This is what it actually looks like mmm curvy. I drove a prototype version in korea recently. Hence that camouflage covering the car that youre watching and in this quick review ill give you a rundown on the latest ev from hyundai lets get to it. But remember if you want to read my more detailed written piece, youll find it at the cars guide site. The links in the description, Music, confirmed pricing not just yet but hyundai has basically told us that youll pay about the same for the ionic 6, as you will for the ioniq 5, and that means a base model price around 70 grand and a top spec model. With all wheel, drive and more power for about 80 grand youll get big dual digital screens 20 inch wheels as standard and that pixel led lighting, which hyundai has made a focal point for the ioniq electric models. Eco friendly interior materials are also on the kit list. Its shaping up as pretty good value as a rival to the tesla model, 3 and polestar 2. stay tuned for more detail prior to the ionic 6s aussie launch in 2023. Hyundai calls the ioniq 6 an electrified streamliner, but really it has four doors: a boot, lid and seating for five, so its an electric sedan, but its not like most other sedans. There are no square edges to speak of, and it has one of the lowest drag coefficients of any production car. To date it looks phenomenal.

Mostly, there are some angles that are amazing and the real light signature has more than a bit of classic porsche 911 to it, but it can also look a little droopy from some angles, though i think the color you choose plays a significant role in the success Of the styling of this car agree disagree. Let me know in the comments inside there are some beautiful touches, like the wingtip design flourishes at the edges of the dash, which double as monitors for the optional digital mirrors and its a pretty clever cabin space. Read my review for my thoughts on the usability and practicality of the space in australia. Theres going to be two options at launch for the ionic 6s powertrain both are going to run the same 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack and while power outputs for the single motor rear, wheel, drive version remain unconfirmed at the time were publishing this the twin motor, all Wheel drive is good for a healthy 2′ kilowatts of power and 605 newton meters of torque according to hyundai thatll help this sleek machine sprint from 0 to 100 in 5.1 seconds. My drive experience was brief. I had about 14 minutes behind the wheel of the new ionic 6 on roads around the brands nam yang, proving ground, and i was impressed with it. On the whole, the steering was nice and accurate, and while the suspension was a bit bumpy, the car i drove wasnt really representative of the suspension setup we will get in australia anyway.

Is it quick yep like most evs, the all wheel, drive model i tested was pretty rapid but not like a tesla model 3 performance which really throws you back in your seat, but there could be an ionic 6n that will more closely rival that ev hoon. There is no official energy consumption figures for our market just yet so stay tuned. However, the aussie spec 77.4 kilowatt hour rear wheel drive, is expected to offer acclaimed wltp driving range of more than 610 kilometers. Our all wheel drive test car was showing in excess of 500 ks of predicted range in normal driving mode and more in eco mode. The brands egmp underpinnings with 800 volt fast charging capability mean you can juice up from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. When using a high speed, 350 kilowatt dc charger nice, if my well too brief prototype drive, was anything to go by hyundai is on to a winner with the ionic 6 electric car, this sleek sedan, oh sorry, electrified streamliner will offer an intriguing option for customers.