com and if you Want to see all of our new car reviews as soon as they go live subscribe to our channel Music. The ix3 first went on sale at the end of 2020, but in august 2021 it was already given a facelift, and that was before any of those pre. Facelifted models had actually made their way over to the uk, which is strange, but the facelift changes really arent. That big at all, so if you order an ix3 today, its gon na look like this one here, except perhaps maybe in a different color. If you dont want white, so you can see its got a slightly different front end with a larger grille and its also got different rear lights inside you now get a bigger touchscreen and down here is different as well. Theres, a new rotary dial controller and the gear selector is new, but really that is the extent of the changes that you have in this sort of facelifted version of the ix3. Everything else is as it was before, which means that this car is very very similar to the fuel powered x3, so inside thats a good thing really, because the x3 has a brilliant interior. This ix3 also has a brilliant interior. The reason its so good is because youve got really nice feeling high quality materials. The build quality is brilliant. You wont find an electric suv that feels better than the ix3. Its really really sturdy rock solid, build quality throughout and it might not necessarily have the glamour of the interior that you get in the audi e tron or the mercedes eqc or the jaguar.

I pace. Those are some of the kind of key suv rivals that the ix3 is up against, but the build quality and everything else is as good as youll find on any electric suv. Another great thing about this interior is the driving position, theres loads of adjustment in the steering wheel, loads of adjustment in the seat as well, and the visibility is brilliant, particularly out the front. You can see right down to the nose of the car, really no matter how you want to set up your driving position, and you are naturally quite high here. So it does definitely feel like an suv. Youve also got a nice and clear digital driver display. If you go for the top trim, then you get a head up display as well, and of course i drive remains one of the best infotainment systems out there. So now youve got this nice big screen, thats really responsive, got nice graphics, you get apple, carplay and android auto as standard, but the thing that makes i drive one of the best systems out. There is the fact that not only can you control it through the screen and youve also got a voice command system as well. But youve got this rotary dial down here and some shortcut buttons to mean that even if youre driving it is relatively simple and safe to operate most of the functions within this infotainment system. So that remains very, very good and no other rivals really can come close to the infotainment system that the ix3 offers and its also quite practical up front as well so on this center console here, youve got your wireless phone charging and two cupholders under this big Arm rest youve got another storage compartment.

The door bins are massive as well. In fact, the only slight negative up front is the fact that if you want adjustable lumbar support in these front seats, then youve got to go for the top trim level. You dont get it as standard, but really all things considered. This is one of the better electric suv interiors out there theres as much space in the back as there is in a regular x3, which means that tall adults are going to be able to fit back here. No problem at all im, just under six foot driver seats in my driving position, leg room is decent headroom even with this. Sunroof is really good as well. It feels open and spacious and its also quite wide back here. So if you want to sit three people side by side, its pretty good for that as well, you can see youve got a nice wide seat base for this middle seat. There is a bit of a lump in the floor, but its not too bad, and it generally is very spacious by electric suv standards. If you do want even more room back here, then an e tron and an i pace are a bit more practical, but there isnt much in it, and this is still by electric suv standards. Very practical indeed. Another good thing back here is the fact that its very easy to pull down this middle seat on its own, to give you easy access to the boot or to just make it very simple, to carry extra long items in the ix3.

The ix3 has a good boot as well, and the only difference compared to the x3 is theres a bit less underfloor storage here, so you can see you still got some its not a lot but its enough for a couple of charging cables, which is handy in Total you can fit eight of these carry on size suitcases into the back of the i x3, and that is the same that you can fit in the e tron and its also the same that you can fit in the bigger, more expensive, bmw ix. Its also one more than you fit in an i pace anyway. Lets go for a drive, so the ix3 is quick, but its not one of those properly rapid electric cars. It has one electric motor which drives the rear wheels, whereas a lot of other rivals are all wheel drive, but in the ix3 it has that one electric motor driving the rear wheels with 282 brake horsepower, which sounds like a fair amount. But remember this is a big heavy suv, so it will cover not to 62 miles per hour in around about 6.8 seconds, which feels quick and it does feel strong when it accelerates as well, but its just worth. Knowing that at this price range, you can get some other electric cars that are properly properly rapid, so a tesla model wide performance is in another league entirely to this car and the jaguar i pace is also quite a bit quicker as well, but what you do Get in the ix 3, if you go for a range, topping m sport, pro model, put it in sport mode and accelerate, and you do so to the sound of han zimmer, because apparently he designed that futuristic electric noise.

You can hear in the car when you accelerate, which is a bit of a gimmick, really isnt it whats more important than the noise it makes. Is the electric range and officially, from the 74 kilowatt hour, usable capacity that the battery has in the ix3. You have an official range of 285 miles from a full charge, which is further than an e tron and an eqc and pretty decent by comparisons of other electric cars at this price range. But as with all of those electric cars, the official range is not representative of real world driving conditions. So what youre more likely to achieve in the ix 3 is around about 220 miles. When you need to charge up the ix3 a home wall box, charger will get you a full charge in 11 hours and 30 minutes, while a 50 kilowatt public ccs charging point will take you from 10 to 80 in just over an hour, if youre able to Find a quicker charger, then the ix3 will accept a maximum charging rate of 150 kilowatts, which is the same as the audi e tron and at that speed gets you from empty to 80 in around 34 minutes. But anyone planning to do very long journeys on a regular basis would do well to consider the tesla model y, because that gives you access to teslas very quick and very good supercharger network. But while the ix3 might be behind the model y in terms of range and performance when it comes to ride and handling, that is where the ix3 really shines, and it stands out from pretty much all of its rivals.

So its a decent thing to drive its quite tall, its an suv, obviously, but it does manage to feel relatively agile and certainly more nimble than a lot of other electric cars that its up against at this price point that are this size as well. The steerings! Well weighted everything feels pretty well controlled and that counts for the ride as well. So it doesnt have fancy air suspension, like some other rivals, have but the standard setup that you have. You can tighten up if you want it to corner flatter, or you can slacken off if youre on a long motorway journey and overall in both of those settings, its still firmer than some other rivals, but its really well controlled its never uncomfortable. It can fidget a little bit, but for the most part, youre really nicely cushioned from harsh road imperfections and its really quiet in here as well, so to go with that. Well, controlled and smooth ride its very, very quiet inside to make it just a very relaxing electric car to drive, and also one thats, quite enjoyable, to drive as well, because the steerings nice, because the body control is good so on the road. The ix3 really stands out from all of its rivals, thanks to its smooth ride and its impressive handling, and on top of that, it still has a decent range to go with the rest of the package that this car offers. Bmw has another big, expensive, electric suv in its lineup, but while the bmw ix is a very good electric car, this ix 3 toe with its bigger sibling in most areas for less money.

Indeed, compared to its other direct rivals. Like the i pace, the eqc and the e tron this ix 3, with its nice interior, decent range and comfortable ride, is very good value and an excellent electric choice. To read more about it, go to, where you can also get a great deal on your next new car. But before you go to see more reviews like this subscribe to our channel and tell us in the comments below what you think of the ix 3.