So this compact electric suv, the e 2008, is sporty and powerful by nature. It consists with a 450 kwh battery which will give you a wltp figure of 214.. This is the gt model and theres a whole heap of features, so weve got the panoramic sunroof, which ill open in a moment for you inside the cabin youve got 10 inch. Touchscreen youve got front and rear parking sensors, as well as a rear parking. Camera heated front seats and as we walk up to the car as it beeps youll notice the keyless entry. So let me take you into the cabin of this vehicle so, as i say, its keyless entry. So, as you come in itll open up for you and straight away, you can see the cabin really mirrors that sporty feel from the outside. Weve got the deep gt leather steering wheel. Let me just jump in shut the door and switch on now, im, not sure. If the camera will pick this up, but the actual display is 3d and inside the cabin youve got a real whole heap of features. So, as i said, youve got that panoramic sunroof. So, as were going through, this lovely heat wave at the moment, its a lovely added feature, as well as the air conditioning on the media unit, youve got your apple carplay android, auto youve also got the full navigation unit. As i said, this particular vehicle has got the rear parking camera, which also gives you a 360 view.

Youve got the media controls as well as all the air conditioning controls there. Youve got the two usb ports as well as wireless charging. This particular vehicle has only done 3882 miles. You do have the facility to change the modes on the vehicle just by a touch of a button, so you can change it from either eco into normal or to sport. Like i say on the media unit, you have got the um touch screen and touch button unit which youve got like bluetooth telephone. You can also bring up the drivetrain which will show you the statistics, the charging, so you can actually defer the time that you want it to charge. So if youve got um low rate charging during the night, you can obviously set the car to come on at that particular time. Youve got the automatic lights and wipers and totally adjustable door mirrors and, as you saw by the keyless entry, they are folding ill. Just switch that off and bring it outside the car also does give you little warnings to say to switch everything off before you get out the vehicle and if you havent put on the parking brake, it does give you a little alarm, but there you can see The panoramic groove, as i said this, is a lovely sporty electric vehicle. You can see those led lights there be great to get you out for a drive of this vehicle. I thoroughly enjoyed it when i took it for a drive.

Itd be great to get you to feel the same. Please give us a call on oh 208. 688. 0’2.