We are the original racing resource where we sell all things: auto racing safety, equipment from helmets suits shoes, gloves, nomex, underwear, head and neck restraints, seats, harnesses, etc. We even are the largest distributor for packet and endless racing brake pads in the united states and if you need pads for any race car, give us a call wed be happy to help you on that. Today, id like to talk about a relatively new offering from bell, as you know, bells one of the names theyve been around since 1954 and have been making auto racing helmets ever since this is a secondary product line from bell called b2. Does that mean its a secondary quality helmet, not at all its just? The price is a little lower. This helmet is actually a kind of a slightly redone version of a helmet that they made a couple of years ago called the sport ev, which was manufactured and carried the regular bell logo on it. This helmet is manufactured in bahrain at bells brand new state of the art plant right, alongside all of the current bell models from their carbon helmets to any of their composite helmets. So this is the same exact, composite technology that bell uses in all of their other helmets. I weighed this helmet and for a composite helmet, its very light it weighed in at three pounds: 4.9 ounces, which is awfully light for a composite helmet. One of the reasons its a little bit lighter than you would think is because it has this big eye opening, and let me talk about that.

It has several real advantages, its great for a car where you have a glass windshield in front of you, youre not worried about objects flying at you and hitting you in the head like in an open car, but in that situation in an enclosed car, a big Eye opening does several things for you number one. If you run with the visor, cracked or open, you get a lot more airflow to your face number two by having a big tall, visor, opening its easy to put glasses on. If you do wear sunglasses, when you drive the other thing it allows, is when you go to look at your dash, you dont have to keep moving your head up and down to look at the dash and then to look out the windshield. This visor opens so big, you just simply move your eyes and you can look down and see the instruments and um it works very well for that. One other thing, i would say, is an advantage if you are a newer driver and have not spent your whole life wearing helmets. Like, unfortunately, i have um you, you dont get used to having a very small, narrow, visor opening, and so you tend to get claustrophobic in helmets. So this helmet, because of this big visor opening uh, would be a great choice for a first helmet. The other reason to consider this helmet is the price 299 dollars. It is snell sa 2020 approved, and it comes with all of the features that you need to meet that certification.

It has the threads built part of the shell for a head and neck restraint, so its compatible with any head and neck restraint. Hans next gen, um, schroed and so on. The interior is 100 nomex lined um. It does come again with a with a kevlar chin. Strap thats, why theyre, yellow these are fire retardant and very, very strong? It does have a foam uh trim around the visor opening thats designed to melt to the visor. If you were ever in a fire to keep smoking and flames from getting to the driver and um again, it carries bells uh, polycarbonate theyre made in house their visors and you can get light smoke dark smoke as well as clear um and the uh. The the helmet actually utilizes bells uh, if you look at some of their product line, their all their visors, their uh fresh air, inlets onto the shells, are done with these metal pieces and it uses the same exact technology on on this helmet. So its got all the great bell features and the great bell quality, but its at a lower price, and i think its a terrific entry level helmet and i would highly recommend it. We sell a ton of them if youre interested in this helmet give us a call at northstar motorsports. Our phone number is 800 356 2080 or go to our website at northstar, northstarmotorsports.com theres a whole page on this helmet. It talks about all the features and the specifications on this helmet or, if youre in the area, stop by our store located in barrington illinois, and we are open during the week nine to five and on saturdays nine, to one and wed love to see you come In talk, racing uh, try some helmets on and would be happy to to assist you finding exactly the helmet that you need thanks.