Today we have got the new hammer ev and its a resurrection of the hammer brand and apparently its just opposite of what humor used to be not in terms of size, but in terms of being a big gas cursor. And this is a uv, so it doesnt really need gas, its still big. So no doubt about that and still looks like a proper hammer, but in a different design, in a new clothing and with the new soul. So this is a casting by hot wheels, and this is a new casting new one for this year, because this car came out recently and still not on the road. So its an eevee lets talk about it. So hotels made this casting recently, and this has been part of the some of the new evs which are coming out as casting for both hotels and matchbox, and we will be seeing more of these because everywhere there is a newbie coming up now. So lets start with the front up front. You can see the big hammer grille the new homer and, if im not wrong. All of these light up. I cant really remember, but i have seen some uh but lets talk about the casting. So its detailed nicely up front, you can see the hummer badging up front, you can see the headlamp and the turn signals and if you remember the old hammer used to have this part there, which was bigger than this obviously, and but this one still pays homage To the old hammer and hot tools are nicely included in its casting and again a big off roader, so you can see all the pictures and stuff – and these tires you might have seen on lots of pickup trucks in our series and the hot wheels lineup yeah.

These look like something you will definitely not good from a company, but you can get it after market, so yeah they do their job, nothing really to brag about, but theyre nice for this casting, i will say, coming on the side. So this is a weird thing or a senior weird setup, but well hot is just copying or just making a small size of what actual version. So you have got a window for bear and a covered up roof here. So i might have to research more about the hammer which i should, but as for the casting, it looks nice yeah but mirrors, which actually look like what there are on the hummer rather than just having something stuck on to it. So thats, a good thing. You have a side step here and you have them all body mounting holdings going all over the side. Coming on the side. You can see theres a big bed here. Oh yes, the hummer is a pickup. Now they used to have armor picker, but for a very short time i guess so. This one is a pickup coming on the back again. The big hummer logo or hammer badging or hover letters and youve got nicely detailed, tail lamps and the gmc patch down there. Because, obviously, its owned by gm, so youve got the gmc badge, the hummer bat and the nicely detailed tail lamps, no exhaust pipes here, obviously, because its an ev coming on the other side, you wont have a fuel filler gap.

You might have a charging cap. So should be somewhere and also if you see the hummer was always a boxy vehicle and it continues on this one and you see from the side, you can see the wheel arches, the fenders are really boxy and hot wheels has done a nice job to show Them in the small casting the interior is still in all black, nothing special there, but yeah. There are things which show which reminiscent the actual interior of the vehicle, but they are known for the details and youve got a small skateboard up there, which i have seen in some of the recent pickups from hot wheels and theyre trying to be funky. Well, i guess so: youve got mirror on both the sides and mirror are actually like the humber ones, not just a regular mirror. So i think its a nice casting, i would say and matchbox has it done like good job in their races. Recent mainland casting and hotfields also have got some good mainland casting, and i would say this is one of the yeah one of the nicely detailed ones i do like how they have got the proper mirror, proper headlights and the tail lamp so yeah for a main Line this is a really nice looking casting. I just wish they had different wheels, something that actually were close to the original one, but even these ones are they work for it. So so let me know what you think about this casting and if i should make any changes to my video or if you want to see something like any special casting from with hot wheels, i should have a disclaimer that i dont have like a lot of Them, but if i have them ill, try to make a video on this, so let me know if you want something by the way and have a good day.