When the fgv1 was unveiled at the seoul motor show, they had little success, but kept going until something happened. In 2016., they launched the ioniq five door liftback, it didnt look special, but had a 200 kilometer range and it sold 36 772 units globally totaling a whopping 47 percent of global ev sales. This paved the way for ionic a dedicated division focused on evs, and these guys mean business. Why do people love the ioniq 6 so much? What is so special about this car join us today, as we dive into the details of how the ioniq 6 has shocked the industry and revealed new information about its price, to fully understand why the ionic 6 has caused such a stir. We must first understand that hyundai has never won any awards for the way their cars. Look. The most popular hyundai hyundais by sales before the ioniq range were the hyundai tucson, the hyundai elantra and the hyundai kona, hardly beautiful vehicles. So when hyundai introduced two of the most visually appealing evs on the planet, the ioniq 5 and the ionic 6 people were taken aback. These cars looked like nothing else on the market, giving them instant appeal for anybody. Looking at a new ev for one of the first times in recent memory, hyundai has earned some serious street cred and they deserve it. Inspiration came from the streamlined cars of the 1930s sanyapli ionic division lead designer said when asked about hyundais tesla model 3 rival.

The first thing that stands out on the hyundai ioniq 6 is the long sweeping curves of the body making it look more like a concept car than a production model from the back its wide and low resembling a sports car, but from the side its an elegant. Four door: sedan for the family or business. This all electric sedan will share an ev platform with the ionic 5. like the ioniq 5. The base models of the ionic 6 will have a single electric motor powering the rear wheels with dual motor. All wheel drive offered on higher models. The dual motor model will produce 324 brake horsepower and should achieve 0 60 miles per hour in 5.1 seconds. The hyundai ioniq 6 will be offered with two sizes of battery 53 kilowatt hours or 77.4 kilowatt hours in the extended range model. The largest battery is expected to provide 379 miles of range, which is slightly more than the tesla model. 3. moving inside the ionic 6 is sleek and minimal. You get a simple dashboard design with dual screen. Infotainment system, consisting of two high resolution 12 inch displays running hyundais latest software. The heads up display with augmented reality projects, navigation directions on the windshield, giving you a cockpit feeling. Another standout feature is the lack of wing mirrors, replacing them with wing mirror screens on either side of the car, giving a futuristic view of whats behind you. Prices are yet to be confirmed on the website, but the rumors from carwow.

com suggest that we are getting the same model variants as the ioniq 5 at a slightly increased price, its expected to cost roughly 48 000 for the base. Se trim ranging up to 60 000 for the limited long range dual motor, all wheel, drive spec. The model 3 starts at 57 490 and can reach a top end price of 72 490 fully loaded. So this puts hyundais new competitor way below in comparison. The question on everybodys mind is: can hyundai take on tesla hyundai has executed a strategy that seems so simple its almost not a strategy when a manufacturer releases a concept car its sole purpose, is to turn heads at a motor show and generate likes and clicks on. The internet, they normally have no intention of releasing a car that actually looks like that, for example, the mercedes vision eqs started as a concept car like this. Then it evolved into this and finally ended up. Looking like this, i think you get my point. Compare this to the hyundai 45 ev concept released in 2019. It looks the same as the hyundai ioniq 5 released two years later. Then they did it again with a hyundai prophecy concept launched in 2020, then launching a sedan version with very similar designs to the ionic 6. We see today, hyundais strategy seems to be to design a concept car wait for people to love it and then release an almost identical production model. Two years later, theyve done this twice now with the ionic 5 and 6, and it seems to be working.

Hyundai has also made the move to a global vehicle platform, similar to what tesla, toyota and volvo have done. It allows them to share the same base chassis platform for multiple cars within their ranges. This keeps costs low and makes it easier for hyundai to scale up production, as demand increases its not confirmed yet, but its likely that all future ionic models will share hyundais, egmp or electric global mobility platform and therefore batteries, motors and components. Hyundai has superior charging with a 350 kilowatt fast charger, giving you an 80 charge in just 20 minutes, which is seriously quick. Compare that to a tesla model 3, which takes at least 30 minutes to charge to 80 from a supercharger or six to nine hours. From a home wall, charger elon musk has weighed in on hyundais success, saying hyundai is doing pretty well in reply to a tweet from a tesla fan, the tweet intended to highlight gms lack of market share but ended up, highlighting hyundais 9 share to the tesla ceo Ford motor ceo, jim farley seems also to have been paying attention to the korean ev manufacturer when asked who his largest competitors were. Hyundai in south korea is doing a great job. We really like and admire what theyre doing. Ford has committed to investing 50 billion in transforming the company into a global ev player and challenging tesla. Hyundai also seems to share the same lofty aspirations. The ionic 6 is a direct challenger to the tesla model.

3 and hyundai seems to have been able to capture the attention of the market with a stunning design. Theyre also testing new models and putting their money where their mouth is. By introducing a try before you buy scheme, this was launched by olabisi boyle, vice president of hyundai motor america, where a customer can rent a hyundai ev for between one and three months before completing the purchase. This gives them time to understand if an ev is right for them and allows hyundai the chance to show prospective customers how good their cars are, only time will tell but its looking promising for the south korean car manufacturer. Let us know what you think about the ioniq 6 and their plans to take on tesla. Do you think theyve got what it takes to challenge them on a global scale if youve watched until now? Thank you very much. Please consider subscribing to velocity for more videos.