So, yes, mg are slowly drip. Feeding us more details about the upcoming mg4 EV, so Im going to throw it over to Rob to give us a few of the headline. Facts and figures well thats very kind of you um, so the mg4 uh will much like the mg5 come with two specifications of battery uh, one of them being 51 kilowatt hours and the larger one being 64 kilowatt hours. Uh. The smaller battery will have a range of 218 miles and the bigger battery will have a range of 281 miles in the SE trim or 270 miles in the trophy trim. I imagine thats probably something to do with the extra toys that are added into the trophy weighing a bit more or different Wheels. You know little bits like that, but its its on that new platform, the MSP modular scalable platform that mg have introduced and um. The main thing that I would like to talk about is the price because it costs, or it starts from uh, 25, 995. So 26 000 pounds uh now Ive just had a little bit of a look and the bass spec Volkswagen ID3, which Ill probably say, is this cars main arrival starts from uh 36, something thousand pounds so over ten thousand pounds cheaper to buy the mg um and Looking at the kit list its a bit difficult to understand why theres such a huge difference, yeah theres, really theres a lot to commend the uh, the mg4 um, this new platform theyre very proud of it uh because they like they like to tell us about its New 50 50 weight distribution, which I think is them trying to hark back to mgs sporting Heritage um, and they talk about having an enhanced Driving Experience um.

This is also mgs new corporate face so from now on. Well expect newer mg models to look a bit more like this um and move away from the face they had on the sort of the previous generation of mg5 and z, t um before the facelift that is so uh. This is the same. Face were gon na see on the upcoming sybster, which Im very excited for uh, also uh. This car is capable of charging up to 135 kilowatts uh, meaning going from 10 to 80 percent, will only take 35 minutes at 150 kilowatt DC rapid charger, which is 35 minutes to go 80. So lets say 240 miles. Thats thats pretty agreeable to me to take a half hour break every 240 miles. Um Id certainly want to copy by that time, um and its got all of the toys, its its got blind spot detection. Its got Lane change, assist its got, rear, cross traffic alert. Um all that stuff, plus the classic things you want from a car, just a car in this segment; um heated drivers, seat, um and and privacy, glass, uh and a leather interior Bluetooth. All that other stuff 360 cameras, even which Im not sure you need on a family hatchback but youre gon na get it God, damn it youre gon na get it um yeah. I really cant see what there isnt to like about this, because having been in some of the other MGs its it it well.

Actually, I was gon na say: theyre, maybe not always as nice as their premium competitors, but thinking about it, the interior of an ID3 isnt that nice. So probably the interior will be of at least as high quality as the VW, if not higher, and you save in 10 grand – and I think it looks better as well, especially in this. This press launch orange Im really Im quite a fan of that volcano. Volcano Orange, its also available in in a few other colors um. I can read them off for you now, arctic white. I quite like listening to what the uh, the caller colors so Arctic. Why Hoban um blue, which is a place in London, uh Black Pearl, which is a ship um, but its also exactly the same name as Volkswagens black uh? I know that because I used to work there, uh Dynamic red um, but also this volcano orange, which is the Press color and then one called Camden Gray, which Im a little bit confused by because I dont Ive been to Camden. I live in London, Im not sure whats great about it, its probably so its probably one of the most vibrant colorful places in the whole city, but anyway yeah its probably. I was about to say its probably the least Grace part of London, but maybe thats what theyre trying to say, maybe theyre trying to say its great but its not boring. Yeah yeah Im just with theres, quite limited photos that weve got here, but I did just want to highlight that theyve theyve taken time to highlight the fact.

Theyve got split, folding, rear seats with A continuous load floor, um, which is a man of of a practical nature. I very much appreciate sorry, Jasper, youre, gone and well actually on that note, if the under boot organization is anything like that of the mgz Sev youll also be very impressed with that, because that was very nicely tied together more in the review of that. That will come out at some point soon um. So, as the person of the three of us whos, most recently been in an mg for a week, I was quite impressed with the level of tech and design language inside the cabin, and it does look like they are continuing. That kind of well thought out well placed design work in this, because the the interior shot weve got of the cabin of this shows a nice Center screen mounted high on the dashboard. So you can see it. Um youve also got like a detached kind of floating center console. Almost thats got the shift dial on it, um and yeah. I think the the overall design language, both exterior and interior of this car, looks pretty good its certainly quite striking its a hell of a lot more eye catching than any mg that we currently have on sale. So I think they theyve done a good job design. Wise, certainly, and when it comes to the equipment and range, you know the actual drive train the not oily bits, but electrical bits of this.

It does look like a really compelling package. Like Rob, said, 10 grand less than the uh base spec of an ID3. I know which one Id rather have, I think its also its worth noting that mg have managed to very much back themselves up uh. They dont just talk the talk, theyre walking the walk uh in the first half of this year. Mg have jumped up seven places to become the 12th largest seller of cars in the UK. They now sell more cars than Land Rover. They sold more cars than skoda, um, more cars, the Volvo Renault mini Citroen or sayat um, which are all quite big, well known, Brands, youd have said so I mean, I think I think, if anything mg are doing a bit of us, what skoda did previously that Theyre coming and basically, what makes that even more impressive is the fact that theyve only got four cars yeah in the range, its not like skoda, where theyve got like three crossovers uh like two hatchbacks saloons, but its actually Four hatchbacks, because the uh, the superb, is A hatchback not a saloon, fine uh, but anyway yeah it. You know what I mean like yeah. I know four cars and theyve outsold Land Rover, not only with Land Rover, launching a new Range Rover, a new Range Rover Sport, a new Defender well yeah. Anyway, there are four brands that are up in the first half of this year on sales.

Only four because of supply chain issues uh and the other three theyre, all brat theyre brands that we all love and we think are potentially underrated as well so mg is up, Hyundai is up, here is up and Thatcher is up and everyone else is down yeah And those are probably the four brands that I would say Im most interested in in terms of like normal cars, theyre doing the most exciting things right now. I think yeah for sure, yeah and all well, not even just with normal cars. Actually, because if you look at Hyundais end range, you wanted to make a little appeal about a different mg model. Thats just come out didnt you Jasper, yeah, so and in the last week or weve, had a little bit of a teaser um of some details coming through about an mg7 which looks like it will be um kind of revealed actually very shortly, potentially even this month. Um and you know, weve not seen much weve seen a few press photos out like kind of rendering type things, but what we must say is it looks really really gorgeous um, giving kind of Audi A5 Vibes a Sleek Saloon, Coupe style its like a Kia Stinger Yeah yeah um and it it really does look very good um and also it looks like its got a couple of good engines with it as well its not launching as an EV. I imagine we imagine that there might be an EV in the future, certainly uh its been suggested that theyll be working on some plug in hybrids, but at launch its coming with a two liter petrol Engine with 254 brake horsepower and 405 newton meters of torque or A 1.

5 liter petrol with 183 brake horsepower and 300 newton meters of torque, both of which are pretty good numbers, um very good for both of those engines and the only disappointing thing is at the moment. It looks like its only going to be available in China, because Chinese flagship, because um and well yeah, we love it. I I just wanted to mention why itll be the Chinese Flagship model, is in China theres still a massive market for Saloon cars, especially ones with extended rear leg, room um. So this car will have an exceptional amount of rear leg room, considering its size um, but yeah yeah. Sorry, Jasper continue with the bad news. Well, I was just gon na say and its unfortunate really, because I think the three of us both three of us both, I think the three of us all really like this form factor not just in this specific car but generally a saloon. A fast Saloon is gon na be way better. Looking handle much better, be more practical in a lot of cases than a similarly sized or shaped um crossover, uh and you know more efficient uh. You know theres, so many positives about a saloon, and especially one that looks this good. You know similar kind of design language, as were seeing on the mg4 and are likely to see on the finalized mg sidester when thats properly revealed um its a real shame that its unlikely to make it over here, because mg has a growing brand.

A fast growing brand thats got the advantage of some really good Heritage here in the UK um. They could probably make quite a good dent in the uh executive type Market. Maybe depends and drive yes well. I just had a thought that would be good. Its um mg recently launched, I think, last year in in the Mexican market, theyre not in the American theyre, not in the United States Market, but they are in the Mexican market, who do also like their large Saloon. Cars Im just wondering if maybe theyll sell it there um, I dont, do mg, have a presence in America at the minute. No, no, but they definitely do Ive seen the dealerships in Mexico City. Oh right, okay and thats thats interesting as well, because I believe I imagine that if the pricing that they offer here was able to be matched to some degree in the U.S. Theyd, probably do quite well with say the HS uh, the the zsev um, probably yeah, lower end of the market, definitely in California yeah. So there you go mg theres theres our list of Commandments bring the mg7 to the UK. Uh launch your entire brand in a brand new market, Im sure thatll be very affordable for you, and and also we, we like the look of your new mg4 and uh, and we look forward to maybe being able to test it. Um yeah yeah. Oh just one final point and then Jasper can do his outro Ive just read that the mg4 comes with how many years warranty do you think seven, seven isnt it correct, and I know that because in the Zs there was a little sticker that I was quite Impressed by actually because it read seven year, warranty visible from both the outside and in the rear view mirror.

So you could read it. You were reminded every time you drove it and uh yeah and really that confidence that that theyre, showing in their products by offering them with a seven year warranty. You know the only manufacturer, thats even comparable to that is Kia. Yeah um, I dont know they were doing it thats why I was going to mention it um yeah, so seven year, warranty is its impressive, because most manufacturers give you three years. Some will push it to five, but most is three and thats all youre. Getting. I just want to remind you have some confidence, so I just want to remind you that uh, this isnt, however class leading as Toyota, do offer a 10 year warranty, but its dependent upon you meeting a strict service schedule and only servicing your car at a Toyota. Dealership yeah, whereas mg will give you seven so thats just about a summary of our thoughts on the mg4 and a little bit about the mgzs and the mg7 and the cyster, and probably some other things knowing us. So, thank you very much for watching. All That Remains is for me to ask you please too, like the video comment to. Let us know what you think. Are you excited about this um? What do you think of mg, then? Also, please check out our social medias, which are all Linked In the description below. If you would like to support the channel directly, you can either become a member here on YouTube by clicking the join button.

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