The way car buying should be Music, all right, whats up guys. My name is zach, and today i am driving a 2022 gmc hummer ev down below me is three electric motors, as well as a single speed, automatic transmission, and i am super excited to be driving this hummer ev for tons and tons of reasons, but mainly the Fact that this is a cutting edge ev, this is the forefront of what electric cars are doing right now and thats always super exciting. But before we get on to anything else, i have a website Where you can buy stickers, you can submit your own vehicle and you could read my behind the scenes blog to see what im filming before it comes out on the channel. But lets get back to that three motor electric drivetrain, well its good for a little over 300 miles of range. If you drive it normally, but youre not going to, because this makes a thousand horsepower thats right. This truck makes a thousand horsepower, which is actually insane, but the bigger number. The number that gmc loves to show is the torque number, its not a thousand its, not two thousand its eleven thousand five hundred foot pounds of torque. Now that is, after its gone through the axles and of course the gear ratios help amplify that number. Each motor makes between 350 and 400 foot pounds of torque on its own, but once it hits the wheels 11 500 pound feet of torque, or so they say, but we will do an acceleration test to show that off.

But i am going to switch the camera around because you got to see these cool graphics, so this is called watts the freedom max. How do we do this? All right, so all you got to do track control once then hold it down. Oh your seat! Vibrates! This is super super cool and then i hit continue here. Yeah you continue, the vehicle is gon na lower and then uh watts. The freedom is basically uh. Well, it is launch control thats its not basically what it is its just legitimately what it is. So it is lowering it down, so we have a lower center of gravity um and then once its ready, brake harder and then floor it and uh. Here we go, oh god Laughter, oh my god, that is insane a 9 000, almost 10 000 pound vehicle zero to 60. In three seconds we almost clipped the bird like, i said paired to its single speed, automatic transmission, so it never shifts, and it feels very much like an electric car. However, we do have four wheel drive and we have a bunch of cool things that go with that. First of all, i do have front and rear locking differentials. So this is a real off road truck older hummers ive done an h3 and an h3t. They both had front and rear, locking differentials as well, so it was nice that gmc stuck with that from yesteryear. However, im sure youre wondering about it.

This does have crab walks. So when you enable it, it does have rear, steering all the time, but you can also turn on crab walk to help maneuver the vehicle in a very peculiar way. It feels very, very strange when you do it. It looks very very strange – and this is sort of the party piece of the hummer theres tons of cool little gimmicks and gadgets in here that well get to. But the crab walk is the most visually stunning thing that the hummer ev will do, and i think that thats super super unique. So with that, out of the way lets talk about the interior, we have tons and tons to go through in here. Well in front of me, i get a digital screen for my gauges. The first thing, youll notice about the interior of the hummer ev, is that everything is lunar and moon themed. I dont know why they chose this, but its incredibly cool and if you love astronomy, if you love the idea of going to the moon, this truck is absolutely perfect for you and you can see that, in the background of the gauge cluster, you get these sort Of lunar rocks, which i love, i hope that one day hummer will change these, and maybe you could get different geological formations on your gauge cluster. I think thatd be kind of cool, maybe a download pack or over the air update in the center. I do get my speed and i get a bunch of information surrounding it.

You can see for yourself its pretty neat on the steering wheel. This is pretty typical gm. So, on the left, i have my cruise control. This does have super crews and off to the right. I just have some simple selector dials and around the back of the steering wheel. I do have my regenerative braking, so you can one pedal drive here in the hummer ev if thats something youd like to do, but it is very, very unnatural feeling if youre not used to driving electric cars off to the left, i have a giant climate control Vent finished in this really cool, almost brass looking material, and then i get a bunch of extra buttons power parking brake lane keep assist my frunk release. We will talk about that in a second. I do also have a button to put all the windows down simultaneously in case you wanted to do that, and i do have my little charger outlet moving onto the door. I have two memory seat options as well as power mirrors power windows. Again, this is very classic. Very typical gm youll see this in todays silverados gmc sierras escalades tahoes the run of the mill up above in the center. I do get the rear view. Camera mirror now. Gm. Does this in a lot of their vehicles like the escalade? Even the c8 corvette – and so you can actually, instead of just having a regular mirror for the rear view, mirror you can actually have it show the video footage from behind you.

This is fantastic on all bigger vehicles. I think this should be standard. However, while were up here by the rear view, mirror this truck has what almost no other truck ive ever reviewed has, which is t tops. Gm is keeping t tops alive here in 2022, with the hummer ev. Now i recently made a documentary series about the conception of t tops and how they came about, and i said in the video that t tops no longer exist. Well, ive never been happier to put my foot in my own mouth than now, because gm brought back, the t tops for the hummer ev and they are fabulous also, while were up here by the mirror. You also get a switch to fully roll down the rear window, which is super super exciting, something that, like toyota, 4runners, have done for a while, but its cool to see it in a gm product moving into the center. We have this giant infotainment screen again. You get more lunar rock, so this does have google integration, which is fantastic as well as it does have wireless apple carplay, and this is sort of a glimpse at what gms infotainment system is going to look like from here on out – and i am a big Big fan, i love these little icons and well talk more about graphics when we talk about drive modes because as the coolest graphics on planet earth – or i guess the moon – but i really really like all of this – i will show the backup cameras here.

This is what they look like, and you can have a lot of customization. One really cool camera option you do get is that theres an underbody camera and you can actually hit a button and spray it to clear it off of any dirt and mud. Another thing that i do like is that you do get options for like heated seats and ventilated seats as well. The physical buttons down below feel absolutely fantastic. They feel very high quality and something im not used to feeling in a hummer product is high quality buttons. But they really really stepped up their game for hummer coming back to the market, then we do have some more buttons down below heated steering wheel, which is a nice option. I do have my locking differentials, hazard, switch, traction control, parking, sensors and i do have automatic parking. However, i dont have any vehicles to test it with and honestly im not willing to test it with other vehicles, but im sure it works. Fine down below that. I have two more climate control vents and i get a wireless charger usb in interesting that it actually has a traditional usb as well as a usbc. But i feel like everythings just moving towards usbc and this being a cutting edge car, its interesting that they still have the older style of usb. Then we come to the center console. Well, talk about the shifter and drive modes in a second, but lets get it out of the way lets.

Do a big freaking bottle test here in the hummer ev, and i am happy to report that it does in fact pass the big friggin bottle test. But now getting back off to the left, i do have my shifter. This is sort of parts been gme. It definitely looks and feels a lot like the silverado and gmc sierra shifter, which isnt anything bad its just something ive seen before. But then we have this really cool dial, so we can initiate crab walk on this dial, which you saw earlier with the drivetrain. You can also raise and lower the hummer ev. So this is on air suspension, then off to the right. We get a button that will just show you gms email address. I dont know why they did this. I dont know why this was important. I dont know why they couldnt have put this behind eight different menus in the center screen, but at the touch of a button you can know who to email, i guess which will probably be outdated in five or ten years. So it is what it is. Then we have our drive mode dial, so we have off road terrain, tow haul, normal my mode and then were back to off road. However, i will shut up and play some music, because you have to just watch the animations that come up on the screen. When you switch modes. They actually got a video game company to do these graphics and it is the coolest thing i have ever seen in any modern car.

Please enjoy Laughter. Oh then we do have a big center console, nothing too interesting in there. However, what ive come to expect out of full size? Gm vehicles then well talk about the seats. The seats are memory, they are power, they are heated. They are ventilated, pretty much anything you want out of a modern seat. You get here in the hummer ev. I am very comfortable and as youll notice throughout the whole interior, all hummer evs at the current moment come with this sort of lunar colored interior, which i really really love and thats echoed with the seats as well. But speaking of seats, we do have back seats. So lets go: do a back seat review all right, so were in the back of the hummer ev tons and tons of space back here. My knees, dont have a prayer of hitting the seat in front of me. I have plenty of shoulder room plenty of headroom and i actually get my own t tops back here as well, which is really really cool that we talked about a little bit earlier. I also get cup holders down here. I have my own temperature and fan speed controls. I have heated seat, controls and two usbs again a traditional and a usbc, and i get a nice little cubby down at the very bottom with an actual wall outlet. So if you want to charge your devices, you can absolutely do that here in the back of the ev, you can also open the center of the seats back here, like you can like a silverado or something like that, which is super.

Super cool definitely love the added storage features other than that. Nothing too, too crazy. Im really seeing back here. Remember this rear window completely goes down, which is very cool and on a summer day that would be very nice t tops out rear window down. Come on. You cant beat that lets hop around back. Well, take a quick look at the trunk and cargo space then well talk about the looks all right so were on the back of the hummer ev. We do have two buttons here on the key fob you can lower it. It is a power tailgate which is fantastic once we are back here, nothing too crazy. Besides the fact you do get a wall outlet for any power tools. That is really really nice and you get this really nice tonneau cover. This is actually like hard metal on top, which is fantastic. You also do get gmcs like nine way tailgate, so you can open it up a bunch of different ways if youre familiar with current model or the last couple of years worth of like silverados and gmc sierras youll know exactly how this works. There you go, you can fold that down, then you can fold this down and you could use that as a step to get up into the hummer ev. Although i will say the hummer ev sits a lot higher than silverado, so this step is still two and a half three feet off the ground, so pretty crazy there.

But you can fold that up just like you can any other truck. However, we are not done with storage space because we do have a frunk, because it is an ev. It actually has a frunk which is really really cool. Now this is covers, for the t tops. Normally, you would put the t tops here. It is a pretty decent amount of space, its not a ton of space. Obviously you cant use anything on the side here, but for groceries for things you wont access all the time. This is absolutely awesome to have an ev and for me, its a must for an ev. The volkswagen id4 does not have a frunk, even though it very easily could have, and that was very depressing to me, so its very nice that this gets it and it is a power frunk, so you just hit it and itll open and close on its own. You see the lights kind of, do the little dance and there we go now we got ta talk about the looks and all hummer evs come in this white color. Now they will be releasing an suv later down the road and that will actually come in like this cool, foresty green. But right now all the hummer evs are in this white color and i think it is a really handsome car. It does look like a hummer ev. Well, it looks like a hummer, to say the least. It of course, says hummer and about size, 1000 font on the front, but it genuinely still echoes those same design cues that they were using almost two decades ago, which is really really cool.

I think, overall, this is a really good redesign and a really nice return to market for the hummer name and so lets get into my final thoughts. What do i think, finally driving the hummer ev? Well, i have to say i came into this review expecting this to be the most ridiculous car i drive this year and, to be honest, its not far from it with a thousand horsepower and moon rocks everywhere. This has to be in the upper tier of strange cars, but i really expected to hate it and i dont i kind of understand it. I kind of get it. This thing is actually ridiculously cool, and if i had the change laying around, i think id get one it just. It feels so fresh and new and thats hard to get from gm products. Gm is really good about finding something that works and using it over and over again and thats, one of their strengths really its because you know youre going to get something thats going to work well, but they dont often feel at that cutting edge. They dont feel like the most modern hip thing you can buy. Well, this absolutely does this doesnt feel like a lot of other gms. It doesnt feel like any other gms. However, off of this platform, chevy will be bringing out the electric silverado and im sure the electric sierra will follow as well as maybe we could see an escalade on this platform.

Maybe we can see other products shared with this car and thats exciting. To me, this is where gm is going and if thats true, if this is the true trajectory of whats, going to come out of gm in the next 10 years, i am very, very excited about it. If they have the same attention to detail, the same cool features, the same fun energy that i feel driving this in the rest of their products. I think the 2020s might go to gm. I really truly believe that, because this thing is fun its cool and it just it excites me about driving a truck which i havent been excited about in a couple of years. So this is just super super cool. Well, i hope you guys enjoyed the video huge. Thank you to my friend max for letting me take out the hummer ev from cadillac in naperville. Go check it out. They have a couple on the lot right now. If you want to see this behemoth in person – and i highly recommend that you do head on over to cadillac of naperville talk to max, he will get you in the drivers seat of one of these bad boys, and this is something you definitely have to experience. All of his information is down in the description below please reach out. You wont regret it, but i hope you guys enjoyed the video dont forget to rate the video comment on the video and subscribe.