with flowing lines that extend from door to door. The cabin is trimmed mostly in real leather here on the center console and the seats as well as alcantara lots of alcantara. This could become a problem over time as the alcantar gets oilier and oilier, but that is a problem for the second or third owner right now it looks and feels pretty premium apart from that, its mostly black plastic, with a pattern similar to what weve seen in Other byd models before the two screens measure 10.

25 inches and 15.6 inches. The ui for the center screen seems to be an updated version of the one used in other byds. Maybe we can dig out some small differences during our full review here in the center console. You will find two wireless charging pads. A storage compartment down here below in the middle is a diminutive crystal shift, knob, flanked by buttons for functions like the auto hold, as well as the air conditioning. You also have two wheels for adjusting the drive mode as well as the volume front and center. Here is your start. Stop button the seal rides on byds e platform 3.0, a dedicated ev architecture. That means that, while its overall length is shorter than that of the byd han, its wheelbase is the same 2.92 meters. All of this is to say that the rear seat passenger space is actually quite decent. This is just my first impression i havent ridden in it very much, but i will say that it feels more comfortable than both the model 3 and the x punk p7. However, the floor is quite high, but thats a common issue with electric sedans well save in depth, discussion of the seals, powertrain and suspension till we can actually drive it, but i will say that it comes in single motor, rear, wheel, drive variants as well as a Range topping dual motor version that will do zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.8 seconds. There are also two battery packs available measuring 61.

4 kilowatt hours and 82.5 kilowatt hours. That means a cltc range of up to 700. Kilometers seems like its time for us to wrap up our first look video on the bydcl, because there is an increasing number of people here in the byd dealership, most of whom are here to see the byd seal. Its no surprise, then, the company claims they have 60 000 pre orders for this car deliveries are set to begin this month. One last reminder be sure to like subscribe and hit the notification bell. So you can see our full review of this car with test drive later this year, also check us out on facebook, instagram and our brand new website. All those links are in the description below.