To have 16 inch tires on this scooter, its definitely definitely a positive point, sports astronaut so that i can cross this mode just like that, full power, full power – you can drive it and then you can switch back to echo so that your mileage gets continuing seriously. It is fun i think, city purpose, key traffic. This scooter is really really fun: Music, only Music, um, Music, Music, Music. Its doing pretty much good actually lets take a lefty here. Lets take a left here: okay, thats good, even corner Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. It could have taken little bit better, but uh yeah uh compliant shade little, but that is one point that i see could have done better Music Music. So i dont know what Music now opinion having four modes. I think its too much, but two even three three is also okay, finite, manageable. But two is sweet. Two is very sweet, so you scooter Music, you name it. This scooter is ready to do everything unless and until meera power band lanes, low and the range goes claimed range at 115 kilometers and various test review. Videos slow already 100 plus kilometers easy one or two one or three one night eight depends on weight of the per person and where they are driving above 100, 100 percent, 100 Music Music.