Okay, the end! Oh, you want me to review it all right Music. This is the enyak IV and its skodas first ever EV and first things: first, okay, its not without its flaws. No car is, but we reckon that this is one of the most well rounded electric cars on sale. Today, let me explain: I have car that you can buy without even thinking about it. Lets start with the design right its not what you would call beautiful, but its not what you would call ugly, its modern and fresh without being too modern and fresh its not bad. I mean a few people have said to me over the last couple of days of me having it thats right in it, and Ive got yeah yeah. It is, but do me a favor if you ever get one of these dont go for the crystal Grill thing, because youre just going to look like a teenager with glow in the dark braces. So the enyak is perfectly agreeable to look at and guess what. Even though its a big heavy Electric skoda, its a lovely thing to drive and the danger when it comes to Modern cars, is Engineers tend to get a little bit overexcited when it comes to things like handling and cornering ability and sportiness. But the fact is to buy a car like this. You want a big family SUV, probably dont care about stuff like that, because actually having all the sportiness and all that sort of stuff takes away from that nice relaxing feel when youve got a car full of kids and dogs Etc.

Its where the enyak is very different, this is a very relaxing car to drive and Ill. Tell you what we film on this road quite often – and I know this is a very bumpy road, but this car is handling the bumps like a pro like a blooming. Legend is what its doing very, very impressive. Even considering the fact, this car weighs like two tons, its still handling pretty well hes got a low center of gravity, so the battery is on the floor. So it kind of takes away the body roll a little bit, even if you are driving it like a, but this isnt the kind of car that you feel the urge to drive like a its, not encouraging you to drive it like a its encouraging you to Drive it like this, ah Im so relaxed. Does that make sense just see what I mean the eniac is making all the right noises. Well, I say noises lets take a moment to listen. Please please silent refined, quiet, electric motors, which is exactly what you want at the end of a long day, isnt it you want to feel relaxed. I mean dont, get me wrong performance in this thing, isnt going to knock your socks off. If you go for the entry level model, the iv60 thatll do a naught to 60. In like eight seconds, the one weve got here is the iv80, which is just a little smidgen faster, a little smidgen pigeon faster, its got 201 brake horsepower, but its the range on this thing 329 miles is the official figure which is actually more than the ionic.

Five very nice I mean. Obviously it depends on how you drive it as with every electric car, if you drive it like an idiot youre going to get less than 329 arent you, yes, but no overall, this drives lovely and charging. You can charge at 125 kilowatt fast charger that will get you 10 to 80 percent in half an hour lovely. Oh, there is one thing that I really wanted to point out to you, and that is satisfying indicator sounds listen to this Im, not gon na lie. Since Ive had this car, I have been indicating more often because I like listening to the noise. Oh, you can also get a fruity four wheel drive version with 261 brake horsepower. Hold your horses, though, because the fruitiest model, the enyak IV, vrs, probably isnt a car. You should buy without thinking about it. It costs over 50 Grand and even though its quick, its still not a drivers car by any means, and we prefer the laid back nature of the standard model. Then theres the Hunchback enyak Ivy Coupe, which is more expensive and less practical than the standard car wed hesitate to choose that one as well anyway, lets have a poke around inside. Okay welcome to the interior as ever, nothing too crazy going on in here. However, you do know that youre sat in something quite solidly brilliantly built its a really lovely layout. Actually, oh, there is a little bit of um ambient lighting, which I spotted.

While I was driving it at night. You cant see it now because its daytime, but theres ambient lighting along here and along here as well, which looks really lovely in the evenings. Now youve got a virtual cockpit display thats as standard giant screen 13 inches, which works really really well. Ive been mucking around with this over the last few days, and I find the graphics are just brilliant. Everything is all really super. Responsive apricot play, Android, auto all other things, but I think you know where Im about to go. Climate controls are all in the screen. Its not as bad as a VW setup, you do still get slidies, which is just for the volume along here, its still annoying because its still within the screen – and that still irritates me, but it doesnt, irritate me as much so Im going to put that down. As a positive kind of Id, rather a knob, we want knobs thing about this. Car is the space. I mean Im going to show you through the magical television by magically appearing in the rear seats. Anyway, you can comfortably get three adults back here. There is so much space, its utterly brilliant. Look all of this stuff in there, your phone in there look at that put your dinner on there. Oh cup holder, love that oh blind yeah, oh charge points check your chewing gum on there lovely Ill. Tell you what the boot as well 585 liters of space, which is actually 43 liters bigger than an id4, and then youve got the skoda simply clever stuff, like the umbrella in the door, the place to hold your parking ticket and all that sort of stuff.

Oh and super long charging cables, oh skoda, so good see. I told you that enyakivi is pretty much all things to all people.