, With the release of the GV60, the brands first totally, electric vehicle Genesis, part of the Hyundai motor group in South Korea, is set to change the notion that premium Electric vehicles are exclusively from Western nations.. What does the new Genesis? Gv60? The groups premium brand bring to the market. How premium is this unit from the premium branch Stay tuned for an up close and personal review of the Genesis? Gv60, the best EV money can buy. Lets talk about what is first seen on the car. That is, the design language.. Although the GV60 shares its blueprint with the ONIQ 5 and EV6 Genesis, design team made it stand, apart. GV60 is smoother and more rounded than the Hyundai less aggressive than the Kia and has a perfect design balance of the two.. The front end is distinguished by Genesis. Signature double decker headlamps and a huge, though ultimately unnecessary, grille., The design details are fascinating, but not for everyone.. The V in the rear D pillar is a unique detail that stands out, especially when, coupled with lighter body colors.. Unfortunately, the detailing does not include a rear. Wiper. The GV60, like the IONIQ, 5 and EV6, depends on channeled air to keep the back screen clean. Its a nice idea in theory, but as many IONIQ 5 and EV6 users will testify it doesnt function in reality.. The GV60, like its Korean counterparts, is a deceiving vehicle.. It seems virtually tiny in images, but you shouldnt fall for that.

. In reality, it is larger than family SUVs like the KODA Enyaq or Volkswagen ID.4., And, although being somewhat shorter than both the EV6 and the IONIQ 5, its a huge vehicle. Lets now take a look at the interior of the GV60. Inside Genesis has worked hard to Set the GV60 apart from its sisters., While the long floating infotainment screen is similar to that seen in the IONIQ 5 and EV6 thats about as much as you can see.. The seats are more comfortable and the rounded controls in the dashboard and elevated center console are exclusive to the GV60.. The number of individual switches Genesis has managed to squeeze in will thrill button fans. Its difficult at first to remember where they are particularly the ones in the center console that operate. The heated seats steering wheel and parking cameras.. The gear selector is on the elevated center console directly beneath what seems to be a second gear: selection., The smaller wheel, controls the infotainment system and functions similarly to BMWs iDrive system.. The gear selector is quite a piece of discussion and, depending on your view, it is either a work of beauty or a meaningless gimmick. When not in use. The selector assumes the shape of a crystal sphere that glows to match the ambient light settings.. When you press the start button on the dashboard, the sphere revolves in a James Bond, Indiana Jones style, to show the selecting wheel. Its a fun piece of theater, and although it doesnt improve the driving experience in any way, its always nice to see a few gimmicks.

Make it from idea to reality. The GVs infotainment system has been skillfully re skinned by Genesis to give it a more luxurious appearance., While it retains the functionality of the Hyundai and Kia systems, including the sophisticated blind spot camera on the main display, the main screens vertical Tiles are simple to navigate and responsive.. If you require even more information, all models have a clear and simple to use head up. Display. The computerized side mirrors are one feature that takes some getting accustomed. To., Their integration into the GV60s interior seems fairly heavy handed for a 1240 option on all variants.. The screens, which have thick black bezels in the manner of the 1990s, have been cut into the door moldings and seem crudely mounted.. And although you become accustomed to looking in a new location to check them, it seems like an inelegant solution to a problem that doesnt need to be solved. In terms of capacity. The GV60 offers enough leg and headroom for passengers.. The large center console is more noticeable than in the Hyundai IONIQ 5.. Still, it does not distract from the overall sense of spaciousness. The flat floor benefits, rear seat occupants and although it lacks the headroom of the boxier IONIQ 5, the GV60 provides first rate comfort.. However, if you choose the comfort seat pack, there is very little room beneath the front seats for back seat passengers to move their feet. When it comes to boot space. The GV60, like its brothers, falls short.

, While the boot capacity is 680 and 1550 liters are adequate. The boot floor is high and the load area is small.. If you need a large hatchback to transport hefty, the GV60 may not be the best choice.. Next lets look at what powers the GV60 and how it charges. The GV60, with only one battery option. A 77.4kWh pack shared with the Kia EV6 and the 2023 IONIQ 5.. The GV60, like its siblings, features an 800 volt electrical system capable of producing extraordinarily fast charging rates when linked to an appropriate quick charger. Genesis claims a peak charging speed of 225kW the same as Hyundai and Kia, and that the GV60 can charge from 10 80 in 18 minutes using a 350kW fast charger.. Unlike the early IONIQ 5 models, all GV60s will include a battery heating system connected to the navigation system.. Drivers who set a charging stop as their destination will discover that the battery has been precisely heated or cooled to the proper temperature for a quick charge.. The GV60 can charge from 10 80 percent in 65 minutes on a 50kW charger, 35 minutes on a 100kW charger and 25 minutes on a 150kW charger. AC charging reaches 11kW with a three phase connection, which is comparable to what competitors now provide. A household 7kW wallbox Will take around 11 hours to charge from empty to full. In terms of range Genesis, claims 321 miles for the entry level Premium model 292 miles for the Sport and 289 miles for the Sport Plus.

. The GV60 offers three power options that customers may select between and an all wheel. Drive., The base Premium model is powered by a single 225bhp motor that powers the rear, wheels. Sport variants add a second motor to the front axle increasing power to 314bhp, while Sport Plus offers 430bhp owing to a 215bhp motor on each axle. Thats enough power to propel The GV60 from 0 to 62 mph in only 4.0 seconds.. If you choose the rear, drive Premium variant, youll be able to complete the identical sprint in 7.8 seconds. To keep drivers. Happy Genesis provides a momentary power boost through the boost button on the steering wheel.. When you press the button, the motor power is increased by 52bhp for 10. Seconds. Power boost is available exclusively on the Sport Plus model and increases overall output to 482bhp.. Surprisingly, Genesis also allows drivers to pick a specific Drift mode.. This option modifies the torque split and brakes allowing drivers to bypass the stability control and slide two tons of the GV60 in whatever direction they choose. On the road. The GV60 is a pleasure to drive. The steering is mild and designed for comfort above sporty reactions.. The motors provide strong acceleration when needed and the automatically limited slip differential does a fine job of directing power to the wheels. Genesis has included in the GV60 an electric Active, Sound Design, e ASD system that streams a range of fake sounds into the cabin for drivers Who miss the rattle and hum of a classic internal combustion? Engine.

Drivers may select between Futuristic G Engine, which sounds like a V8 and E Motor, with the noises changing depending on speed and pedal position., None of them are especially persuasive, but buyers have a commendable choice. Lets now look at money matters and how you can get Your GV60., The three versions of the GV60, will be going for prices ranging from 47005 for the RWD Premium model to 65405 for the Sport Plus model.. With that pricing, the GV60 is slightly more than the IONIQ 5 and EV6 series., With the GV60 Genesis hopes to create a new standard for purchasing a home., Although it seems to be a lofty ambition. The company has drawn inspiration from Tesla, which has made online ordering and brand centers mainstream. Instead of haggling with a salesman. Genesis will provide purchasers with a personal assistant who will guide them through the purchasing and ownership. Process.