So if you see here, this is the registration form like platform, where you have to register yourself, like as your exhibitor or from media person. So this is that place. So after that they will give you like an id card, then you should. It should be scanned here. So first of all, we are here at a lts store like they are providing uh, irikshas and also uh. We are having one e motorcycle also. So this is that one rts one – and here we are having a stall called international center for automotive technology. That means icat and the second one is cool, nut and modern. I think they manufacture ev charges, batteries for e bikes and scooters, and also battery for e bikes. Also. So we are here at to solder our ev chargers, Music. I think they are the manufacturers of various chargers, so this is paradox llp. This style is related to alloy waste. See here, these are alive is now we are here at the block, eriksha stall. I think they used to make every component of that related to l3 segment eric shaws. So this is all jln phoenix energy, private limited. I think they used to manufacture batteries theyre having a number of battery and battery cells here, if you see here, and this one is insole cells and batteries private limited, these call is also regarding the batteries and cell manufacturing. Only – and this is one is auto – techno craft like this is also regarding all the equipments that are required for uh electric vehicles, especially for autos electric autos, so i think it seems to be interesting.

This name is neo neo. They are related to telematics applications and cases they used to provide stable and reliable and secure connectivity solution for all automobiles. So this is cy gold. I think they are related to all the equipment related to two wheelers. Here we are having bike hub motor sporty hub motor. I think this segment is related to hub motors, and this is a vs, ms, permanent magnetic synchronous, motor and here we are having everything that related to two wheelers. So this is the stall regarding all about that. Now we are here at the crystal stall. I think it is related to all the light components like led halogen and all kind of design lights. So, if you see here – and this is private limited – i think they deal with all three segment vehicles that is yeah. This is the best one, an interesting one. It is a green cell mobility, private limited actually actually guys. We have already made a video on this and individual video that will definitely publish so actually in this episode. There are n number of electric vehicles and the organizers of these av expo are uh, miss bharti and mr rajiv, and they are the organizers of this expo. You see her, we could find a number of electric vehicles in two wheeler segments. Most of the uh stalls are regarding uh l3 atos. I mean l3 segment orders and two wheelers only here now we are here at the supreme store.

This supreme install is regarding all like a cargo vehicle, so guys now you see here uh we are here at the mayuri, sarah electric, auto private, limited Music. This is stall called shimnit. I think they provide number place to electric vehicles and there is a stall called galaxy here. We may find some electric scooters. Electric bike is also there. I think they are connected with a two wheeler segment: a1 energy. Private, limited stall is also having uh two wheelers Music, and here we could find dyna energy solutions llp. I think they deal with all kind of batteries Music. So if you see here, this is uh high, hfl green energy, private limited, i think they are having charging points on the alto one. Drone bike is also there. I think they displayed these bike. These two charts there are also a lot of small stalls here. So this is the one very uh seems to be interesting. This stall is about lithium one. They provide cab services, electric vehicles, cab services to the corporates, and that is the best part of this install Music so guys. Actually, we have made some dedicated videos regarding all the stalls, so after publishing this video well publish all the videos one by one to know more about that stalls. Please subscribe to our channel and stay tuned. If you see here, this is also like regarding pmsn motor permit track receptacle. Actually they have arranged one blood cam here, but now they have removed it uh in the name of rotary club of aryabhat arawali in association with this eevee expo, they have organized this blood.

Cam, but i think they left from here and here we are having some kind of massage equipment and all which you see here. So this is steep and electric advanced, lithium and battery systems. Now we are here at the ashford automotive, so private limited. Actually, we have already made a dedicated video on this stall, and now we are here at rs electronic. I think they are related to all uh tv chargers. So i think this is very interesting. This is about charging and discharging test, and if you want any battery, it should need to be tested like for ais, 156 certification and ais 048 certification. We need to test the battery so that kind of equipment is this, so you have to in order to test this, and the test is for starting and discharging of batteries. Here we are having an e2 wheels, uh stall here. Also, there are a number of electric vehicles. If you see here there are many models here so here now we are here at the next electric. We also have made a dedicated video on their vehicle. So this is a paper circulation. I think print media, and here we are having a beautiful, absolute photography stall. They left already. So guys. If you see here this is the canteen Music actually guys. We have covered most of these stalls and thats all for now guys thats all about eva expo. That is happening in new delhi, pragati maidan and i already told you we have made some dedicated videos on every stall.

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