Comfortably has strong range and has an unbelievable base price of just 28 grand Music hi. My name is jake reporting for and today were gon na. Take a look at possibly one of the best ev bargains around the new chevrolet bolt euv. Curiously, despite being a new model, the euv looks suspiciously similar to the chevrolet bolt ev its little sibling. That means it rolls, on a very similar front, end design as the bulk got refreshed from the 2022 model year and even rolls on similarly styled 17 inch wheels. Its really only once take a step back that you realize how much larger the bolt euv is compared to a regular bolt model, its some six inches longer overall, as well as a few tenths of an inch taller and a few tenths of an inch wider. But the extra length is the big thing youre going to notice, because that should translate into a much roomier cabin compared to the smaller model. Our tester is a fully loaded premier trim, which means this interior is quite nice. We have this two tone: light and dark gray, interior with splashes of leather across the dash and the door cards, and, of course, these seats, which are also heated and ventilated, the steering wheel, also heated thats, not where the goodies end. In this thing, it also helps with quite a lot of tech. In here we have things like a seven speaker, bose audio system, wireless phone charging, and this 10 inch infotainment display here that has functionality like wireless apple, carplay and wireless android.

Auto, oh and dont forget this large panoramic roof while features like a two tone: interior and a panoramic sunroof are exclusive to the premiere trim on the bolt euv. Some general perks of this larger form factor are definitely in terms of interior volume. Now i know for a fact, after recently, having hopped out of a bolt ev, that the back seat in this thing is notably larger, im six foot one. I have the drivers seat in my seating position. I have several inches of knee room here and just enough headroom to fit back here, comfortably Music being based on the bolt ev. Unsurprisingly, the euv is a nice driving vehicle. Chevrolet calls the euv because it stands for electric utility vehicle. This is definitely more of a crossover than a conventional suv as such, especially in terms of the packaging and the size, because, while it does make great use of its available space, this interior, as ive mentioned, is quite spacious and comfortable. This definitely is a smaller riding vehicle on the road for perspective, i would say the euv is actually quite close to the chevrolet tracks in terms of its size, which is the smallest crossover that chevrolet currently sells, but because this is basically a lifted up slightly larger Car, that means it handles and rides quite nicely. This thing is definitely geared towards comfort, which is a okay with me. All of this is fine, because the bolts whole driving experience top to bottom is definitely geared towards that comfort.

The cabin is well insulated and feels quite stable and quiet at freeway speeds and the power delivery of this electrified powertrain is smooth. The stats on paper are pretty commendable. The euv is powered by a 65 kilowatt hour. Battery pack stuffed in the floor here which sends power to a single electric motor up front. Yes, this thing is front wheel drive only no dual motor all wheel, drive setup is available at present time. That set. His combination is solid. It returns 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque. Chevrolet claims is 0 60 in seven seconds flat, so its certainly punching off the day to day drive. Keen viewers will note thats the same powertrain you get in the regular bolt ev in that vehicle, its good for 259 miles of range, but because the euv is slightly larger and has about a 250 pound weight penalty. The range dropped 12 miles to acclaimed 247. On a full charge, the big advantage that chevrolet has with the bolt ev and euv right now is definitely the price. For the 2023 model year, general motors announced a severe price drop, which is pretty much unheard of. The ev gets dropped by 6 300 bucks. This euv is now 5 900 bucks less, which is how you get that amazing 28 grand face price. There are a combination of factors involved with that, including the fact that general motors chevrolets parent company has sold over 200 000 evs, which means they no longer qualify for the federal tax rebate, which was a 7 500 tax write off.

You could get come tax time buying an ev. Instead, chevrolet has opted to drop the price right up front, which i suspect is the better solution for more people, because not everyones, going to have 7 500 with a tax liability come april, but everyone can enjoy the new reduced price and for what its worth? The edict has come down from hq to the dealership network that they should honor the 2023 model year price for existing 2022s. So no need to wait if theres one in stock in your area, some other ev isms you should know – is that the bolt of course supports dc fast charging, though this does not roll on the newer 800 volt architecture you get in the next generation altium battery Pack that general motors be putting in their vehicles going forward that set is totally fine for day to day use because its not often youre gon na find chargers that can charge fast enough to really take advantage of that, though, chevrolet knows that charging is a hurdle When it comes to electrified vehicles, especially with cars like the volt ev and the euv, where, because of the low price point, they might often be peoples first experience with electric car. So to that end, chevrolet is offering free level 2 charger installations at your home. If you buy one of these things, a level 2 charger, also known as an ac charger, will give you about 20 miles of range per hour.

Its plugged in so basically, if you plug it in overnight, itll, be fully charged the next day, while were talking about the dollars and cents of the euv. I want to go over how much our tester costs. This is a fully loaded premier trim, as ive mentioned earlier in the video it has all the interior upgrades and a few standalone goodies, including gms super cruise autonomous driving technology. The price for this well equipped example is 37 grand which is still an absolute bargain, because that is thousands of dollars less than the base price of a hyundai ioniq 5 or a kia niro ev or a mustang mock e thats. Absolutely the huge appeal here, because even if you have nits to pick about the bolt or the bolt euv with the low price point, well all is forgiven. But that brings me back to super cruise, because that is a huge perk of buying the bolt. Euv. Is that you can get that technology added onto this vehicle? Yes, the time being is exclusive to the euv. The ev cant get it supercruise costs 2 200 bucks to be added on to your vehicle, and basically it works on the interstates around this country. Gm claims theres over a hundred thousand miles of approved interstate in their system and theyre continually, adding to it unlike say, teslas autopilot super cruise is not intended for town or city driving, and it will not activate as such. It really only is for the freeway.

That said, my experiences overall have been quite positive with the system sure there are a few hiccups where it doesnt quite know, every single stretch of road across los angeles, but when the system is operating it does work quite nicely. It is certainly very relaxing to go down the road and have this thing accelerate steer brake for you. You kind of just sit there or a passenger that said dont plan on taking any naps behind the wheel because they have an occupancy sensor right here, keeping an eye on you making sure youre paying attention to the road ahead. If its not already clear, im massively impressed with the bolt ev and this new euv model, the combination of the stellar price point making this affordable for most buyers, along with things like the solid range and the great list of equipment, especially on this top tier euv. Premier trim makes it a really easy recommendation for a vehicle to go check out. There are absolutely still hurdles when it comes to owning electric vehicle. You know relying on public charging like i have been is challenging, but thanks to chevrolet, offering home charger installs and with this low price. I absolutely see this experience appealing to a lot of people, because once you take away the the difficulties or the uncertainties of how do i charge this thing? How do i do it? It really does make this experience about as seamless echo as it could possibly be and lets be honest, 37 grand for a fully loaded.