The show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry, foreign automakers, are losing the eevee race in china last month, chinese brands accounted for 73 percent of sales for new energy vehicles of passenger cars. Thats up nine percentage points from a year ago. Byd cherry and gac led the way tesla only accounted for 1.2 percent of the new energy vehicle segment down from 2.2 percent. Last year, foreign automakers, like volkswagen and general motors, which are still the largest automakers in china by sales volume, are minor players in the nev segment, while they have a full lineup of evs on the way, its clear that domestic chinese automakers have grabbed. The first mover advantage and they have no intention of giving up their lead and it looks like china just took the lead in the robo taxi race, too. Baidu became the first company in china to offer fully autonomous taxi rides with no safety driver people in chong. King and wuhan can use the service, which is called apollo, go rides, cost two dollars and 37 cents, plus another 41 cents per kilometer in the u.s. Waymo and cruz also offer robo taxi rides, but only in two cities phoenix in san francisco baidu, which is an internet services company claims it has the most patents globally for autonomous technology. Earlier in the year when the u.s postal service announced plans to update its fleet of vehicles, it only planned for 10 percent to be electric that unleashed a ton of criticism.

So the usps increased that number to 40 percent. But that means a good portion of its fleet will still be gas. Guzzling delivery vehicles that only get 8.6 miles to the gallon. The post office said it would need 3.3 billion dollars more to go fully electric. Well, it just got the money as part of the big climate bill that just passed in the senate, the usps gets 3 billion dollars to electrify its fleet at scheffler. We pioneer motion Music, electrifying mobility, manufacturing, smarter, reducing co2 emissions, making energy production clean, scheffler, pioneers motion to advance how the world moves Music. We want to know what drives your testing ota connected car diagnostics. Remote testing intrepid control systems is here to help you work from anywhere intrepid control systems driven by your data, say what is it with minivans in china they have some of the most expressive styling in the world. This is the double 009 from a company called zikr, which is a premium electric brand from chinese automaker jeely, its massive shiny, grill jumps out at you right away. Zieker calls it the fountain of light thanks to 154 strips of leds. The double 09 is built on geelys, sustainable experience, architecture and features three rows of seating with room for six people, thats the same platform zekers other model. The double 01 is built on as well as lotuss new suv, the eletra and the upcoming polestar 5, which will be the production version of the precept concept.

The double 09 is said to have a 700 kilometer or 434 mile range, but thats based on the outdated nedc test cycle. So real range will be less its predicted to reach those figures. With a 100 kilowatt hour battery pack and a 272 horsepower electric motor that drives the rear wheels, the van will go on sale in china before the year is out. Speaking of evs in china, the seic gm wu ling joint venture announced it sold its 1 millionth electric vehicle in china, since it first introduced its first ev in 2017., thats a slow ramp up for sure, but a lot of that came in the last two years. Thanks to the success of woolings, cheap, little mini ev and the numbers will only continue to grow as we reported previously. Wuling started producing the joint ventures first model outside of china. The right hand steer air ev in indonesia. Not only does that provided an export hub, but a way to avoid geopolitical issues should they arise. The jv also revealed that they will expand their nav lineups to include hybrids and plug in hybrids which car brands have the lowest operating costs and which ones have the highest. Well, youre going to be shocked by a consumer report study that ranks brands by how much they cost to maintain and repair per year after 5 and ten years of ownership. Stunningly cadillac is the least expensive brand to maintain only costing owners 225 dollars per year.

On average, after the vehicle is 10 years old, the average owner spends 208 dollars annually on repairs on a vehicle that is 5 years old and 406 dollars a year after 10 years. So cadillac is way below that then comes buick, toyota, chrysler and mazda, and at the other end of the spectrum. Bmw is the most expensive brand, costing nine hundred and eleven dollars a year on average. Once the vehicle is a decade old, european luxury brands dominate the most expensive list, including audi mercedes, volvo and mini consumer reports, says parts and labor are far more expensive with the european automakers Applause Music, with global reach across three continents, tajin automotive technologies make vehicles lighter Safer and more eco, friendly tajin automotive technologies, the formula for better mobility heres a good way to tick off your customers, general motors is forcing buyers to pay fifteen hundred dollars for an onstar plan. Thats listed on the window sticker as optional. The three year plan is standard, but owners will be charged even if they dont activate onstar. Since the beginning of june, buick and gmc buyers have been forced to pay for the package. Cadillac started, doing it in july, and chevy will soon disclose its plans. Gm claims, by making onstar standard it will enhance the ownership experience, but not surprisingly, customers arent happy with this, and even dealers are upset because they have to go along with it. Mercedes is opening up the order books for the eqs suv in europe.

So now we know what the big electric suv will cost. In germany, it starts over 110 500 euros, including taxes, which is about 113 000. The top of the line eqs 584matic, starts at roughly 135 300 euros or about five hundred 138.500. The eqs suv is built at mercedes plant in the us, and the first examples will reach customers in december and hey weve got a great auto line after hours coming up on thursday, sandy monroe will be back on the show and well get his insights on everything. From what he sees going on in the auto industry today to how he turned into a youtube star so join john and gary for what promises to be a lively, unscripted and brutally honest discussion but thats the end of todays show thanks for joining us and well Be right back here again tomorrow, Music, auto line daily, is brought to you by bridgestone solutions for your journey.