I got ta perfect. It welcome to the hummer ev edition one pickup review. I am a fellow happy owner of this vehicle and a lot of reviews of the hummer ev are of people that, like review them for like a day, or they have them for a few hours, theyre, not like the real owners of the hummer ev. So they dont know like all these little quirks, that im about to tell you on the last video. If you havent watched it, i talked about home charging with the ev with uh with this one, particularly, but it can be for any ev car. I do have a 2016 tesla model s which im going to be comparing something in this video about that something that i noticed, that hypothetically could be a safety issue that i hope gmc uh does fix on the hummer, because with the evs or a lot of These newer cars – they have all these software updates that they can do over the year, which is phenomenal right. The older cars um, like i have a chevy avalanche. You cant really do that, but that thing is a trusty beast. I love that chevy avalanche, but let me tell you exactly what im talking about again im frank baltiers and if i didnt introduce myself im sorry and usually i talk about how to build your own food truck. I show you from a to z how to do that. Any interest make sure you follow my channel, but lets get right to it.

The reason you came here, let me tell you something that i noticed about home charging or charging the hummer ev. So you guys can see here this pretty little door. This is the charging port door kind of looks like a gas. You know gas store on a regular car. It literally does what i noticed down here so right now, just so you guys know. I dont have the tr i dont have the key to the hummer, so its locked so imagine its at a set like at a parking lot or youre charging it somewhere. You guys can see its locked. One thing that i notice is someone can come up to your car and just like that, open your charging port, its a safety issue. I believe it is a safety issue. You know why, because they can take a screwdriver literally jam it in there right. Take a take a screwdriver and a hammer, you know, mess up your port and i think that is a huge capital letters safety issue that gmc should fix asap because they can probably make this door where it doesnt like release it. If its locked a lot of cars, do that even gas cars where you have to uh have it unlocked, so it can open so im. I know they can do it. Please do it and the other one is, you know i can just plug in the car. Just like that, and it charges, which is fine, youll, hear the beep right now, assuming there.

It is one more thing: if you really get up close here is right now the light is green. That means that its charging the other night, i was charging the car, and it was night time because i only charge it at night when the kilowatts are less per hour. Typically, they call it off peak hours. There is no light here like at night theres, no light to guide you before you plug in your car. So when you open this up at night, this is completely dark, so you kind of have to know where its at and then you just plug it in and then it charges which is fine and then that light turns green. So im assuming gmc, can do an update where they turn this green light, maybe into white when you open the door and its almost like an indicator light which would be pretty nice to have so imagine, youre at the store again and youre charging your car or At somewhere at a charging station, its locked as i showed you right, the truck is locked. Someone passes by you know what i hate this hummer guy. I hate these evie guys. You know what screw these people literally. You can do that. Just like that thats a huge safety issue to me as well and im going to tell you guys why, because tesla does not allow you to do that, so you guys can copy a little bit of things from tesla.

Let me show you on my car what i mean when i talk about you: cant open the charging port door when the car is locked. So follow me to my tesla: all my cars are white. Just so you know. So if we come here, look at this beast right here. Look at these tires so meaty. I love this truck so right here with the tesla, you guys can see the charging port, so tesla has a charging port right here. This is where you supercharge it charge. It at home, whatever you want to do, and my cars locked, because my my door handles dont come out theres, no way for me to open this. I cant open it. If i really force it and i press it right here on the edge. Ah, actually you cant, it was doing it right now, but not no more. So if you press it right here really hard at the edge which i dont want to, because i dont want to break it. This will open up. But if you stay here for two seconds, im gon na run and get the tesla key. So here we go now i have the key now you can see my tesla door handles they presented themselves. So now i can hold my key and, with the tesla key look at that little cutie, its like a little car uh. You just hold the trunk button open and there it is so theres my charging port door.

That opens up, as you can see, literally look. It has an indicator light right around the ring, so tesla at least does that job right, so you can see where the actual charging port is and then itll close up eventually on there but thats, something that i did notice about the hummer ev pickup, that, like I said, as i was charging at home, i noticed that that charging port door was a little like so with that being said, gmc, hopefully you see this video or hopefully somebody sends you a message: hey. You know what thatd be a good fix, that we can do an over the air update on this hummer see there. You go the charging port door closed automatically after a certain number of times. This one is all manual theres, no motorized thing, so you leave. If you leave it open its kind of like your gas tank youre gon na fly off with it like that, and then you have to press it. What a peasant door yeah it could have made a little mold around there or something but anyways. That is what i have to say right now about this hummer ev. Thank you again for watching. Thank you again for subscribing. If you wanted to subscribe, learn about food truck building, im, frank baltieres lets go drive this beast. We have a couple things to do today. So were gon na go. Show it off lets go this truck right here, definitely caught my eye.

What is that a 1949 ford f1 that color, oh man, this things fixed up real nice lets, see the inside lets see what we got. Oh, my goodness, immaculate beautiful this thing is nice. Look at the engine on this thing make sure i dont hit nobody thats a beauty. This one too thats a nice car right there, nice, but this one definitely caught my eye very nice ford, f one pickup 1949. check uh check out these bikes at another car show that we just popped into hey this one. This one is nice, nice and custom. I, like the big wheels in the front harley davidson nice, nice customizations. I, like i love this big tire in the front thats nice i used to ride, but not anymore, walking over here to this aisle. You got some beautiful cars, thats a camaro uh. Then we have this one right here: whats right here, this blue, this blue baby gto.