Entry models are more than sixteen thousand dollars more expensive were testing the range topping exceed tourer model and that costs just under seventy thousand dollars. Both exceed models have a seven seat configuration the four cylinder. Petrol engine essentially carries over from the previous model, but it has been massaged to deliver a little bit more power, a little bit more refinement. But you get two all new electric motors that boost power and torque significantly over its predecessor, a larger 20 kilowatt hour. Battery pack has been added under there somewhere, which gives it an improved ev only cruising range from 55 previously to around 84. Now, according to mitsubishi, its also increased the size of the petrol tank, which should give you theoretically a 1 000 kilometer cruising range, which is pretty good thats almost diesel territory. That range is based on claimed fuel consumption of 1.5 litres per 100 kilometers and a full battery charge, and there are four ways to charge the battery three of them plugged in and one of them via the petrol engine, which takes 94 minutes. When stationary, the hybrid powertrain pumps, through a single speed reduction gear to all four wheels, just like an ev every model except the base grade, es also comes with this really cool new feature, called v2l or vehicle to load. That allows you to plug pretty much anything into this vehicles. Two power points as you can see: weve got an extension cord plugged in here to my personal hair straightener and its a really cool setup.

Youve got a 1500 watt, 240 volt 3 pin power point here and also in the boot, and this is going to be a key selling point for this vehicle compared to regular outlanders theres, not a lot of visual differences. Even the 20 inch alloy wheels are the same. These plug in hybrid ev badges are the only new bits, but look i really like the fundamental design with its big blocky and purposeful. Look. It has a really powerful visual presence on the road. Mitsubishi has a well earned reputation for building cheap and crappy interiors, which is what makes this cabin such a surprise. I mean youve got these gorgeous diamond pattern: leather seats, large twin lcd screens, this fancy gear shifter its all rather nice, like the exterior design, the cabin doesnt really look much different to regular versions. You get these ev mode buttons, but otherwise its largely unchanged, thats, not a criticism, and i got ta say these seats are rather lovely with high quality, leather coverings, supportive cushions and even a massage function. The steering wheel has a really premium feel its really nice to hold, and the dash plastics, too are of a high quality. I like some of this overt stitching, the the tan color here, but its reputation of cheap and crappy interiors does come through a little bit. Youve got the piano black here that tends to get lots of fingerprints and this metallic plastic. I dont know whats going on here.

This is pretty cheap and the dials too. The plastic quality, not great. The twin digital screens are pretty cool, especially the 12.3 inch digital drivers display, which also gets some features unique to the hybrid such as this energy flow menu, which shows where the power is going to and whats generating it. The 9 inch digital touch screen here in the middle is a good looking screen and it works pretty well, but i feel for almost 70 thousand dollars. You should probably have a larger, better looking screen, like maybe in its twin car, the nissan x trail 12.3 inches. Anyone, but i like that you get a wireless phone charger usb, a and c ports, plus wireless apple, carplay and also android, auto, but youll need a cable for that one back seat room is not as good as the regular model. I do not have much headroom here and its not just because of the panoramic glass roof the floor in the back is actually a little bit higher because of the battery, so you lose out a little bit there, but look legroom is great and amenity is very Good, i love the pockets here, one for your phone one for your book. Youve got these sun blinds. Reading lights, tri zone climate control, youve got usb a usbc youve got that power point then theres the fold down arm rest right, its pretty well equipped the rear electric motor and inverter are packaged into one single compact unit, which means better packaging in the rear and Also, you now get a seven seat option which was not available in its predecessor, thats, pretty cool theres, an impressive amount of flexibility back here and once you fold everything back relatively easily, you can fold down the rear seats like this.

Youve got the power point here. Youve got shopping, bag hooks lights, tie down hooks. I like what theyve done back here. That is an impressive and very versatile interior package. But how does she drive and how do the electric gubbins work time to cue, the driving music one of my biggest gripes with the regular outlander was its lack of grunt. That 2.5 liter engine is not amazing. This model i was hoping for a bit more. Yes, the electric engines are more powerful, but its also a much heavier vehicle. This thing is 350 kilograms, heavier than the regular version put my foot down and it takes a while for all three engines to kick in when it does its, not bad. But the idea of a plug in hybrid vehicle has plenty of appeal. Unlike an ev, you wont be, as stressed by range anxiety or where the next fast charger is. The flip side is that if you dont charge, it regularly youre, basically carrying around a lot of extra dead weight. Interestingly, the electric motors work exclusively from zero to 70 kilometers an hour, or at least thats what mitsubishi says, and this testing suggests that is true, which means you dont get full thrust from all three engines until you get over 70ks an hour, the real test will Be to see how far you can travel on pure electricity before that petrol generator kicks in and while mitsubishi claims 84 kilometers were looking at about 68 69 70 kilometers for a full charge.

I mean you might be able to get a little bit better than that. If youre very good at hyper miling but yeah that that claim seems a little bit high. If you ask me, the suvs fundamentals are sound with good ride comfort and an ability to glide easily over rougher patches and undulations in the road. The extra weight means the suspension has been softened up, a little which definitely works in its favor, at the same token, its fairly confident through corners, which is a bit of a surprise. The outlander also proved predictable on dirt roads, the all wheel, drive system and, above average, 203 millimeters of ground clearance working well on extended, gravel road adventures. The first taste of the new outlander plug in hybrid ev, shows the brand has made significant strides forward in the phev space and especially with its v2l functionality. It ticks a lot of boxes as an economical family, hauler and while were not convinced its the best phev. In the world, its certainly one of the most versatile, while its no longer a bargain basement family, hybrid suv.