This is the rivien r1t, so its literally brand new, its just hitting the streets and for the next 20 phys. This is a very hyped up vehicle. This is maybe the most promising of any of the evs coming out of the startups. You know we have all the old manufacturers, of course, making lots of promises to electrify their lineups, but theres also a lot of really interesting stuff from the teslas and lucids and rimacs of the world. This, i think, is the most interesting of all of them. Right now, thanks in part by their background with amazon and ford, so this is riviens. First consumer vehicle, its a pickup truck its called the r1t, so ive got it here in this sort of pacific, blue color and the basic specs. Are this its quad motors one on each 21 inch all terrain wheel, 314 miles of range zero to 60 in three seconds flat, which is hilariously, quick for a pickup truck? And then this is the launch edition with the adventure package which includes you know a lot of the most premium interior finishes. It has the off road upgrade and pretty much all the options. So it starts at just over seventy thousand dollars and it can quickly jump up into mid 80s or 90 plus from there so definitely premium, but its packing a lot of stuff that makes it feel worth the price so number one whats good with this design right.

So rivian is a new company. They dont really have a heritage or a design dna where they have to keep certain shapes in mind when designing their vehicle, so really they could have made whatever they wanted and at the end of the day they chose this shape. For a short bed, electric pickup truck personally, i do actually like a lot of the design here, its not completely crazy out of this world like a cyber truck, but its also not flying way under the radar like the f, 150 lightning, its kind of somewhere in Between it has a lot of modern shapes and modern touches and really the biggest feature that, of course, stands out looking at it is the bar tail light across the back, which i love and the face the bar plus headlights across the front, which definitely takes some Getting used to, but again i think its pretty nice. The headlights on each side are the most powerful and thats where the high beams are and everything, but the entire bar light is functional and you definitely find that out pretty quick driving it at night, like i did so thats cool – and i also do like this Blue color, which is one of a bunch of colors that they have, that i think, are really adventurey and i got ta say this truck turns more heads than anything else i have ever driven. I think a lot of it is the face, but like more than any other electric car more than any mclaren more than any tesla all day, people are coming up to it, asking about it pointing at it.

It definitely makes a statement right now and someone on twitter told me. It looks kind of like this truck is 50 years old and from the future. At the same time, i feel like that actually hits the nail on the head: okay, number two hows, the interior. So its really good and also doesnt, really look like anything else. But if i had to describe it its kind of like if someone combined the layout from a tesla with the wood and leather and metal type finishes from a volvo or something and then stuffed a bunch of extra features in it. So this is the black mountain interior, color, so pretty much everything inside is matte black, and it just gives me the impression that theres a lot of thought that went into a lot of the little things. So, like the back of the seats, each one of them has a coat hook and a usb type c port theres, a wireless charger between the front seats, theres, also a bunch of hidden features in this interior too, which ill get to in a second dont worry Space, wise though it is still its a compact, pickup truck for sure much smaller than say, a full size. F. 150. The panoramic glass roof definitely helps it feel more spacious when youre sitting inside and theres plenty of legroom in the second row, which is awesome but from left to right. I probably wouldnt put three people in this middle hows: the storage so heres the thing its small for truck, but since its an electric truck theres, no engine under the hood, no transmission running through the middle and it absolutely maximizes the space inside in every way.

So its a small bed, four and a half feet with the tailgate up plenty for me personally, but smaller than some other trucks out there. Theres also supposed to be a bed cover that wasnt working on this early model im driving. But that will give you about 29 cubic feet, which can be extended a bit to a seven foot length when you open a tailgate since it sort of slides this extra piece down between the bed and the gate for larger items, then theres also storage, underneath the Bed for an optional full size spare, but that space also has a drain plug in case. You wanted to use it as a cooler or something. Then, in the front there is a fully powered, lift gate revealing a massive front trunk and again this this is so nice for a pickup truck theres more than enough room to fit several bags, you can go grocery shopping with just the front trunk and the fact That it powers up and down like a regular trunk and even has this little button underneath the front headlights to open and close it to me its so convenient that i kind of feel like i would use this more than the back like for covered locked storage. This is great. This is great for a pickup truck. Then inside the truck. There is a lot of storage, too theres, actually no normal spot for a glove box, which is funny its just a leather paneling here, but theres.

A huge amount of storage in this super deep center console where you can clip papers and stuff that would normally go in a glove box. Theres storage in the doors, theres storage inside a little pocket in the front of the front seats which is kind of random. But cool and then there are in fact pop out cup holders in the middle between the front seats, theres, even the back seat, of course, for casual storage, but also even more hidden storage underneath the back seats and then maybe the most iconic extra space. On this entire truck the gear tunnel, so that is this column of space, with a cover on both sides: thats right between the rear wheel and the back seats, its actually super cool im, not sure what youd specifically use this space for when its empty. You know you could fit technically a whole set of golf clubs in here or a couple backpacks or something. You know it can definitely fit some larger duffel bags. It can fit useful. There are power outlets inside of this tunnel on either side and the doors that open on either side are actually strong enough that they can support up to 300 pounds. So you can sit on it. You can even use it as a step to climb over and into the bed of the truck and theres storage inside those doors for even more stuff and in case whatever youre hauling. Here is precious.

You can actually access the gear tunnel from inside the truck from between the back seats. You pull that armrest down and you can reach inside behind this cover into the middle of the gear tunnel to grab whatever stuff you have in here. Ive never seen anything like this in any other truck and yeah. I love it. So your grand total just for the spec sheet 68 cubic feet of storage in this compact pickup truck thats massive okay number. Four. How does it you saw this ones running on 21? Inch all terrain wheels so its not even set up to drive like a sports car. Clearly, but any time you combine quad motors totaling 800 plus horsepower with a world class air suspension, it kind of doesnt matter how much the thing weighs this truck. Absolutely hauls. 0. 60 in three seconds flat, which is amazing – it does taper off after that, but that is a crazy, fast time for a truck and it feels fast theres a couple of different driving modes to talk about most of the time you can just leave it in all Purpose mode and it can handle pretty much any daily driving. The air suspension, has a massive range of adjustment for how much clearance, how much ride height you need and theres a couple options. You can have a stiff or soft ride and you can turn brake regen to low or high, which ive kept it on high as much as possible, while driving, because it is actually calibrated for one pedal driving, which is awesome.

A its a pickup truck ill just say: ive never had more fun driving a truck ever so great for highway driving has a pretty tight turning radius too for a truck which is partially due to the torque vectoring you get from having one motor at each wheel. Now, theres also a conserve mode, which is good for saving battery and maximizing your range, if youre doing some sort of road trip stuff, and it really does hunker down the suspension in the sport and conserve modes for the best aerodynamic efficiency and the firm ride. But im sure that most people are most interested in the off road stuff, which actually has several versions, has automatic rock crawl rally and drift mode casual. Now i didnt really get to really off road in the couple of hours that im out here near the studio in new jersey, but i did take it off on a dirt path that i would never take my car and its a truck it handled it with Ease with these tires as youd expect – and it was a pretty great demo actually of how the suspension can really go from very firm to very soft and adaptive and just absorb all the rocks in the terrain. So this truck is capable of way more off roading than i was able to throw at it. The bottom is plated in metal and there are even more aggressive off roading tire packages. Theres, a great video from zach on the j rig everything channel where he gets to put it through some rock crawling and the thing absolutely eats whatever you throw at it and it does it in silence too thats.

The thing i mean we all already knew evs were quiet but theres, something about driving around through crazy mud or rocks in nature and not drowning out everything with the sound of the engine, but just hearing the tires. Basically, so off roading was eerily quiet in a good way, all right so number five. What makes the rivian different from other evs or other trucks? Well, the form factor is already pretty unique as a small pickup truck, but theyre also really leaning into this. Like adventure thing youre supposed to think of this more as an adventure vehicle than a normal truck and that kind of sounds cheesy at first, but hey theyre, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it to live up to that. Actually, theyre literally even throwing a kitchen sink at this thing, so look all right in the drivers, side, door, theres, a flashlight that clicks away here, hidden away and its powered by one of the cars batteries matter. Of fact, it actually has one of those exact cells inside and it just sits here. Wireless charging in case you ever need it and its a legit super bright, flashlight. Apparently the reason they did. This is because there are 7776 of these batteries in the bottom of the truck and rj. The founder just really wanted a nice number, so the flashlight had to happen. So the story goes either way: thats a nice little addition, then. Not only are there two full outlets in the trunk, but theres also an air compressor that can go up to 150 psi and it comes with a 20 foot hose that can reach all four tires.

So you can literally inflate your tires with a built in compressor on the truck or do whatever else you want with the air compressor its just there anytime. You need it and, if you check underneath the center arm, rest theres a whole bluetooth speaker separate from the car sound system that just lives under there and wireless charges all the time too, its got a huge battery, its got lights, its got a usb c port To charge your phone, it can easily be the centerpiece of a camping trip or whatever sort of adventure is happening around this car thats pretty sick. I love that and then the gear tunnel, of course, is ripe for possibilities. So it already has a full size outlet inside and tons of space, but then theres a 5 000 option on their site for a camp kitchen and your vehicle makes a locking, sound inspired by nature, all right so number six whats the charging situation right, its electric, Like i said 314 miles of range, which is pretty decent, so its its public chargers and home chargers only for now which it will happily route you to on the map, which is good, the spec sheet says it supports 200 kilowatts fast charging speeds. I stopped at an electrify america station near the studio with around 35 battery left and while the station says it supported 150 kilowatts, the car itself never got over 100 and was quoting me about an hour to charge the remaining two thirds of the battery.

So this is part of the big early question with a lot of these evs as of right now they cant use the tesla supercharging network, and this is supposed to be a vehicle you really want to adventure with. So you really dont want to be thinking about how much range you have left. You kind of just want to go, drive off into the woods and not think about it. So ideally, this rivien adventure network that theyre promising will start to get built up soon. Now, if youre a day, one customer getting a truck today that doesnt exist yet, but theyre planning on building a bunch of fast chargers at the most convenient locations for adventures and thatll kind of act like the tesla supercharger network for rivien charges fast. You can monitor it through the app etc well, see, though its getting built ill, believe it. When i see it the best part, though, about charging the rivian uh is when you plug it in, and it starts charging the led bar light at the front lights up. Green and starts pulsing, it kind of looks a little weird on camera, but its its great. I thought i saw somewhere that it was actually going to act like a progress bar and sort of light up from left to right as the charge is completed, but it doesnt do that. Maybe that would draw too much attention or maybe theyll add it with a software update, but it does light up green.

But then you know what speaking of software number seven. What is the software situation so this whole car, its got some screens inside the whole cars ui is made in house by rivian. There is no apple carplay. There is no android auto its just rivien software through and through. I was optimistic that it would be really great – you know its a california company, i will say functionally its very good and i think its actually laid out pretty well. You have the dock at the bottom, for organizing things similar to tesla, but its not super responsive and especially when manipulating the map at all, like the map is super slow and laggy, but thankfully this is something that can be improved with future iterations and yes, rivien Is one of the car companies that will be pushing over the air software updates to all their cars which they can download using the built in cell connection or wi fi and thats nice to see plus? It means they can add features later if they come up with more cool stuff. As of right now, its pretty clear by how much is happening on this 16 inch touchscreen that they are pretty heavily inspired by tesla, i mean im sure many former tesla employees who now work at rivien would agree, but i mean its the dock at the bottom. Like i mentioned, they have a security, camera mode, not sentry mode, its called gearguard and its you know a little more advanced because it can connect to a cable that comes with the car.

So if you tie something down – and someone comes by and tampers with that, cable itll automatically record and set off the alarm, but its got that going the air conditioning the way the vents move entirely by software thats, just like tesla, even the single scroll wheel and Pair of buttons on either side of the steering wheel is just like tesla and even the way you adjust the mirrors and the steering wheel. Quinn pointed this out in his video is exactly like: weve been doing with teslas for years. So plenty of inspiration here in the software department, which is not a bad thing at all, but i look forward to it getting better too so number, eight speaking of tesla software around the car to do adaptive cruise control lane keep assist cross traffic warnings, emergency braking. All the typical safety type stuff there is a full on highway assist that will do all the steering and braking and acceleration for you on select highways. You literally engage it just like a tesla. You pull down on the drive stock, all the way twice, and that turns it on, and it should keep that lane and turn the wheel for you and everything. I was able to try it a few times and i noticed like it was very picky about when it would engage like many roads with turns on them at all. It would just tell me: driver assist, was unavailable sometimes even on major highway straightaways.

If i wasnt in the middle of the lane on the straightaway it wouldnt turn on, but once it does turn on it works and just keeps you going with traffic, it can take light, turns uh yeah, its fine. It doesnt change lanes for you just so. You know youll have to disengage, it change lanes yourself and then re engage it. But again, maybe this can also be changed with a software update all right number nine. How does it compare to the other options? You know the other electric pickup trucks. I think thats, the natural question like all right: the cyber truck is gon na happen. The f 150 lightning is around the corner, maybe the hummer too. I guess so. If you look at the cyber truck thats at least a year away, but when that comes out, if we give it the benefit of the doubt and they actually deliver what they say, then at the same price as the rivian, it should outperform it. But its also a much bigger truck with a very very different style itll be a triple motor cyber truck at that price. Itll do 14 000 pounds of towing, while the rivian will do 11 000 pounds and, of course, cyber truck has the tesla supercharger advantage. A longer predicted range – and it has much much better software, but also the yoke and a wildly minimal interior, but the f 150 lightning might actually be a more likely comparison, so they tow about the same.

The range is also pretty close about the same, but again thats going to be a much bigger truck too physically speaking and yeah same with the hummer, its just ridiculously huge. I dont know if anyones cross shopping with that personally, from the amount of fun ive had with this thing, i would pick the rivian every time and i think its the most promising for a bunch of reasons, its the most daily able, because of the size and The range and the comfort i love the powered frunk and the gear tunnel and its just so much fun to drive. I really have to cross my fingers for that. Rivien adventure network fit and finish also was excellent, pretty much everywhere inside the truck, except for this little plastic latch on the gear tunnel, storage compartment that probably could have been metal or something but whatever, and it seems like theyre starting deliveries really soon. I believe the first ones are out there in the wild already so heres the big one number 10. Should you get it? Well, this isnt a full review. Ive only had the thing for like 30 hours, but look if youve got 70 grand burning a hole in your pocket and youre looking for a pickup truck to daily. I would keep this one on the shortlist, its its really fun now. Rivian also has an suv. The r1s coming later, its got a slightly shorter wheelbase, but essentially its the same type of adventure vehicle without a truck bed that should be cool to see and its just its overall super cool to see real, genuine competition starting to fill out the space.

You know, i think someone asked on twitter if this is a tesla killer or something no, not everything that comes out. Thats electric has to be a tesla killer. The tesla truck isnt even out yet but electric trucks as a whole will benefit from really good ones. Coming out, so they all boost each other up, and i love that so the entire industry going electric just got a little bit faster thanks to this one, thanks to rivian for letting me borrow this thing for a day. I hope you guys enjoyed this first.