. That is nothing sold, thats not fully. Electric and part of that transition is the launch of the c40, which is their first vehicle designed solely as an electric vehicle. This is what im going to cover in this review. Weve got a lot of things to get through, so stick around lets check out the c40 Music. The c40, just like the xc40 recharge and the polestar 2, have the same type of powertrain uh combination. There is a dual motor, all wheel, drive system and they are connected to a 78 kilowatt hour battery, notable of which 75 of it is usable, thats important to bear in mind when charging ill get into that later on. This offers a lot of potential with a battery that size and a vehicle like this. This could be either something with a lot of range or can be something with a fair amount of power and performance thats. Something were seeing nowadays with evs. You know the more choices we have. The more side of segmenting were seeing with how the automaker wants to present it. So with the c40, it is about power. The output of this powertrain combination is 402 net horsepower and 486 pound feet of torque. So thats a lot of fun in a small package. In fact, in terms of acceleration times, youre looking at zero to a hundred kilometers an hour in 4.7 seconds and zero to 60 miles per hour in about 4.3 seconds. But, of course, the trade off when youre going to take the amount of energy you have the usable energy and give it more towards output, youre, going to sacrifice some of the range, and that is one thing that happens here, because the uh posted range driving range For this c40, you know is similar to what we saw with the xc40 recharge when it came out its only 364 kilometers, which is a 226 miles.

I mean thats, not bad, but certainly with what were seeing coming out in model 22 and 2023s were seeing. Many vehicles surpass that um, but of course, thats also just a bench line measurement in in ideal conditions. You know you would easily be able to get well. Above 400 kilometers, you know its warm weather now and, of course, thats going to be something to the benefit. Warm weather is going to be better for rains and cold weather, but its also really hot ive had to rely on air conditioning so thats going to take some of it away, but thats your baseline and thats. The sacrifice more power and performance less range overall. Another way you can see how a vehicle performs not only just with range but were going to be looking at efficiency and energy efficiency is an increasingly important metric. You should be using with electric vehicles. Now we have more and more models coming out. We have to better compare them at how well they use the energy they have, and it can be programmed by the way. This c40, because of its preference on performance and power does not do very well. It is not a very efficient vehicle, there can be improvements, but right now its one of the least efficient out there. You can measure it, just as you would with you know, miles per gallon or liters per hundred kilometers. There are different ways to indicate how efficient it is.

The c40 is rated at um, two metrics one is in terms of how much energy per 100 miles or kilometers. So, in that case, this is rated at ‘ kilowatt hours per 100 miles, which would also be 20, basically 24 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. Another way of indicating that uh would be just basically how much distance you can get on a single equivalent of a gallon of gas, so youve got in the u.s 87 mpge is the metric in canada, that is, 2.7 liters e per 100 kilometers, the c40. Of course is based upon the xc40, whereas the the xc40 recharge is a crossover. This is what you would call a traditional crossover, coupe or crossover, coupe and uh thats uh, providing some exterior design differences, but also some commonalities, and i just want to go through the exterior look of this right now from the b pillar forward, uh between the xc40 Recharge and the c40 youre looking at pretty much the same designs, you have your traditional thors, hammer headlights, of course, which is synonymous with all volvo vehicles right now, where this front is different with the xc40 gas model and both the xc40 recharge and c40. Of course, is the color coordinated, color matched front grille uh, you dont need air intakes with no engine, so thats why theres no actual grill there, but when you move beyond from the b pillar back while the the fender lines and the body lines are still relatively Consistent its when you get here to this really dramatically, sw swooped back uh, this line here, where its aggressively lined and now you have what volvo calls a more athletic presentation and i would agree, i really do think this is a sharp looking vehicle.

You have this rapidly swooped back down here. You have air intakes on the overhead to provide better aerodynamics, as well as helping to clear the rear windshield for water. I mean again theres no rear, wiper blade, which is not as much a problem here as it is with, say the ionic five. That really seems to be the one vehicle without a rear, wiper blade that is struggling with it. Youve got your spoiler here as well, and the rear taillights well again, that very signature, volvo style, theyre segmented, and so it prevents a really unique look overall. Probably an engineering challenge too, but really nice and distinctive its always important, to know where the charge port is on an ev because it can be in different placements, and here it is driver, side, driver side, north america so left hand side at the rear. If you have a previous ev, i mean you hope that is consistent if you built a home charger, so its always important to know where it is in my case right now where i live its probably the least convenient spot, but its good to know thats, where It is what also helps with the exterior, of course, youve got. Your blocked tops for the distinctiveness and again another sort of more aggressive, uh presentation, but you also are sitting a little bit higher. This crossover coupe is the ground. Clearance is basically about seven inches, not enough to go full off roading, but if youre on a cottage road thats a nice clearance there, but youre also riding on these 20 inch wheels.

Youve got your five spoke alloy design and its 235 on the fronts and 255s. Here, in the back so again, its really a bit of a hefty overall look to it and the general presentation throw in this really unique color too, they call it fjord, blue and thats, really the signature color of this vehicle. It also is inspired according to the design team at novel by sweden itself. I mean the climate there in their own words is generally, you know, gray, not a lot of daylight, but when the sun does come out in sweden, everything just changes. It brightens the perspective. So um as sort of a homage to that with the blue skies on great days, this fjord blue, is their signature color, which carries on into the inside and ill show you in a bit. I really like the look of this xc40 uh or sorry. I said it again: i really like the look of the c40, much better, i think, than the xc40. So for the c40 we have to talk about charging and i might as well do that right now, as i am actually at a fast charging station im at an electrify canada fast charging station. The c40 here has up to 150 kilowatt uh dc fast charging capabilities. Im at a 150 charger right now, uh according to time in terms of how long it would take to charge in the published literature youre, looking at 10 to 80 in 37 minutes, thats, always under ideal situations, ive weve been getting a lot into uh charging speeds.

Obviously, theres a lot of factors that go into how fast a vehicle will charge the temperature of the battery the ambient temperature that youre in at the moment in winter time it will be slower, of course, but right now this is pretty much ideal condition. So i will keep an eye if that 10 to 80 percent. I started at about 15, so well see how it goes. All c40 owners will receive with the vehicle a um, a portable uh, 12240 volt charging cable, its got an adapter, so you can get into level two charging. If you want um, it has the ability to now this this vehicle. The c40 will take a level two charging uh up to 11 kilowatt max, so thats 48 amps uh. And if you had an up to 11 kilowatt charger uh, you would be able to fully recharge this battery from np to full. In about eight hours with the cable, it only has up to a nine kilowatt potential, its a 40 amp. In that case itll. Take you about nine hours because of the fact that i mentioned earlier that uh most of the battery is usable theres only about three kilowatts, not usable uh volvo recommends that you never charge above 90. Theyll, probably always be some times, but because of its so close uh to uh the full amount of the battery thats usable, they dont want you typically going to a hundred percent. I guess if you did, youd really have to trickle up to the top, but were looking at uh.

You know 90. Is the recommendation so well see how this goes as a charging ill keep an eye on time? And let you know how long it took me in the end. Well, the claim that they make. It seems to be true, because i went from about 15 to 80 in 34 minutes. When you look at the interior of the c40 youre going to see a lot of similarities to the xc40 just like on the exterior, but also like on the exterior youre, going to see some pretty unique differences now, overall, the general concept of swedish minimalism remains at Play here there is not a lot about the interface and the center console thats going to overwhelm you its not overly intricate. In fact it as they say it really is quite simplistic and minimalist. You are certainly uh the center console here. You have your nine inch center screen its getting a bit small by comparison, i think, to what we see with uh other evs in the market. You know it its. I dont know if its quite getting a bit long in the tooth, but certainly its been around a while, and you know, certainly theres a host of information here. You can obviously um program it to set what you want. Youve got your music and your maps. I am keeping my my eevee range on my home screen here on the center console. You can change that up the operating system here in the c40 similar to the xc40 is a native google android system.

Now thats, not android, auto thats, not the same thing uh. It is an operating system for the vehicle uh it it operates in the voice commands. That way are very much as if you were to be using google at home or commanding google for voice commands, so it you have. The ability to to you know obviously get for directions or adjust your climate settings. One thing you can do is i can actually do some jokes here. Hey google tell me a bad joke, whats the difference between a guitar and a fish. You can tune a guitar, but you cant tune a fish. Well, there you go in case. You need a bad joke along the drive its available there. For you, the the the instrument cluster, of course, is typical swedish minimalism theres, not a lot of information. You can get on there. Youve got your speeds. You can actually put your map visualized right here in the information cluster. You can also get a trip meter but thats about it. Its really not much else you can do. There are a number of differences in the interior compared to the xc40 that fjord blue color scheme, which we saw on the outside, does carry forward in the interior as well theres a lot of carpeting on the doors panels on the sides here and its the same Color, blue and actually its a really nice color combination it it doesnt detract at all its, not gauche.

I mean some of these cover combinations were seeing nowadays are quite out there. This works really well another really unique feature here: the trim panels and on the door panels. There is sort of a um, a textured kind of pattern. It is a rippled effect and its supposed to actually emulate the topography of a park and suite in a a bisco national park. They sort of took a landscape, and i mean thats cool, but whats really neat is its backlit on the door panels and on here. So at night, what you see is this sort of illuminated uh translucent and its a really cool effect, and at night its you know, theres a really neat, visual and – and i quite i didnt – expect it at first. I really really like it: volvo is making commitments to sustainability, of course, by going all electric, but you also have to add these ideas and thoughts to the interior and uh. That comes with such things as the the trim panels, for example, that illuminate they are made partially with recycled plastic and the carpeting. This blue carpeting is made from 100 recycled pet plastic thats the same plastic. You would have in drink bottles or even you know, cups. Like this here, eventually, that would become uh, broken down and turned into this fabric, even the seats that we have no longer. The c40 is the first vehicle volvo has ever offered without a leather seating option.

Instead, youve got a one two options: you have wool fibers as a sort of a base material, and here this combination of suede and micro deck is the other combination, but the suede is also manufactured using recycled pet plastic. So youre looking you know, sustainability outside and in the ranked hood line. That is synonymous with that coupe. The distinctive look thats different with the c40 compared to the xc40, obviously makes it look good, but it does reduce uh space on the inside, so you have less headroom in the second row, but it also has an impact on cargo space now in terms of cargo. Uh with the second row seats up your your rear cargo space is just that 17.3 cube feet, um its, not bad, but not great. This is a small vehicle, so thats to be expected. In a sense, there is uh, the seats will fall down 60 40 and then, when that happens, youre up to 42.6 cubic feet. If you have a long item like skis, there is a middle where the uh, the cup holders would come out. You can actually push it through and if you just want to do that, additionally, there is a small frunk underneath its like a cubic feet. So its not really. Maybe you want to hide something, maybe its good for putting cables in there. But there is a little bit there. You also have some center storage console space here, uh, but i mean theres, not a ton of interior storage space in terms of actual performance and drive itself.

I mean this vehicle is fun. I mean all electric vehicles with the maximum torque at zero, rpms and and all the other features, especially with this one being weighted towards power, its a blast, its weighted, its balanced, the low center of gravity thanks to the batteries, makes it enjoyable but theres a couple. Little annoyances i have in the drive uh, you know how it dries number one is: there is theres, no sport drive mode, eco drive mode, its just drive and really the only other alternative you can have from just simple driving is you can employ one pedal driving Which is possible, youve actually got to enter the settings on your center screen to do so, and then, of course, with one pedal driving you, you have basically a high regen mode and you just take your foot off the accelerator and it will, you know, break and You would come to a full stop. Um some people love one pedal driving. I do like it, but i like it in the right situation. Um. I i find the best place for one pedal: driving is on a lovely sort of country, road where youve got twists and turns and youve got to. Maybe you know go back and forth between accelerator and brake pedal. The the drawback with one pedal driving. Is you always have to have pressure on the pedal, and i find if you do that, for a long period of time your foot tends to be fatigued and thats always been my experience, and i sometimes would prefer not to so i i would have loved to Have seen sort of another option if we had you know, like you see in some of the you know, the hyundais or key is where you have.

You know, stepped up regen modes. Do you want a little regen? Do you want a lot? This could use that and i think it would be something to see uh coming back if they could ever add that one of the most important things for evs to become mainstream and become the tipping point where they are dominant is variety. We need to have a lot of different models out there and not just in terms of size or category but the type of vehicle. Do you want performance or efficiency or functionality and with something like the volvo c40? We see an example of a compact electric vehicle with that big battery, but chose to go for power as opposed to range and thats, something that is an important part. I dont think this is going to be a big seller. Overall, i mean its uh expensive as well, and you know theres things that will be not appealing for many, but for those looking for something like this, i mean great its a good choice and the more we see a variety, the better its going to be in The end, i hope you enjoyed this video and, if youre not subscribed to my channel, please consider doing so. If you are subscribed, dont forget to ring that bell, so that youre notified every time. I upload something new thats it for now im eric novak.