Honda e, so im going to give you a little 10 minute review, whilst its charging up okay so were also filming what its like to drive this car on a 300 mile day and thats. Why were here, charging up and its also the hottest day of the year, which has seen us in over 40 degrees celsius, which is literally a record here in the uk? So if you want to see a video about this car on a 300 mile daily trip with us check out the other video, this is just going to be our review now that i spent a day in this car before i get too far into it. I want to give a shout out to horizon honda down in christchurch our local honda dealer theyre fantastic there. Thank you to them for lending us this car for the day, uh do check out their socials, which well put in the description below and do us a favor. If you give them a like, then itll show appreciation for lending us. This car ive been able to do these videos okay, so we start at the back of the car because were facing forward charging, but they kind of look quite similar. Dont know: theyve got these round led lights front and back so, but this is in charge. Yellow very aptly named, i like the blue as well myself. Personally, so the hondurai has a 35 and a half kilowatt battery, which about 28 and a half is estimated to be usable capacity.

So weve been doing range tests on this car today and the real world range i mean its been exceptionally hot. Today the aircon has been going like the clappers and weve been on motorways, which is really the least efficient place for this. It is primarily a city car dont forget and for local commuting, but its got a range of about 100 miles, so were still doing some calculations here now, but lets say about 100 miles. I think you could do more than that with slower speed and local commuting around town, but once youre on the motorway youve got that wind resistance, knocking you back a little bit, so you get about 100 miles between charges and its got a 50 kilowatt hour. 50 kilowatt charging speed um so well check on the charging speed on this in a minute, as it tops up uh, but lets have a look around it whilst were here so. Firstly, this is an advanced model and its got the cameras all around. I think most of them advanced now, so its got an all round camera system, which is pretty good. That seems to be standard, theres also a camera just under here and another camera. Here now small car whats, the boot like well enough room for a couple of charging cables and a few shopping bags, its obviously not going to be massive. What have we got under here? Just some gubbins not too much to the week of in the way of storage there, so a fairly small boot likely inspect, but a few shopping bags would be fine parking.

Sensors are standard now im going to get in the back in a second, but let me make sure my driving seat is in my position, so in here nice wide opening, really good access, and i love this interior im going to come to that in a second. So ive got a really good position here: some manual seat adjustment, theres, no lumber but weve got some height adjustment and then backrest adjustment here whoops, which goes back really quickly, so be careful. Adjusting your driving, um, lovely spacious, foot area big floor open floor here. So lets come on set in a minute. Lets just check the rare space out as we work from the rear forward. So weve got a little door handle here right. Do i fit in the back? Well, its obviously a little bit tight but im in im. Okay, um ive got headroom. My knees are up a little bit. There is a nice flat floor all the way through which is good to see uh. So i mean i could spend a little bit of time in here. It is quite a small opening, but its a very small car, so its okay theres, a nice little row of lights across the roof here thats unusual, and then i can turn them on and off here. With this little button, i presume probably not right now, because doors open and ive got a usb port down here. In fact, ive got two usb ports down here so for its size.

I think its actually quite good in the back now. The back seat here is one big bench and what it does do is fold down, but only in one piece: theres, no split, folding rear seat. However, once it is folded, it actually is level with the boot space. So it gives a nice kind of smooth access. Point for putting something fairly boxy in here its a shame. We just dont have split fold in and its a four seater only because theres no center rear seat belt in here. So before i open the drivers side, these do only have camera wing mirrors. You dont get any physical mirrors mirrors are a real drag literally so wind resistance caused by wing mirrors is very high, a lot of air turbulence, so this has got digital cameras and the only other car driven with digital cameras is the uh, the fat eater. On the etron 55 and on that i got used to them, but i wasnt the most keen. However, with these i would say that i think theyre better than that. The actual screens are better positioned, theyre, nice and clear, even in really bright, sunlight like today. So you still get to get used to them a little bit because you dont quite get the same sense of depth perception, but i think you do. I dont think theyre too bad at all, so weve got pop out door handles, so you can also just use your phone as a key and then nice wide access to the front of the compartment.

Here and in here, like i say its nice spacious foot area, which is great flat floor, so you can even stretch out to the left there. So in here, theyve got a very high specification when these cars dont come cheap, theyre about 36 and a half thousand pounds new. But you do get a very good specification. So ive got proper heated windscreen in here. Ive got adaptive cruise control with lane keeping and that all works very well by the way heated steering wheel, heated, seats, couldnt think of anything worse for the day like today, but the air conditioning does work really well, so, even in over 40 degrees celsius. Today the cabin was cool that was good, so yeah ive got some heat a heart adjustment here, but ive got plenty of headroom here. No problem ive got a glass roof, it doesnt open, but ive got a panoramic glass roof. Ive kept that closed most of the day, just to sort of minimize the heat into the cabin here so multi function, steering wheel, whats good to see is weve got the paddles on the steering wheel here for adjusting the regen, and you can drive this car with One pedal driving and you can reduce or increase the region from these paddles, and i like to see that on cars i think thats great, auto lights, which are led of course, and then what i like as well theres, no start button so fill in the brake.

With the key in the pocket starts the car. If ive got my key in the pocket, i cant start it because im charging good point so ill show you the dashboard in a minute and then in here weve got a nice center console with your drive. Selector part reverse and drive a little button to choose from the one pedal drive in and then youve got two drive modes: either sport or normal theres, no eco mode. I didnt find too much difference between them. Sport just kind of sharpens up the throttle response. A little bit and then down in the middle weve, got some very useful cup holders in the center console. What i havent found so far, and excuse me if im missing something here, but uh is a wireless phone charger. Now, in here, underneath weve even got a three pin: 240 volt 1500 watt socket, which could be handy for charging laptops and stuff theres, also an hdmi input, so you could even plug in a computer, console and place some stuff on the screen. I guess and theres a couple of usb ports below. That is a little pocket, which i found quite useful to put my phone in, but it doesnt seem to do wireless charging which, to be honest, i kind of want it to do. But anyway, you know, lets move up. Weve then got this very unique dashboard. Its got five screens in here, so ive got the two for the cameras and then theres a selection of three screens in the middle.

So youve got your main drive screen in front and then you can configure the other two screens that go right across the dashboard here. So you can have your navigation on the far side or your radio on a faster navigation in the middle and it works pretty. Well, i think theyre, nice screens its nice and easy to use once you get used to it, its not quite intuitive in all senses. It took me a while, for example, to find the navigation to show how many miles it is until destination, but i found that option in the end so thats there. That was just me, being you know, user error, but its a nice spacious cabin and although the car is really dinky on the outside, it actually feels really spacious in here. Okay, so these are the screens youre presented with so to adjust. The wing mirrors is like any other car, got a little toggle here and then the camera moves up and down on there um, like i say, im, actually pretty good with them. Theyre fine now were charging at the moment. I can see weve got 68, but i cant see what charging speed were pulling now. The only way i can tell that and again im am i missing something. Let me know if youve got a honda e. Please do tell me uh where it would show your charging speed, so i do find that useful, because once you get to a certain point in charge, speed slows down.

You know you want to kind of move on and move off. This charger shows me the charging speed and i can see we have slowed down. We were pulling 45 48 kilowatts earlier, but at 68 battery were now pulling 21.8. So, certainly by this percentage of slowed down, now, honda claimed that once you get to uh, the reserve light and uh go back to 80 takes 30 minutes. Now we havent had that today, its taken longer than that but weve had exceptionally high temperatures and apparently the actual charging units have been getting hot, so theyve been limiting charging speed. So that may be the cause of that but ill. Give you a quick kind of run through here, so it took me a while to get used to now. You can toggle between whats in what part of the display here. You can also bring up like a double screen here, with kind of load of window icons, which is kind of funky, so quite like that thats all good, and then in here, if you go down to all apps, you can then select various different things. So i could have my dab radio here and i could switch that over to the far side and then maybe ive got my navigation here, for example. So once you get used to this, it works pretty. Well, the graphics are okay, it seems quite responsive navigation input. Yeah, fine, no issues with that: its got apple, carplay, android, auto integration.

So again you could run that through the system here. I really like this nicely minimal design its smart, its well built. It feels solid youve, got proper air vent control, so thats nice and easy with a separate climate section down here. I like that, its just nice and simple and then youve got a pretty useful, handy sized glove box in there. So its just a nice place to be it just feels bigger than it is actually on the motorway, its very refined, i mean what weve noticed with this car is its really smooth. Actually, the suspension is very smooth um again, it feels like a bigger car. It doesnt have a choppy ride, like a lot of small cars tend to have its quite nippy. Naught to 30 is quite peppy, not quite so staggering after that, but its not to 60 something like 8.3 seconds. I think ill correct it here in texas. If im wrong, but it goes okay and it cruises down the motorway rather nicely and the what i call the autopilot system, the lane assist cruise control radar, keep that all works really nicely actually thats fine, so its not as sharp to drive as a mini. A mini if you push them around the corners is a bit more rewarding, but this kind of then reaches its limit and you feel then the suspension is a softer suspension than the mini, but its a nice car. It is very smooth and, as i said it just feels more mature and bigger than it is so im actually really impressed.

So these are actually staggered. Tires. Weve got 185 60 r16s on these front wheels but 205s on the back. Rear will drive this car, so gon na handle all that power, and this is where it plugs in if it was pouring with rain, and all this water is getting in there is that a good thing well, im sure they thought about it: okay, so 77, 7 Battery its hot day, a 77 battery 21.8 kilowatts, but thats enough to get home now say stop charging lets, have a look under the bonnet. Stop charging stop charging! Stop charging! Yes! Yes, 2. 000 years later. Yes, yes, happy to stop charging okay, so that was a 30 minute top up back up to 78 costing 8 pounds 71 from. I just had a few percent. When i got here, i think it was a nine percent or something lets have a look under the front here. What have we got? Hmm, no storage. You know they could actually put a little tray. You could have a little tiny bit of cable storage here, but theres. Nothing to see under there led headlights are standard and very good. They are as well. Okay, so thats my little roundup of the honda e here, as i finished charging it its a good little package. You know it doesnt come cheap, but its well specified well made, and it dries really nicely. It has a very mature feel about it. So its very comfortable, it doesnt drive like a little tiny car, its not bouncy over bumps on the motorway, its quiet and refined, and its quite nippy around town as well.

The turning circle on it is ridiculous, so it can literally turn on a sixpence so for parking maneuvering, you probably cant get better than this, and the surround cameras are good. So its all very good. It is just limited a bit by its range and a bit by its charging speed. So if youre going to do lots of long journeys, its probably not the car for you, but actually for your local local driving, commute school run and such like. I think its a brilliant little package and uh yeah a really sort of cool little thing isnt it i really like it. So let me know what you think of the hyundai. Do you like these retro looks? Have you got one? What do you think of it? Whats been your experience of that, let us know in the comments below but to everyone else. I think thats a call of wrap for this video, so i hope its been useful, interesting and, as always well see you in the next one: hey everyone thanks for watching our videos, if you like our content and want to see more dont forget to not only Subscribe but also hit the bell icon for notifications, so you dont miss any new videos, as theyre uploaded plus were also on instagram.