Ladies and people, this is the mg5 and welcome to recharging Music, its the mg5 a whole new model. No, it is not. It is a very thorough facelift, but they really improved it. Just look at a picture of the old model and now look at this new one. Yes, the old model looks like a car from 10 years old and a new one. Well, it looks modern. Yes, it will not excite you, but I think well, it looks okay. One thing that you might notice, while looking at the side profile of this car, is that it has quite a high ride height compared to other station wagons, and that is because the platform that this car is standing on was not designed as a EV. Only platform and therefore to keep enough space between the road and the battery pack, the car had to be raised a little bit. You can actually see the battery pack protrude, underneath the car, just like you can, with a unicona or Kia in Niro. Is this a downside, though well not really theres actually a benefit, and that is that when driving this car, you dont feel like driving a station wagon. It feels more like driving a crossover because of that higher ride height. The mg5 is available with two different battery packs and for some reason, these battery packs are not the same as in the face lifted mgzev. First, there is the standard range. The standard range has a 50 kilowatt hour battery pack and 46 kilowatt hours of that is usable energy.

It also has a wltp range of 320 kilometers. What it does share, though, with the zsev, is that the standard range gets a battery pack with a lfp chemistry. A benefit of the lfp chemistry is that it does not mind to be charged to 100 percent and therefore you can always enjoy the full range. Then there is the long range version. The long range version gets a 64 kilowatt hour battery pack and around 57 kilowatt hours of that is usable energy. This one has a lithium ion chemistry and a wltp range of 400 kilometers and that battery pack is quite a bit smaller than that of the mgz SUV, because that one has a 68 kilowatt hour of usable capacity battery pack, so 57 68.. I dont know why that battery pack is not in this mg5. Maybe it is because of cost or maybe the bigger battery pack simply doesnt fit. I am currently driving the long range version of the mg5 and, as I said, that one has a wltp range of 400 kilometers. I can tell you from experience that, when driving on mixed roads – yes, you can do that. You can drive 400 kilometers, maybe even a bit more. If you drive only on the highway 100 to 120 kilometers an hour, you get a range of somewhere between 300 and 350. Kilometers. Keep in mind, though these are summer figures. This car does not have a heat pump, so in Winter I do not expect you can get 400 km of range.

The mg5 has three different region levels, but it does not remember the regen setting it was in the last time you drove the car when you start the car. It is always on region, level, 2., hello, motorcycles and a flaw that the mgz Sev has, and this car does not is that the MTZ EV, when you were in a certain region level, the car could not reach any more than the regen level. It was in even if you press the brake pedal, because normally in a electric car, when you press a brake pedal, you do expect the car will use Regen to slow down and at last apply the physical brakes. Well, the mtzs, if he didnt, do that, but good news, because this car does this car works like an EV, should work Im. Sorry, I almost forgot to mention it. No, this car does not have a one pedal drive mode. Yes, chats face as standard this mg5 has a 11 kilowatt onboard charger. That means that charging the standard range from 0 to 100 will take you around 5 hours, and this long range around 6 hours fast charging then well, both versions, The Standard range and the long range can both take a maximum charging speed of 87 kilowatts. And yes, I know this is not a groundbreaking number, but the mg5 has a relatively flat charging curve. The standard range from 10 to 80 percent will take you around 35 minutes.

This long range around 40 minutes as standard. The mg5 also has support for vehicle to load. That means you get a adapter that you can put in the charge port. Unfortunately, this test car doesnt have one, but normally you get one you put that in the charge port and with that adapter, you can charge anything that you want with the battery of this car, your electric bike, your inflatable boat, even another electric car, and now the Most important part of a station wagon the boots. We have to keep in mind that the mg5 is not as long as a Ford Focus station or a VW Golf station, for example, and therefore the boot is not as big as of those cars. But if I open it up, you still get a very respectable 479 liters of boot space, the boot itself. Well, there are no features. There are no hooks, there is no 12 volt socket. The only thing that you can do is raise or lower the floor under the boot floor. There is enough space, though, to store your charge cables. If you fold down the rear seats, you get a boot space of 1367 liters, but a downside. If you fold down the rear seats is that you do not get a flat floor, it would have been amazing, but unfortunately, as you can see, no Frank. The first thing that I noticed when I got into this car is that well, the floor is quite high and this is still a station wagon, so the car is relatively low and this results in your lacks having a more horizontal position than they would have in A real crossover, it reminded me a bit of the first time I got into a Tesla Model 3.

, then the interior itself. Well, I do find it a nice place to be in, of course, in this price range. You cannot expect the best materials in class. Quite a few hard plastics are being used, but everything feels solidly made and they did try to light things up a little bit with, for example, this fabric here on the dashboard and here in the door and the aluminum look plastic. I do also like this white gray interior, but it is an option of 1 000 Euros, though by default you get a black interior, cubby space, then well, the door pockets are reasonably sized, they do fit a large bottle. You do have two cup holders here in the middle. Under your Center, armrest is a cubby. There is a cubby here, Ill, never send the console, and you do get quite a large glove box in front of the driver. There is a partly digital display and even though it is a fairly simple display, it does show you all the information you want and even a bit more it doesnt only show you the tire pressure, but also the tire temperature Ive never seen that before on the Dashboard there is a screen with mgs iSmart infotainment system, and if you have seen my review of the zsev, you know that I do like mgs iSmart infotainment system. It is a simple system and it is also responsive. It also has support for Android, auto and apple carplay.

It does get over the air updates and theres also an app to remotely control the car and a good thing about mgs iSmart system or the way mg has implemented. It is that it does have physical shortcut buttons for your volume, the home screen, turning the climate control on and off so yeah again I do like it, then. The rear seats, the scene in front of me is in my typical driving position. I am 1 meter and 85 centimeters and I have plenty of knee room left. I can also shove my feet under the scene in front of me. Headroom, though, is not so great people taller than me: they they will touch the roof. The car is quite wide so sitting here with three people, no problem, and what is also nice is that, even though this car does not stand on a EV only platform, the car does have a flat floor here at the rear. What is not so great, though, is that well again, the floor of the car is quite high and therefore your legs are quite high and therefore, as an adult, you do not have a lot of support here at your thighs and that can get uncomfortable on a Longer trip besides that. Well, there is not a whole lot here. To be honest, you do have a armrest with two cup holders, but no USB ports or air vents. Another thing that this mg5 does better than the zsev is its driving position.

First, the seats are better and second in this car, the steering wheel is actually adjustable in both ways like you expect from a modern car, really, as you have seen, the right height of the mg5 is higher than that of a normal station wagon and therefore it Doesnt feel like driving a normal station wagon. It actually feels like driving a crossover and that well, that is nice to be honest than the driving itself. Well, it will not surprise you that this is not a exciting car to drive in. It is actually a very neutral car to drive. The steering does not have a lot of feeling, but theres a nice weight drive this car with a higher speed on the highway. It still feels steady and the suspension is on the comfortable side of the spectrum. The suspension is actually very well balanced if you ask me, and even though, that this car has a more comfortable suspension, take it through a high speed corner and the car doesnt lean as much in the corner as a zsev does and thats. Probably because this car does have a lower center of gravity than that said, SUV, you can tell, though, when driving on the highway that mg did save some money on the sound isolation, especially when driving on the highway. This is not the most quiet car in the world. It does make quite some noise. All modern driving safety features are available on this mg5.

Okay, Im. Sorry, not everything, almost everything, because this car is not available with blind spot monitoring or rear cross traffic alert, and I have to say, though, that the systems that are on the car are not as refined yet as on most competitors. What I can say, though, is that, unlike the Zs EV, this car does use regenerative braking with the adaptive cruise control very good as it should. So what is my final verdict? Well, I find it odd that, even though the mgz SUV and the mg5 come from the same company, the mg5 doesnt have all the flaws that the mgz SUV has and the mg5 drives way better in my opinion than the zsev. It is just a shame that the long range of the mg5 doesnt get the same battery pack as the mgz SCV, the 68 kilowatt hour battery pack. But if I had to choose between the zsev and the mg5, I would definitely choose the mt5, and that was the review of the mg5. I hope you liked it and if you did please give a like, if you have something to say, leave a comment and well, it would be awesome if you subscribed and then I would like to say now.