My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the mercedes benz e veto, and you might be saying to yourself derek youve had this on the channel already. This is with the bigger battery takes dc fast charging, its a really game. Changer lets get stuck into the details, Music, if youre interested in all things eevee and want to support the channel, hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon. So you dont miss any future updates, so we are back with some commercial mercedes benz and when i posted the original ev show and any of the electric vans people talk about, why is the range so small? Why is the battery so small and its all about that weight per license issue? So what theyve done is theyve increased the battery size were going to go through the chat about it. Theyve increased the range from 160 wltp to 315, so its a 70 increase in battery capacity. So it starts to make a bit more sense to a lot more businesses lets walk around the van look in the back. Take a look in the cabin and take it out for a drive and front on very similar to the old veto. Youre going to have the exact same it doesnt look any different to the combustion engine, one so its coming out of the same factory um. You have your daytime runner lights. Youve got your halogen bulbs, this version has fog lights, but the grille itself is the same large mercedes three pointed stair.

The only difference with this in the original one that we looked at on the channel was the charging port was at a different location. The charging port is now up on the top front left wing. Some people say: oh its, a very crash prone area. If youre going to get into a crash theres as much chance anywhere around the van in my opinion, but you have ac and charging on ac, takes six and a half hours, its a 60 kilowatt hour, uh usable and on dc thats. The difference as well, because the other one only had ac but dc, you can go from 10 to 80 percent in about 50 minutes. So if you are utilizing this vehicle out and about during the day – and you need to dc fast charge, youre going to get a lot of charge in there um as quick as it can possibly go so thats on a 50 kilowatt charger as well. Moving down along the side, you have: what have we got in here? Two two fives: 55: 17s steel, um dunlops. You have your electric badging again, so at the front, you wont really know unless you spot this cut out with the electric badging. With that blue e. Your indicator, life, large wing mirrors and im a big fan of it, but they dont retract, but good and visible. This one has the branding on it, but obviously you wont need it with the branding on it.

On the original van it was. The charging was where this uh fuel goes on the regular combustion engine one and because you have to open it open the flat people relieving comments going. You have to leave the door open, but, as you can see, you didnt have to leave the door open. Uh. Large sliding door and its same with the other one, its got two sliding doors on it, its a really good youre talking two euro pallets within the back of it. You can see those double sliding doors are a real acid in any van, be that electric otherwise, but as always, mercedes benz does a nice job of paneling and flooring. Their vans some dimensions on the a2 length, which is this one, which is the slightly shorter one. Its 5.1 meters height of 1.9 and width of 2.2, with a cargo volume of 6 cubic meters, and you can see on screen. There are some internal external and overhang dimensions and then, with the a2 length, the actual gross weight is 3.2 kgs, 3.2 tons with a curved weight of nearly 2.4 so giving you that difference of a payload of just over 800 kgs and with a slightly longer one Thats available the a3 length you can see its nearly 5.4 meters long, but a height same as the other one of 1.9, a width the same as 2.2, and a cargo volume of 6.6 cubic meters, which then has the same gross weight.

The curb weight is slightly more so the payload of less is less of, and that brings it down to 772 kgs and theres a gap in underneath the seat and the difference with this and the original evita. So this is gen 2. Is it comes in an a2 and an a3 length, so you have that variance of it as well, but pretty much all the way along good size as well for going into underground car parks and multi story, car parks, its got lifts under 2.1 meters high lets, Spend around and have a look at the back around the back of the veto. Not the much change. Youve got your high level brake light and youve got your fairly decent size, um vertical brake lights and theyre in the cutout, so that when the door opens the people, passengers can still see it and you have the ability of opening it as well from 90 degrees. To 180 degrees on the door, youll see that e as well to signify the electrified version and then around in the back of the mercedes benz ev show, because this is the shorter length, the a2 you can get the a3 as well, but plenty space plenty size. Youve got eight tie off points on the ground, uh two sliding doors, youve got a nice light strip over the back door and a little halogen light on the side, um door as well plenty, tire points, good paneling and because of the battery increase, the weight has Decreased about 200 kgs for the a2 and about 220 230 kgs for the a3 and so yeah, if youre, if youre, if youre a weight carrier or you need to carry that weight, thats a bit of a downside.

But definitely, i think more people are interested in the range and this will be used for routes like post, like logistics, like trades people that know its a confined: 200 250 um. They do on a regular basis, so great to see this youve got that space underneath that steel bulkhead as well. So if you need to char store stuff, so you can see its got. The cables in underneath here as well so lets have a look in the cab whats. It like inside the mercedes, benz evito, a slight update on the original one, and i think a nice update on the original one. So the door, its pretty similar youve got center. Lock and youve got the heated three level seat for the driver. Youve got your wing mirrors adjustments and youve got your front. Uh driver and passenger up and down on the actual door itself, theres like a mini pocket and then again a small sorry, large door bin. That would take a large bottle underneath everything is wiped down. Everything has hardware and plastics over my right. Knee youve got the handbrake release, so you have to press it down with a pedal to engage it and then pull a lever, and we look at that when we drive off youve got your automatic lights and the sensors up here in the head unit. Youve got your front and rear poor weather lights, and you also have your headlight adjustment level depending on the load in the back.

Steering wheel has been upgraded and since the last one it has some multi function buttons on it. So you can change the menu. You can also activate voice and phone on the right hand: side like all mercedes benzs, you have the mode selected, reverse neutral drive and then press button to park. Youve got different level, regen breaking thats, not one pedal driving, but theres a good level. Good number of levels there on the steering wheel, paddles and on the left hand side. Then youve got your lights and your wipers steering wheel itself is adjustable, reach and rake so nicely done there. The key is an actual old school mercedes, benz key it hasnt got the metal, but in it, but it has those um. It has the connectors like it always had, and then you turn it let it engage, and then that has ready on it left hand, uh dial is kilometers per hour and your battery level in analog and on the right hand, side. It is your whether youre taking charge from the battery by driving along or recouping it from regenerative braking and then the how much power youre taking from us nice really bright, screen in the middle and that lets. You know whats happening in the vehicle doors, open uh. What mode youre in the time the range, etc, etc, and so lots of good stuff happening there on the dash similar to the last time, so nothing much has changed.

There. Youve got your two coffee cups on either side slots, and you have some document holders and a pad holder in the middle then as well. Really nice head unit again its the same as it was in the last one. Youve got your sos button and you have your sunglass holder, which is always great to see, and you have the ability to turn on off lights, front and rear moving down into the infotainment and the central console a few less buttons on this one and some slide Changes so its a seven inch screen. It has android auto on apple carplay via wire built in so youve got your nav youve got your radio youve got your telephone. Youve got your um system and your voice control, which is great volume, button nice to see it and theres a mutant off, and then a selection button. On the right hand, side youve got your dynamic mode, selector uh, with regards to what the drive modes are like. It was eco, eco, plus and comfort in the last model, whereas now its just its its set to eco and then you can have dynamic. If you need it, youve got your physical hazard lights and then youve got your physical hvac unit, with temperature on the left and on the right. Youve got your volumes and you can the directions, the demisters and the recirculations and air conditioning, which is great to see. Youve got those pockets either side and on the original one, we had a usb type, a and a little audio jack, whereas now its a usb type, a for the phone to connect up to the infotainment and the second usb type a to connect.

The second device and have that charging you still have your little 12 volt uh, socket down in the middle um. The middle passenger would be small but income, but this this uh dash kind of curves out a small bit. There is no storage um. You can lift the seat, but there is no storage in underneath because of the storage that goes in from the back underneath the bulkhead i cant remember, an armor has been in the last one, but theres definitely an armrest in this one, which is great to see And it is adjustable um youve got your two visors, no mirrors again whod be looking at themselves and then the glove box, which is a fairly decent size actually and then the door on the other side is a mirror of this one and that upgrade on this Is that the heated seat um on the passenger side, which is great to see so rather than blowing a load of air? But you have that steel bulkhead, one of the ways that a battery can really be ran down. An electric vehicle is heating up the space, be that a car or van, but with this youve got your heated um seats, which is takes a lot of that out of vision. The fact you have one or two people in here wouldnt be long getting warmed up. Lets take it out for a drive whats it like driving the mercedes benz ev show when you turn it on.

It starts to make like a buzzing noise, maybe its the aircon, no, its just getting warmed up getting myself ready, um, and so you turn it to the right and you get ready. And then you pull the handbrake out and then oh yeah start to come back down again and then youve got reverse neutral, drive and perk and then dynamic, oh okay. So when i was going through the cab, i thought this had changed because it says dynamic, but it actually is still eco, eco plus and comfort. So you still have the three options and it defaults to eco when youre driving and drivewise youve got d. Minus d d, plus and d, plus plus and thats, to do with the levels of regen, so those four stages of regen d minus, is the is the strongest um. The way we go, seats are all being comfortable and well supported. Actually and the driver seat has a couple of adjustments on it as well height and also lumbar and a couple of other things on there. So its a couple of ways adjustable and as we talked about the steering wheel, is already reach and rake and the fact that theyve made it multi function. I really like a fact that theyve made the driver, the passenger seat – heated, i really like so theyve – definitely brought along incrementally. I know on the last video we chatted about um somebody commented saying god the veto hasnt changed in years, its the exact same.

Why fix something thats not broken is my is my point, its a tried and trusted trusted formula. It is definitely one of the best selling electric uh vehicle vans in general, a rewind electric vehicle, so its its. What people are used to and whether its this or the e sprinter, the mercedes commercial side of things, is very well regarded and renowned, even my own family business, we do carpet and furniture at home its always been sprinters that weve gone for not my choice. It has been um my dads choice, even before i got into this whole. Reviewing vehicles thing um id like to see blind spot will be a nice little upgrade, especially for something thats on the road all the time, but those wing mirrors are a great size. I comment on the stalantis vans, how they find that the wingwears are a bit small, but these are good big size and you can see everything thats going on lots of practicality, lots of driving spaces lots of storage spaces and, as always, youve got that nice seating Position i recently reviewed the um opel combi e combo e, and it had the wing mirror still up on us or the sign at the rear view mirror, even though there was a bulkhead in it, whereas the mercedes have removed it here, which makes a bit of Sense so driving wise. It is its not sprightly um, but you do get power when you need it, i suppose, and because its in that default eco mode all the time you are um its not as responsive as a car but youre, obviously its a different beast.

It is, it is a van, but if you get up to speed quick enough um, the steering wheel is a nice size. Number one number two um its well weighted in my opinion, and i love the fact that you can see elements of mercedes benz passenger cars. Coming over, like the air vents, like the switch gear on the doors with regards to electric windows and the heated seats like thats, all out of mercedes benz passenger vehicles, and so, if its good enough for mercedes benz passenger vehicles to get it in a commercial van. Because sometimes you can see between commercial and passenger within the same brand, its chocolate cheese, the quality, whereas there really is a good quality feel to this hard wearing its going to last. Yes, a bit more expensive to buy your front end. Electric vehicles will always be that way, but look at your fuel prices look at your running costs and take into account, as we always say in this channel, the total cost of ownership. If youre interested in electric vans and youve just found me for the first time, were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers before the end of 2022. So if youre interested itd be nice, if yeah id really appreciate it, if you could subscribe to the channel, but also leave a comment and like the video and if, as i said, if youre interested in electric vans, there is a full playlist getting bigger and bigger.

All the time of the vans that are available in the market um, i am planning on popping over to the uk and doing some um collaboration, videos with paul kirby, electric van man over there, and a lot of my audience is in the united kingdom um and Paul is highly regarded within that van space and now specifically that electric van space. So he knows what hes talking about more than i do and paul will probably pop drop into the comments there and say yes, i do, but i enjoy pauls company and i get on with him. So he is im looking forward to doing some collaborations just need to get over to him and figure out what vans were going to review together. It is a front wheel, drive and it is a 85 kilowatt motor without 300 newton meters talk that hasnt changed from the original evito gen one, and if you were to compare it against a diesel, if youre in a diesel youre looking to transfer over, it is Comparable to a one one, one cdi range is 314 real world. Probably about 250. 260 is what were thinking. Ive been driving it for a bit now and im up down to 232, but its still miles ahead of what were talking about with the old with the original gen 1 evito. Just it was so limiting in the range now because of the bigger battery. As we talked about, it is taking a slightly smaller payload about 200 kg smaller.

So you need to remember that as well driving noise well insulated again theres, not much in the back of this theres, nothing on the back of it. So its a big percussion drum and but even still with the bulkhead, it is theres, not a lot going on here. You can hear me im, not shouting, obviously going at 50 kilometers an hour, maybe up a bit higher, it would uh be a small bit more increased, but hopefully youve enjoyed my review of the mercedes benz e veto generation. 2. Bigger battery fast charging, all the stuff that we like to see here on eevee review. Ireland, remember if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review. Thank you very much for watching, so i returned that van and that day i think laura from mercedes benz commercial vehicles. Ireland sent me an email and it was a full telematics report of exactly what i did what my efficiency was, and this is an offer to all mercedes, benz commercial vehicle customers. If theyre taking vans out and test drive, so you can see the savings that you could make the monetary amount, but also on the carbon side of things, the fuel economy, the consumption, the cost of driving versus a regular diesel van, so really great data. Exactly how my trip was on the morning when i brought the van back and you can see my efficiency there – of 13.

4 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is really really good, um and so its a full suite of data. And when i was talking to laura and keith, i was delighted that i was very good and didnt break the speed limit and because i didnt realize i was being tracked all the way through the press review.