Readers so were going to do the ev sector. Today we actually havent done that since um late july, its 7 27, so um been about a week or two, maybe so, um ill, obviously review 720 onward and um doesnt really look like. We need new lines for tesla, maybe ill, add a couple extra, but clearly what we had here should have been enough to at least guide you again. This is not financial advice, but if youre using this hey, why not? I will say that again were going to see some movement because there is some after hours but nonetheless like i said we did this on the 27th, so that was the end of this trading day. Right so im sure we were going to talk about this 100 right, we closed just under it if it opened above, which you see here generally, that should give you a good inkling that were going to run to the next line right a pretty dominant day after We break this line and again i hope you do see that right. It happens again right here, just as you break lines, they should be relatively significant right from there. It definitely cooled off a little bit as it hit this 200 right. Um dont get me wrong. A couple things that i do want to call out it: a moving average is always going to be hard to break, especially the highest one right. The 200 is our highest one.

The rest are obviously smaller numbers right from there look. I talk about the rsi, often what how high was this? This thing was pushing 90 right. It was. It was basically high 80s as of this day, and i always say you know its a its an 80 to 30 mix right so once youre a little too high on the rsi youre, not going to have that momentum that youre going to want to break through Right you kind of want to be in the 60 range. Almost where were at now, right, even lower, is even better right, but if we get a good curve up with the green over the red and a good low number, you know its a little more likely to break a line than it would be if youre just Up here right so thats, why i do always stress that, like 30 to 80 range on the rsi, but what are we looking at right now? Right again, this drop from the 200 is not something im necessarily too worried about right. That is a pretty natural drop im im a little sad to see that weve actually been three days in a row under the 8 right. We obviously want to get over the 8 if were not in it already, but it does look like this. 100 is actually a good little saver here right, so we got stopped exactly on the line which is good and then almost kept falling, but it looks like were bouncing off this hundred right, so my goal would be to get over the eight and then get over The 200 and then hopefully fly so let me make a couple lines up here.

Excuse me ill put one right there and then i think thatll be a good one right there and really. I think that that should be enough again look. You can probably put something right here, or probably even actually right here, thats pretty much in line with the 200 right. So i imagine thats thats what happened last time when making the video theres clearly something happening right here, right youre hitting these three greens but um im just going to stick with the 100, the 200 moving so thats. Why theres no line in between so yeah tesla? Overall, let me just look at the weekly real, quick again look at so whats. The weekly at right were clearly struggling to get over this 50 right. If it gets over, the 50 im sure thatll coincide with getting over the 200 on the daily and then you know we start going up from there. If both lines are difficult, hey, we might come down and hopefully get caught right so on the weekly and on the daily, its kind of the same thing right. What did the rsi look like on the weekly? You know its a better weekly. I will say that its relatively low, the green is over the red um again different time frames right if youre willing to hold it for a week, its its going to be a little uh less movement than in a day right, so um but yeah. That was a quick review of the top dog which is tesla right uh from there.

The next one is mullen m. U l, n! So um! I know i i feel like people got a little sad when i made this video its funny. I actually got a comment on it: um, because weve talked about mullen once or twice and ive never really been wildly bullish on it. This is somewhat of a meme stock too, in many ways, im gon na just zoom out hard right. This thing went from down here to up here in nothing right, so it literally went from 50 cents to lets. Call it three dollars right, and i know it happened again back here where it was literally just hovering at two before it just flew to 16 right. So this thing has had the power to do some wild stuff. Nonetheless, look we we made this last video on the the 27th weve. Clearly we bounced off the 78. So in many ways you could have played this bounce of the 78 to the 96 because it looks like it almost came just under by a penny. If i had to guess right, it doesnt quite look like oh look. High of the day is 0.96 exactly on the line right so um there were. There was a play here in this channel if you wanted, but look nonetheless long term for a good couple day swing. I i just i dont like it under the eight. I i sincerely dont right as good as i do believe my lines are, and you know the possibility of a bounce within a channel is always there under the eight just stay away, theres better places to put your money.

You know um my my opinion. Of course not financial advice, but overall, what are we looking at at mullen? Honestly, nothing spectacular right, um were were still in this channel. I guess theres still another hope that we might bounce up right um. This point seven eight has now saved us one, two ill call it three four five times right, so another couple cracks and this might break, and i dont know if i drew any lower lines yeah i did actually so um. We might drop almost almost 20 percent. Actually right, um, 77 7 cents down would take us to 70.. Another 7 cents down will take us to 63 right. So if you lose 0.78, that could be really bad again. I need to get over the eight before im. Even considering this um rsi is low, but again green still needs to get over the red its not even over the red, and then that macd is so tight im just gon na yeah, it just looks like red, is over green um were clearly in the negative, As well so yeah mullen doesnt, look spectacular at all um on the weekly again, it kind of looks the same right, um yeah, just im. It needs to get over 86 cents by friday if it doesnt close above 86 cents by friday. That could be real troublesome, um whats, this 50 line 82 cents would, i guess, be okay thats pretty much where were sitting right now again, thats by friday, right that theres two days between that but um yeah mullen theres.

Definitely a mullen needs some mean power to help it otherwise theres theres plenty of other places to look with your money, if i had to, if i had to guess okay, so what is happening here check out lidar so again, when do we make this video on The 27th yeah on thats the 28th. Actually so we made it right here. This was the last. This was the last day and clearly the next day opened over our line, which took us over both the 8 and the 20.. I love that confirmation and then look not only rode the channel but actually made its way up and then, for whatever reason there was a nice bounce and actually a break of the 50 today. So um doesnt take a lot to see. Look, we havent been over that red 50 line in a pretty long time since early june, actually, almost two months um again rsi doesnt look bad its its a little higher right, its almost 70. But again i could. I could see that going up lets see what was this back here. Oh okay, lets zoom out has this scene? Okay, its seen a higher um, its seen a good rsi, its hit 91 before interesting, okay um. Nonetheless, what am i looking for right tomorrow? We have to stay above this red line, so thats 265 definitely need to stay over 265 tomorrow from there itd be even better. If we can break 0.

73 um. You know the rsi is just its not low enough for me to be concerned again. It wouldnt be too surprising if we came down to this 246 and then maybe made one more attempt because look again, this was the first real attempt in two months. It might be enough to break it. I dont know right um theres. I i would want more indicators and ive talked about that right when i move my money around im using the one okay, so i i do have other indicators that i look at to see hey if this things viable or not were looking at chart readers right Now, and by no means is this a bad view right, youve seen a number of these actually just climb like i said right, so i would say again at least keep the 50. If not, you know, at least you know not at least because thats thats more than enough, but yeah break 273. If we can um because again thats at least another 10 gap right there right so nothing wrong with writing these 10 percenters im telling you so um. I want a little more info, but it doesnt look bad as long as we can actually confirm. Weve broken the 50. on the weekly. It is actually pretty good. I do think this line might be a pretty hard line. The 273.. I could see it if it breaks 273 and then we actually get to 301.

Look at that gap right i mean thats a thats, a pretty solid gap, with at least only that being in the way, so um, not too shabby actually keep an eye on lidar. Keep an eye on lidar see if um the confirmation breaks and then uh go from there. Evgo evie go. If you go name of this. Oh man. Look at this. Oh did i not draw any lines on evie go. Why did i not ah thats embarrassing? I really didnt okay, so evie go is actually i mean, obviously looking pretty bullish right so um. When did i wonder if i didnt talk about this stock? On that day, i thought i did, but nonetheless it would have happened on the 27th and i mean look it literally. It was the eight right it regained the eight and then just rode. The eight all the way up, right, um rsi in the daily, is not too low. It looks like the green wants to break it, and i mean look were pretty much at the last uh moving average right, so it could be some decent movements for ev go here. Actually this is clearly an important line right here and it looks like it broke. It today itd be good to see some confirmation ill put. What looks like a bunch of those bottom lines right there and then that one up here um, i guess ill put one more in between here. I think.

Well, take this point. I one more there we go. Okay, evie go look if it breaks. If it confirms this 200 break um, that does seem pretty bullish. Actually and the weekly. I mean that weekly looks beautiful. Look at that thing. Nice thats a thats, a pretty good rsi thats, a real nice macd rsi is pretty low and again weve actually broken the 50.. Now we got to hold it right got to hold it till friday, and then i would want one more week. Confirmation, because again were on the weekly right. This is the first one over um, but this does look pretty nice. What what line is this? Let me just 10.99 11.. A break of 11 could be pretty good as well. Um thats right here, its not too far from my 1144 but um yeah evie go. I feel bad that i didnt draw any lines down here. Let me just draw some lines down here: um again, always as a just in case right so yeah ill. Take that i think thats a good one ill. Take that i think thats a good one and do i take that or that im just gon na take that i think thats the thats, the easiest one to take. Okay, so um again a couple steps down um a number of things. I could see happening number one. I actually could see this continuing right, like i said, were back on the daily um.

I could see this actually trying to make a break for 11. 11. 40. Right um, if it was to come down, i could see it coming, maybe as low as 937 itd be even better if it only came as low as 10 right and actually got caught by the 200, but yeah evie go. I dont know why they make any lines. I do feel bad about that, but um yeah there you go. Vldr is next nice look at this okay! So again we made our video on the 27th and then pretty much from there. You can see how this exactly went right once we broke this line, this 104. It literally came up to this line right here, the 122.. There was a little bit of a channel right here. Right and again, sometimes the lines are tight, sometimes theres a gap here. It actually is all for a reason. You know what i mean so and again once it broke this, it actually not only broke that but actually came to challenge the um, the hundred wheres, the 200, the 200s up there so um. I obviously have to make a couple lines up here again this. This does look good and this was a monster day again. I dont know if there was any news or not 34 in one day is no joke right, so um, but again you could see this. You could have ridden well before it happened, actually um if you uh, if you do this, but again, this is not financial advice or anything like that.

This is just kind of showing you what technical analysis can do. Um. Let me put that one there and actually look it almost hit that right there look at that ill. Put that right. There uh its probably a penny too high, im gon na try one more time all right and then im gon na do one more basically right. There yeah it looks like it hits both of them: okay, cool, i like that, and then i guess ill do one more up here. Lets just do. Whats our high boy no ill go to this one: okay, um yeah! Again, you can probably put one right there in between those two, but i think this is a pretty good up and down um yeah again. Hopefully you use this video to get yourself uh to a pretty nice payday today, so vldr and then last up is solo. Okay, solo again is starting to truck up um again, like i said you how. Why was there lines on solo, but not not uh? If you go again, sorry thats actually bugging me im, not gon na lie. Nonetheless, um yeah again, we made this video right here on the 27th and just like most, the others were just kind of riding the channels right were coming up to what looks like the start of this next one. We also have the hundred and then theres a nice little gap until the 200 right, so um a lot can happen here.

Actually again, rsi looks like its starting to to change and its not too too bad. Um ill draw a couple lines here, because again there could be some some push up ill use that because it looked like i hit both of those yep and then i think well just use that right there yep, ah thats, not bad! Actually, i think, were good right there and then, because again the the 200s right there so um again, this ev sector, pretty much across the board, did really well mullen. Just is, unfortunately, not there right. I think mullen might need to move into the meme stock world. Instead of like this ev stock and to a lot of that, look like mullens still a little new right. So keep that in mind um.