This is the useless worst product. All parts are rusted, looks like a garbage now costed me around 80, 80 2000. Indian rupees. This is the useless product which you get. You can see the rusting i can see. You can see the quality of stand totally rusted not working, see you can see the jumpers, suspensions all started, rusting the wheels are not properly uh working. You can hear the voice worst quality of brakes. Worst quality of uh suspensions started. Rusting worst stand. The only good thing is this can uh you can keep this as a showpiece at your home, and still it will look like a garbage seed. Lock is not working, see see, it is not getting locked charging ill show you. The charging. The plug is on the charger is also connected. It is showing this is showing uh 1500 marking, but its not charging 82 percent 92 percent, but still not charging if ill turn it off. You can see this is the charging port that is coming out of the charger. I have replaced it because this one got melted earlier. This is the uh. I have changed it again and the surprising part is now this has you can see? The third point is not there it it, it got just a second, you can see. The third pin is not there, it is damaged worst quality product given by battery, which is the sponsor, see im charging. This is the third time im connecting the charger battery electric vehicles.

You can see it here. Battery switched on the charging plug its not charging worst product brakes are not working properly and the worst frame quality metal metallic frame quality is the worst. This uh protection i applied externally the steel guard. Even the steel guards quality is better than the products quality. This is the quality they give provided. Battery useless phone charging socket useless, dicky storage, compartment, utterly utter waste of money. Dont buy the product is still not charging. The vehicle is still not charging, you can see, im disconnecting and switching it off connecting it again. This is the quality they provide see still not charging. I hope this would be informative.