I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I covered the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im also reviewing the ford f, 150 lightning ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not. Oh and one more thing before i start i just purchased an electric car. Do i need a current license? Okay, now back to the video ford introduced, the f 150 lightning, an all electric battery powered light duty truck in may 2021. Its part of the ford f series – 14th generation – the company – has revealed four variants, all of which will be dual motor. Four wheel. Drive vehicles with epa range estimates of 230 300 miles. The f 150 lightning will go into production in the spring of 2022, so we havent driven it just yet, but president joe biden beat us all to the punch and got an exclusive test drive. How cool is that? In january 2019, ford announced its ambition to build a totally electric light truck during the 2019 detroit auto show ford tested prototype electric test mules on existing f 150 chassis in july 2019.. This culminated in a world record. Breaking rail mounted demonstration test tow of one million. Two hundred and fifty thousand pounds, linda zhang, fords chief engineer of the f 150, stated at the time that the company planned to take the build for tough characteristics of durability, capability and productivity and stretch them into a whole new arena of electric vehicles.

On may 19 2021 ford debuted the truck and announced the model named f, 150 lightning, with plans to enter production in the spring of 2022.. In the first two days after the announcement, ford got 44 500 refundable deposit orders, followed by another 25 000 in the next two days. By june 11, 2021 ford had received 100 000 100 reservations, and the company announced that a more official order bank would open later that year, as well as the company would offer digital services for subscription revenue, which would shift car sales away from a one time. Transaction process by late may 2021 ford had started talking about electric trucks other than the f series, such as the expedition and navigator, which will be supported by a full size, eevee truck chassis, as well as a smaller chassis for the bronco explorer and aviator. By the end of july, ford had received over 160 thousand lightning orders. This is already more than the total production allocated for the next two years. We are for sure, still far away from the million pre orders of the tesla cyber truck, but its always difficult to draw any conclusion from these figures. They are so volatile the best selling vehicles of all categories in the united states for 44 years. The ford f 150 is a true institution, but now is the time for energy shift and the utility is now available in a 100 electric ford, f, 150 lightning. All success seems to be there on the horizon, design and engineering.

On its final look, ford made changes to its high strength, military grade, aluminium bodywork with the goal of making the lightning the most aerodynamic f 150 to date. Thus, the hood and the running boards have been redesigned while the front adopts specific headlights with led technology linked together by a light bar that crosses its innovative front grille available in three different designs: the f, 150 lightning doesnt compromise on space, maintaining the same cabin and Body dimensions as the gasoline versions. In addition, it has a 360 degree lighting system which can provide the light needed to illuminate a specific area or the entire area around the vehicle. Technically ford has introduced an all new chassis made from the strongest steel and f 150. Has ever used so that can withstand a maximum payload of 907 kilograms and is able to tow up to 4 535 kilograms interior. As for the interior, the highlight is its 15.5 inch, touchscreen from which is controlled by the new ford sync 4a infotainment system compatible with apple carplay and android, auto wireless, as well as a table 12 inch digital edge panel. The electric pickup also includes the blue cruise. As part of ford co pilot 360 technology, which allows the driver to relax their hands and let the system take control of the steering another exciting new feature is the on board scale, which uses the vehicle sensors to estimate payload and tell users how much theyre carrying While the smart range will be responsible for providing an accurate estimate of how far it can travel, the f, 150 lightning features trail hitch, assistance pro, which automatically controls steering throttle and brake inputs to make hitching trailers easier.

Another aspect to highlight is the presence of a front cover with an electric opening and closing system that provides 400 liters of volume and kilos of payload. In addition, this space is waterproof and is equipped with four electrical outlets: two usb chargers and a drainable floor that can serve as a container for food and drinks. Likewise, its able to offer 2.4 kw of electric power in the rear box. There are sockets that provide up to 7.2 kw so that it is possible to connect all kinds of power tools, televisions, laptops, etc, performance. The rear suspension is independent and responsible for driving. The vehicle are two electric motors that generate 425 kw and a maximum torque of 1050 nm. How could it be otherwise all wheel drive is also making its appearance with all of this ford claims. The lightning hits 60 miles per hour in about 4.5 seconds and it tops out at 105 miles per hour to quote fords official website two motors four wheels phenomenal torque two on board motors powering a standard 4×4 system means f, 150 lightning has faster acceleration than any F: 150, yet targeting 0 60 miles per hour in mid 4. Second range in comparison to the gas powered counterpart. The weight distribution of an all electric f 150 is considerably closer to 50 50. because of the massive battery pack beneath its floor. The lightning has a lower center of gravity than regular, f 150s, which means it should handle notably better.

The lightning has a number of driving modes, including one that is specifically designed for towing and hauling. This option should change a variety of settings to make trailering a bit less stressful, tow haul mode helps keep the truck speed under control, while traveling down slopes, which is one of the most evident benefits, because there is no transmission to downshift or engine to crank. This function relies on regenerative, braking to keep the speedometer needle from maxing out on descents recharging, the battery and storing the energy for use when ascending to the next hill. This method, unlike a combustion powered vehicle, should be virtually quiet off. Roading is catered to be another one of the lightnings four driving modes. It modifies the accelerator mapping, anti lock, braking system and power delivery to aid the trucks performance in adverse circumstances. The 2022 lightning was put through the same rigorous testing as other f series trucks. Ford claims that no accommodations were made for this truck, simply because it is electric. Take, for example, the vital battery pack, steel and skid plates protect this sucker, which can take a hammering as one test driver, was anxious to demonstrate by purposefully banging the trucks belly. Every time he had a chance, too battery life among the batteries, the american manufacturer did not reveal their capacity and only commented that there will be two sizes available with an estimated range of 230 and 300 miles. These figures are lower than those of some of the lightnings prospective competitors, but real world performance will be the ultimate standard for electric truck performance, so comparisons to some of the lightnings flashier would be competitors from tesla and gmc wont, deter them at least not yet the Maximum charge power allowed is 150 kw and the recharging process from 15 to 80 percent can be completed in 41 minutes, while if an 80 amp wall box is used, the time to go from 15 to 100 is about eight hours with optional ford intelligence, backup power.

The ford f, 150 lightning connects to your house when it needs to charge, but can smoothly return the favor if the lights go out without even pressing a button. Best of all, you can check your truck status from almost anywhere with your phone when the home is correctly equipped and the home transfer switch is activated, the home is disconnected from the grid. The trucks cooling systems have been improved according to ford, so lightning can handle gradients like that day in and day out, even in harsh conditions, the battery pack and electric motors should not suffer from the heat, related durability issues or thermal throttling price and model range reservations Are already open and the first units will arrive in spring 2022 with four finishes available and a price starting at nine thousand nine hundred and seventy four dollars for the commercial version. The xlt a more well equipped mid series model, starts at fifty two thousand nine hundred and seventy four dollars msrp and adds more comfort and technology. Msrp ranges from thirty nine thousand nine hundred and seventy four dollars to roughly ninety thousand four hundred and seventy four dollars. Itll be manufactured in the rogue center factory in dearborn michigan to finally bring to the table a model intended to compete with other important proposals of electric pickups, like the rivien r1t or the tesla cyber truck. This wraps up my review of the new and upcoming ford f 150. Lightning. Let me know what you think of it and place your bet down in the comments for which is the best pickup truck of the year 2022 between the f 150, the cyber truck and the hummer eb.

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