I had a ridiculous idea last night over a cold beer and thought lets. Try that and we tried it and it worked. I havent edited it yet, if probably all the footage hasnt worked anyway, im waffling if you havent seen one of these before this is my midweek update, where i bring in my news views and information about upcoming reviews. All filmed in one take im going to put 180 seconds in the bottom right hand, corner of your screen and thats it a very simple format, so without further ado lets get cracking with this weeks. Midweek 180. much to talk about. I shall start my timer okay leader of the fact last week was mark c. That is nine on the bounce. Could you make it ten? This week, then youre going to retire apparently joined in the magnificent seven by francois g, leanne jackson, paul mead, jimmy the hutt, malcolm brew and michael kember uh. So whoever whats the first comment this week, youll be my leader back next week and the first seven comments will be in my magnificent seven. Where are you and what youre doing well, that was flat sixers70, who was on holiday in russian in the south of france, and i picked you because we only got back from the south of france on saturday and im missing it already like me, tan anyway, wherever You are right now and whatever youre doing put in the comments and ill give you a shout out next week.

Last weeks, question was your definition of a drivers car. There were so many different views on this very wide opinion. Um manual lightweight engaging some classics. There was a whole range of stuff really interesting. This weeks, question weve got another heat wave in the uk coming this week and lots of talk about hosepipe bands. I think its highly likely that within the next week, most of us are going to get a host pipe ban. So quick question: once youve got a hosepipe ban, what are your plans for keeping your car clean? How do you keep your car clean during a hosepipe ban, or do you just not bother and let it go all dusty formula ones headed into its uh summer, break its not back till the 26th of august in spa? I guess news to cover uh sebastian, vettel retiring, sad, to see him leave the sport um alonso, moving to aston to take his place, albon getting a multi year, um contract with william some interesting stuff, but the mercedes is in a good place. I think to come back after the summer break and really take it to ferrari and to red bull. I think verstappens uh got the title this year, though um new car news is this now, so this is the mg4 ev. I just thought it was a really interesting car. I i love my mg zs ev that i had as money one of my handy, long termers.

This has three different trim levels, starting from 25 995, going all the way up to the top spec one at 31, 495. um, the the standard basic ones got 218 miles of range. The the long range uh versions have 281 miles, so that makes it quite practical and mg. Give you a seven year, warranty, which i still think is is right up there. I just think thats a really really interesting car and then the last thing i wanted to just talk about was what your views are on. Fuel prices i dont know about where you live, where i live, were starting to see a little bit of a reduction in the cost of fuel, but only by a matter of pence, maybe five pence or something. But i was only reading this morning that the the price of crude oil is now dropped, hugely and and realistically theres, probably a 30 or 40 drop in the price of fuel that could be made. What are your thoughts on? It? Are the oil companies basically profiteering? Have they got reasons for it? I know its always the four core owners that set the price and and have the challenges, but for me i think something needs to happen. I think fuel should come down a little bit, and that is the end of my timer. Last thing to talk about, and i was waiting for the timer, because i just want to talk to you about the film ive just made with this tesla model y ive wanted to get into a model y for a while um a couple of years ago.

When i had the s4, i actually seriously looked at buying a model y, but at that time you couldnt order one and then, by the time the order book opened, we got rid of the s4 and with long term cars and press cars and things we just Literally, just dont need to buy a car right now, but this would be right up on the list if i did id never driven one before ive driven a model s and a model x. So i decided to do something a bit crazy, so ive just filmed a review of this car in one take now. I know i do my midweek 180 in one take, but this one take thats outside inside and driving driving with four cameras running all in one. Take and we did it the first take as well so youve got to tune in on friday at 6.. I havent edited it yet it might not turn out great, but we literally just reviewed this car. I got andrew who owns hes a good friend of mine hes on two teslas to talk about the car, not just the spec, but also things like what its like to live with a tesla. What people rave about them as living with the best evs? You can whats it like if youre an owner, so i got andrew on camera and we talked through it and its really really interesting so tune in on friday at six oclock.

For that ive got to go and edit it now, but anyway, hopefully itll be right. I hope you enjoyed that one.