And that is exactly what Peugeot have done for their new generation of e208 and E 2008 theyve made a few subtle tweaks that hopefully are going to make it more efficient. Its also increase the amount of miles that it can do by eight percent. Now the Peugeot e 2008 has a claimed range of 214, but are these efficiency changes enough? After all, the Peugeot e 2008 finds itself in a very competitive market of compact electric SUVs. You have things like the Hyundai Kona, the updated Kia, Niro EV and also the slightly cheaper mgz. And if you go for the long range all of those vehicles have more miles than and even the updated version of the Peugeot e 2008. So is it enough to keep buyers interested well, hopefully thats what were going to find out in todays video? So if that sounds good, please keep watching. If you like, electric car news and Electric Mobility, then here is the place to be make sure you subscribe to Electro heads Applause, just as before. The Peugeot continues to be powered by a 50 kilowatt hour battery and 100 kilowatt electric motor for 2022. Its now capable of up to 214 miles from a single charge, so changes that have been made to this generation of Peugeot e 2008 are subtle, but hopefully they should make a big difference when it comes to efficiency, but lets quickly run through the six changes that Have been made to this new generation, It Now features a new heat pump, coupled with an interior humidity sensor installed at the top of the windscreen.

This optimizes Energy Efficiency of the heating and air conditioning all cars fitted with the 17 inch wheels will now get a plus grade tires. These give you a lower rolling resistance and, in turn, will hopefully help towards that ultimate goal of better efficiency. There has been a mechanical development to a new gearbox ratio which has optimized the range on road and especially Motorway Journeys. It now gets the new generation of stalantis gear selector, which is a much Slimmer. Rocker switch its really easy to use as well, but you do have to remember that you have to have your foot on the brake as you rock up and down to select your gears. Theres also buttons for your Park and your braking mode as well. On top of all of this, you also get a very nice little carbon wrist rest, which is pretty nice. The regenerative braking mode labeled B remains active even after a push on the lever without completely stopping the engine. There is no longer any need to engage with it again during a restart. It remains active and keeps the driver settings in memory. Both active premium and Allure premium Now get Black Diamond door mirrors which look much smarter. This is something which was previously only reserved for the GT and GT premium trim. There is no doubt that one of the reasons why the Peugeot has stayed so relevant in its small SUV Market is it design. It looks super smart and I think, a lot of the time when it comes to small SUVs, the quirkier, the better.

A lot of the time their family cars with small children and those children love a car which is slightly animated, and I definitely think the Peugeot e 2008 ticks that box youve got those lion, Fang daytime running lights. On the front. It looks great now heres something very minor, but I find a little bit strange on the smaller e208. You actually get a slightly blue, tinged front badge on the Peugeot, but on the larger e2008, its just the standard, Chrome, one that you get on the petrol and Diesel models. I think thats a little bit of a shame, thats, a damn shame! The rear seats are not the biggest in its class, be comfortable back here. Ive got enough knee room, especially because these seats curve in slightly and Ive got a decent amount of Headroom as well, but six foot people would struggle back here. The middle seat is also hard to use because of the transmission tunnel, with this being based on a combustion car. Anybody sitting in the middle will have to have their knees on their chin and thats an extra shame, because theres no Center armrest either. I can usually forgive it if theres a non usable middle seat, but a good arm rest. So its a shame that thats missing. There is, however, two USB charge. Ports, which is super handy and youve, also got the isofix fitments which are tucked behind Zips, meaning that they wont get dirty and you wont, lose any of the fitments around the back again.

Youve got this very cool 3D light signature, and I also like the way theres. This chrome part on the back bumper, so its not going to get scratched up when youre lifting things in and out of the boot. Now the boot itself is actually pretty competitive and inside youll find 405 liters, which does come in below the Kia e Nero and mgzsev, which both have around 70 liters more but theres no compromise in Space over the combustion 2008 and there is space for your charging Cables under the floor, which comes height, adjustable as standard one thing I do find is this: boot lid is really quite heavy. If you dont have the electric one inside here is where the Peugeot wins: the heart of its customers, its a really smart cabin. This isnt the top spec model, but Ive still got some very nice leather edged seats which have got some nice electric blue stitching as well. It feels pretty fancy. Youve got a nice center console. It is gloss black, which isnt everybodys preference because of scratching, but then again find me a cabin which doesnt have gloss black nowadays, its become a bit of a problem. But what are you gon na do? Youve also got an average amount of storage. Ive got a nice sized door bin; it fits a big bottle of water. If I squeeze it, dont push it because you know what will happen. Ive got a little bit of storage in the armrest as well, although its not the biggest two cup holders up the front here somewhere that you can pop your mobile phone and my favorite thing on Peugeot, which Ive mentioned before youve got this little pop out area.

Here, which reveals some more storage, you, your wireless phone charging on the higher spec models, and it also has a little shelf where you can pop your mobile phone. I really like that. The screen is really clear: its not the easiest to use again three fingers and that will take you to the home screen to access everything you want. But there is a couple of things I do want, which I cant access for one satellite navigation, its a little bit of a shame that on this model, which is around the entry level, it doesnt get a Sat Nav, although thats quite common. Nowadays. This is still a 35 000 pound plus car, so I would have liked one of those, although it does get Apple, carplay and Android auto, so I cant complain too much. The other thing that I cannot seem to find is my efficiency figures. Ive looked and Ive looked along the piano key buttons which again for one these are really nice, but those are things like your climate control settings for your shortcuts, so wheres my efficiency settings. Okay, so I go home again. I cant find any efficiency settings going into driving. Youve got your driving functions, youve got your vehicle settings, but I cant find anything thats EV dedicated and if Im being silly and its somewhere, then please will a Peugeot owner. Let me know show me the efficiency figures. Charging speeds have remained a strong point for stalantis.

The Peugeot e 2008, just like all of its stablemates, can accept up to 100 kilowatts of Rapid charge, which is seriously handy if youre going on a road trip or, if youre, on a long journey. As that means you can get from naught to 80 in as little as 35 minutes, Music, electric cars are quite regularly known for their instant talk and their rapid acceleration. The Peugeot e 2008 with 136 brake horsepower is definitely quick enough. However, its not been built for performance, its power delivery is much smoother its not going to throw you back in your seat, its definitely there when you need it, especially if you pop it into the sport mode, but its just much smoother and its more of a Relaxing Drive, rather than one thats, going to turn the hairs up on the back of your neck, so have those efficiency changes now made the Peugeot better at holding its range. While it is hard to judge because its not cold at the moment and thats, really where the biggest changes have been made, because previously, when the weather dropped so did the peugeots range and very rapidly. However, I have been having the aircon on full and actually Ive been driving. This car in Eva are the sport mode or the normal mode, and its been coping really well, rather than before. When youd see it drop a lot quicker than it was actually telling you in front of you, it seems to be far more accurate, accurate Ive actually done 377 miles.

During my time of having the Peugeot and Im seeing a mile per kilowatt of 3.6 to 3.7, Which is far better than Ive ever had in any previous stalantis product, the electric version of the 2008 is actually 350 kilograms heavier than the petrol and Diesel models. And I was worried that that would mean it would be thrashy and crashy, but actually its kind of the opposite, its plushy, its soft, its really comfortable its exactly what you want from a family car. Yes, okay, theres, not much feedback from the steering wheel, but at the end of the day, thats, not really what this car was designed to do and the Citroen ec4 is still more comfortable but thats just citrons trump card. The Peugeot is very well balanced. Music. Over the last year, or so, Ive spent quite a lot of time in the previous generation of stalantis products and Ive not always had the most positive of experiences but its difficult to test. The new e 2008 in cold weather when were currently having a heat wave. But having a heat wave poses its own problems. Ive had the air conditioning on full and Ive been purposely, not driving this car in efficiency mode to see how it copes and its been coping very well. I can confidently say that I think the changes that have been made have made a difference to that range, but is the new claimed 214 miles enough to compete with other small electric SUVs in the market? I think whether this car is relevant completely depends on what you want from your electric SUV.

If you dont need to go too far, you want a quirky SUV with really smart interior and a nice comfortable place. Then this poses a great option, but if you need something thats going to do closer to 300 miles, then maybe the Peugeot isnt for you. But let me know what are the figures that youve been getting out of your existing Peugeot e 2008, and would you still consider purchasing one of these cars? If not, are you going to go for one of its Rivals? Let me know which one in the comments down below if youve enjoyed the video, please go ahead and give it a thumbs up.